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If you came in search of the woman who has the Eye of the Moon, you'll find that your efforts have been in vain. Let us see, Adol, how well you can continue your search, once I have flayed the skin from your flesh!! Prepare to die!

The nameless Dark Knight is a minor antagonist featured in the non-canon Ys IV: Mask of the Sun. He is one of Gruda’s subordinates.


The Dark Knight appears to be a centaur clad in purple armor on the top half of his body from his first meeting with Adol to the first half of the boss fight.

In the second part of the battle, he loses the lower half of his body and his armor becomes red.

Powers and Abilities

The Dark Knight's primary weapon is a spear and makes use of his four-legged body during the first part of his boss fight.

He also has other attacks like having spears thrown from the left and right sides of the screen, and utilizing small cloud-like objects that chase Adol.

When he enters his second form, he replaces his spear with a sword made of light capable of sending beams in three directions and the spears that come at Adol are replaced with energy balls that shoot lighting. He also now levitates.


When Gruda finds out that the Eye of the Moon is in Esteria, he informs Eldeel that he dispatched one of his best knights, specifically the Dark Knight, to procure it as quickly as possible.

When Adol heads there, he finds that Esteria is under siege by the Dark Knight and the forces he lead while searching for the Eye of the Moon.

After Adol fought through the invasion force, he is confronted by the Dark Knight who recognizes him upon looking at his sword and red hair and finds that this might be entertaining.

The Dark Knight explains to Adol that if he came in search of Lillia, who has the Eye of the Moon on her person, his efforts were wasted and tries to kill Adol to prevent any interference, but Adol managed to bring him down and bring the invasion to a halt.


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