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Villain Overview

destroy(The_Chosen_One) ;
~ The Dark Lord's only purpose before it went rogue.
He somehow figured out how to get my stick figure on his side.
~ The Animator about the Dark Lord joining the Chosen One.

The Dark Lord is the main antagonist of the Animator vs. Animation franchise by Alan Becker. It is the second archenemy of the Chosen One.

It appears as the secondary antagonist of Animator vs. Animation III, a mentioned antagonist in Animator vs. Animation IV, and the main antagonist of the AvA Shorts

It was a stick figure created to fight the Chosen One, but ended up joining him, and later went rogue with plans of spreading chaos across the Internet with the ViraBot virus, which may or may not include wiping out all sapient programs and/or destroying the Internet as a whole.


When first created, the Dark Lord was shown to be intelligent, but it was created for one thing and one thing only - Destroy the Chosen One. It somehow instantly got many programs on his side, but it was most likely due to the fact that the programs wanted revenge. It was extremely skilled and powerful in battles. However, after Minesweeper exploded and Firefox and AIM were killed, it covered in fear after seemingly being injured, showing that it is scared of more powerful beings and death as a whole. It was later proved again in "The Flashback", when it was terrified when the computer was exploding. It was proven once more in "The Showdown", where it tried to run away from the superpowered Second Coming after realising it is stronger.

However, the Dark Lord was fueled with rage after seeing that the Animator never cared about it and that he was simply playing Solitaire while it almost died. It befriended the Chosen One to get rid of the Animator, and ultimately succeeded and even escaped, destroying the Animator's computer.

But, as soon as it became free, its true colors were shown - A remorseless destroyer and mass murderer who destroyed countless websites and possibly killed many people, even other stick figures. While the Chosen One eventually realized they are going too far, the Dark Lord simply caused chaos without having second thoughts.

Seven years after destroying the Animator's computer, it still wanted revenge, making the Animator the first target of the ViraBot. It was also showed that it seemingly wanted to conquer the entire Internet, possibly even more. It is extremely determined, showed as after seven years of friendship, it had no problems with killing the Chosen One only to complete its own goal. It succeeded at first, but was punched extremely far away by the Chosen One, only for the black stick figure to kill the ViraBot sent to the Animator's PC.

The fact that the Dark Lord tried to destroy computers worldwide and that all the sites it destroyed were entirely filled with man-made creations (although this is a stretch, as the entire internet is man-made) imply it shows a hatred towards humans. This hatred grew over time and extended to other stick figures (possibly due to their defensive or complicit attitudes towards their human masters), soon caring about nobody but itself as it started committing mass destruction across the internet. During its battle against the Chosen One and its allies (including the Animator), the Dark Lord shows a sadistic and psychopathic side as it decides to kill the Second Coming by itself with no help from the ViraBots, stabs Red before kicking its disintegrating body, and then kills Green, Blue and Yellow with no signs of empathy nor remorse.

The Dark Lord, as mentioned before, tried to destroy countless computers by infecting seven popular websites (YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Google, Twitch, Wikipedia and Discord) to get as many computers infected as possible, including all sapient programs and animations, showing that it may have wanted to destroy the Internet or all sapient programs as a whole.

Overall, the Dark Lord is a remorseless and heartless psychopath who wanted nothing more than to cause as much destruction and death as possible, while still being a coward who was afraid of anything stronger than itself.


Animator vs. Animation III

The Chosen One (who had been enslaved and used as a pop-up blocker) escapes and once again begins fighting the Animator. The battle continues on to a Word document where the Animator and Clippy fight the Chosen One using text-based attacks. As the Chosen One and the paper clip fight, the Animator creates a new red stick figure, the Dark Lord, to be the Chosen One's equally powerful enemy.

The Dark Lord then fights the Chosen One through the Word document and a game of Solitaire, soon ending up on the desktop. The Dark Lord calls the desktop icons to its aid and they all begin battling the Chosen One. The Chosen One manages to throw the Dark Lord into a game of Minesweeper. The Dark Lord tries to get back into the action, but has to solve its way out. The Chosen One soundly defeats all the icons and ends the battle by throwing Firefox into Minesweeper and blowing it up, with the Dark Lord still inside.

Beaten, the Dark Lord surrenders to the Chosen One and prepares to be killed. But the Chosen One spares the Dark Lord and offers that they both destroy the animator's computer. The Dark Lord agrees and assists its former foe in wreaking havoc on and destroying the computer with an extra-powerful Blue Screen of Death that terminates the entire computer, presumably killing itself and the Chosen One in the process.

Animator vs. Animation IV

The Dark Lord is briefly mentioned in the beginning by the Animator.

AvA Shorts

The Flashback

However, it is revealed in the third episode of the AvA Shorts that the Dark Lord and the Chosen One were able to escape into the internet just before the computer was destroyed. The two stick figures then proceeded to spread chaos and destruction across the internet, to a point where even the Chosen One was appalled by the Dark Lord's ruthlessness and depravity, to the point that it started tormenting and murdering its own kind.

Eventually, the Dark Lord begins work on a new creation: a computer virus called ViraBot.exe that corrodes anything it touches. The Dark Lord expresses its plans to unleash the virus on every computer in the world. However, the Chosen One realizes that the Dark Lord has gone too far, and envisions a horrific future where the Dark Lord uses an army of viruses to terrorize and kill stick figures throughout the world. As the Dark Lord tries to send the first ViraBot program to the Animator's computer, the Chosen One stops it. When the Dark Lord persists, and eventually the two fight. The machine that sends the virus out is destroyed, but not before ViraBot is sent to the Animator's computer and the Dark Lord is released far by Chosen One, with the Chosen One doing what it never thought that it would: go and save the Animator's computer so that the ViraBot threat does not continue. Eventually, he can stop the virus, and leaves the computer once again to finish off his former ally.

The Showdown

The Dark Lord is working on its computer in its shack, as it already recovered from the punch. Suddenly, The Chosen One opens the door and punches him yet again, and The Dark Lord lands on its feet. The Chosen One runs up to it and punches it yet again. The Dark Lord grabs a cliff, but slips off it before it can crawl up. The Dark Lord lands on another cliff and fires a giant fireball where The Chosen One is. It calms down and tries to fly away, but The Chosen One is revealed to be still alive as he fires at his former friend with its laser eyes. The two fight until The Dark Lord lands up in the ocean. The Chosen One continues fighting in until The Dark Lord is smashed against the cliff, with The Chosen One angrily staring at it until he decides to charge.

Meanwhile, unknown to both of them, five stick figures followed The Chosen One after ViraBot was killed - The Second Coming, Green, Blue, Yellow and Red, with the Second Coming being somehow The Chosen One's Return. The five finally get out of the ocean as they notice seven giant metalic circle doors and later enter The Dark Lord's shack. Here, Yellow and Blue see tons of ViraBots inside a huge hole. Green looks at the computer and Red notices a red/black wristband. He stretches it until it falls on a button. The circular doors open.

After a bit of fighting, they enter one of the doors, and land on YouTube. The two use the red bar to their advantage, with the two being hit by attacks from the past. They leave YouTube and enter Twitter, then Reddit, then Google, then Twitch, then Wikipedia, then Discord and they return to the place they were in. The Dark Lord hits The Chosen One with a fireball, grabs him, and punches him into the water, having enough time to return to the shack. The five stick figures hide in the hole the ViraBots were in, and The Dark Lord closes the doors and puts on the wristband, gaining power similar to the ones the ViraBots have. The Dark Lord then fights its former friend again as the normal stick figures panic, except Yellow, who uses its technology skills to use.

Back at the Animator's computer, he's trying to clean up the mess until he gets a notification from Yellow. He closes it, and then gets a similiar notification but with a stick figure on it. As he decides to close it again, he changes his mind as he notices that the portal is still open. He accepts the notification and notices that it's coming from The Dark Lord's Console and send from Yellow thanks to a warning message. Instantly realizing that his prior creation is a big danger to his friends, he clicks "Yes" and launches the Animator Combat System, and with Yellow's help the Animator's cursor enters the cliffside where the five stick figures are located. The Dark Lord sees the cursor and stares at it, confused, until the Animator grabs The Dark Lord and starts beating it up alongside The Chosen One. The Dark Lord (who suddenly has a second wristband) unleashes a horde of ViraBots. The ViraBots attack the Animator until The Chosen One helps him. However, The Dark Lord punches The Chosen One away and stabs the cursor with its super powerful ViraBot-like spike as the ViraBots start biting the cursor. Suddenly, the program closes, leaving the Animator unable to do anything.

The Fighting Stick Figures panic until The Second Coming rushes over to The Chosen One, who is slowly getting defeated by the ViraBots. Suddenly, the Second Coming blocks The Chosen One from the ViraBots and challenges The Dark Lord to a fight. The Dark Lord orders the ViraBots to go away as it summons its own spike to kill The Second Coming, until the Fighting Stick Figures also challenge the stick figure. Red prepares to charge at The Dark Lord, but The Dark Lord just flies behind it, kicks it, and stabs it when on the ground, corroding it until it dies. The Dark Lord does the same to Green, Blue and Yellow after a quick fight. The Second Coming charges at it, but The Dark Lord just stabs it and slashes it multiple times after noticing it still hasn't corroded and tries to fight. Meanwhile, the ViraBots were busy biting The Chosen One until The Dark Lord orders them to enter the internet.

Suddenly, The Second Coming gets superpowers after the beatup "awakened something in it", attacks the ViraBots, teleports behind The Dark Lord and starts beating it up while killing the surviving ViraBots. The Dark Lord punches The Second Coming away and tries to escape, but The Second Coming throws a rock at it wih telekenisis, and once again starts beating it up until it summons its own, green laser eyes and hits The Dark Lord with it. As The Dark Lord lands on the ground, The Second Coming uses its laser eyes to drag the stick figure through the ground until it stops on a mountain, where the laser eyes cause an explosion, creating a mushroom cloud, destroying the mountain and killing The Dark Lord once and for all.

With the monster gone, The Second Coming uses its computer to revive the Fighting Stick Figures and open the program yet again, allowing the Animator to interact as The Chosen One watches. The Second Coming lands on the ground unconscious as the Animator drags it in front of its friends, where it eventually wakes up and along with the Fighting Stick Figures enters the Animator's computer once again by riding the cursor while waving The Chosen One goodbye.


  • The Dark Lord is the darkest and evilest villain in the franchise. While most characters have redeeming qualities, the Dark Lord has none, showing that it has no problem with killing the Chosen One after seven years of being friends.
  • The Dark Lord's actions are the most impactful out of any antagonist in the franchise, as it tried to cause destruction worldwide by sending out at least 9 ViraBots to different parts of the world. However, it failed.

The blueprint in question.

  • The Dark Lord had planned to send at least 9 ViraBots to each continent besides Antarctica. To be precise, it tried to send out two to North America, one to South America, one to Africa, one to Europe, three to Asia, and one to Australia.
    • There were also three unknown circles on the map: One in Russia, one in China, and one between France and Great Britain.
    • However, looking at the way the Dark Lord drew the blueprint, it's implied the ViraBot it send to Alan was supposed to in some way create six of the eight remaining ViraBots, with two of them (the ones in India and China) seemingly being launched by the Dark Lord itself.
      • Additionally, the same ViraBot that got launched to Alan was in some way connected to all three unknown circles.
    • It also planned to send out an army of ViraBots to YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Google, Twitch, Wikipedia and Discord.


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