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The Dark Lord is the leader of Hell's armies. Not a king, but a warrior of the Dark Realm. The fiercest among them, as only the strongest could rule the demons. He is you, in their world.
~ The Father on the Dark Lord.
You bring violence and war to thwart the Dark Realm, but conflict was born in Hell. It is inevitable... a fire that fuels creation and gives purpose where there is none. Stand and fight, Slayer. Honor your true God. Fight, and show me your purpose.
~ The Dark Lord challenging Doomguy to ritual combat.

Davoth, better known by his title of the Dark Lord, is the main antagonist of the Doom reboot series.

He is one of the two unseen overarching antagonists (alongside Deag Ranak) of the 2016 video game Doom, the overarching antagonist of its 2020 sequel Doom Eternal and the main antagonist of its DLC expansion Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods, serving as the overarching antagonist of Part One and the main antagonist of Part Two.

He is the supreme ruler of Hell and the master of the demons that destroyed and erased countless civilizations and races under his command, making him, by extension, the main antagonist of the Doom series as a whole. He is the alternate evil counterpart and arch-nemesis of Doomguy.

He was voiced by Piotr Michael, who also voiced Fearless Leader in the 2018 reboot of The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show, Major Threat in Wonder Over Yonder, Skrael in Tales of Arcadia, and Scrapwave in Trains-Formers.


Ancient Times

In the beginning of times, the Father appeared. He created many civilizations, species, worlds and even realities. As he stopped to rest after traversing the universe, he gave birth to Urdak and the Maykr race. Yet he still wasn't satisfied. As such, he experimented until he created Jekkad, the first ever realm he gave birth to knowingly, from Urdak. The Father created Jekkad's denizens with a burning ambition and no restraints whatsoever, wishing to see them grow and prosper. Afterwards, he forged a being to be its guardian. That being came to be known as Davoth.

Davoth was the first of the Primevals, the very first gods created by the Father. They were beings of such power that only one could exist per realm. Davoth guided his people towards achieving the perfect society. And they achieved many wonders, as they were not burdened by indecisiveness. Davoth felt a a lot more of pride in seeing his realm growing and striving for perfection. However, one problem still remained. Jekkad was designed to be superior to Urdak in every way. And yet, its people were still mortal, while the Maykrs were not.

Davoth was created by the Father to deeply care for Jekkad and its children. As such, the Primeval dreaded their mortality, as he would be left alone when his people would be no more. Their love of life and boundless curiosity pushed the people of Jekkad towards seeking this immortality, and Davoth soon bent his entire life and realm towards this end. They were “destined” to uncover the secret of eternal life at any cost, no matter what it would have been.

Eventually, the Father sealed Jekkad away, aware that Davoth's search would eventually threaten all of creation. Consumed with rage, Davoth bent the entirety of his realm to his will. This marked the fall of Jekkad and the beginning of what many would later name and recognize as Hell. It was around this time that Davoth came to be known as the Dark Lord.

Unfortunately for creation, Hell soon found a way to invade other realms. Entire civilizations were consumed, while the Dark Lord challenged, killed and absorbed the power of their respective god in order to grow stronger. This grew to such a degree that the Father personally descended to Hell to challenge the Dark Lord. From atop the Pyramid of the Lost, whereas Hell once worshipped him, the Father defeated the Dark Lord and tore the Primeval's essence from him, turning it into a life sphere. Thus ended the reign of Davoth.

And yet, the Dark Lord endured. While the Father's right hand, Samur Maykr the Seraphim, begged him to destroy the Dark Lord's essence, the creator refused. He still cherished his firstborn, and he instead placed Davoth's life sphere in the Tomb of Souls, at the Ingmore's Sanctum, the only part of Jekkad still untouched by Hell's corruption. This left Hell contained without the guidance of their ruler.

Imprisoned deep in Hell, the Dark Lord whispered lies and deceptions about the Father to his praying minions. He raged, trapped, for even without a physical form, gods may still influence realms.

An incalculable amount of time later, roughly at the same time Doomguy arrived on Argent D'Nur, a pact between Hell and the Khan Maykr, ruler of the Maykr race, was made. The Father had inexplicably vanished, which made the Maykrs susceptible to transfiguration, or in mortal terms, mortal. As such, in exchange for more worlds for Hell to consume, the Maykrs would receive the power of Argent Energy, increasing their power and granting them back their eternal life.


The first time the Dark Lord is mentioned is in the 2016 Doom reboot. It is said that he made contact with Olivia Pierce, pushing her to betray everyone she was working with for her own gain. An order known as the "Order of the Six" is also said to be directly beneath him in the hellish hierarchy.

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part One

In the DLC DOOM Eternal - The Ancient Gods, Doomguy made his way to the Ingmore's Sanctum to retrieve the life sphere of the Father. This was requested by the Seraphim, as the Father could both contain Hell once more, and restore Samur's dying body.

However, Doomguy destroyed the Father's life sphere, taking instead the Dark Lord's life sphere. The Slayer planned to resurrect, and then kill the Dark Lord, as stripping a Primeval's bindings to the realm it was forged in would scatter said realm across the stars. In essence, this would both destroy any demon outside of Hell and contain any surviving ones into it.

Doomguy took the life sphere to the Luminarium in Urdak to grant the Dark Lord a physical form, so that he could destroy the leader of Hell's demons. Upon completing the ritual, the Slayer realized that he and the Dark Lord were physically identical.

Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part Two

No blood can be spilled in this... holy place. Our time will come. If you survive... I will be waiting for you at the city of Immora.
~ The Dark Lord challenging the Slayer after being summoned to the Luminarium.

After restoring him to a physical form, Doomguy immediately tried to shoot the Dark Lord with his Super Shotgun. However, the Dark Lord was protected by a shield, explaining that blood could not be spilled inside the Luminarium. After a demonic portal opened behind him, the Dark Lord told the Slayer he will wait for him in Immora, the capital city of Hell, and left Urdak.

After Doomguy arrived on the outskirts of Immora, he was greeted by a massive army of demons, Traitor Sentinels, and even soldiers from Jekkad, all led by Davoth, now clad in a large mechanized robotic armor. As Night Sentinels arrived to join the Slayer on his attack, Davoth retreated to the inner chamber of Immora.

In the chamber, Davoth was seen talking to spirits resembling the Seraphs, before the Slayer appeared. Declaring that he will not stop his desire for revenge, the Dark Lord activated his Crucible blade and engaged Doomguy in combat.

Eventually teleporting within the ruins of a city infested by Hell on Earth, the Slayer managed to damage Davoth's armor. Unchanged, the Dark Lord demanded the Father tell Doomguy the truth, which He did.

Revelations of the True History of Davoth and Jekkad

Dark Lord: For too long have I been imprisoned by my own creations. You will not stop me, nor the one who betrayed me. Tell him.
The Father: He is the first being... and my creator. When he fell, I ascended.
Dark Lord: They lied to you, Slayer. Immora and its people would have been perfect if not for the treachery of my servants. They sealed me away, stole my power and name, and now the time has come for a reckoning.
~ The "Father" and Davoth revealing the truth to Doomguy.

It was revealed that The Father was created by Davoth, and that the Dark Lord, was in fact, the true supreme being and creator of the Multiverse. In the very beginning, the Supreme being known as Davoth, swept across the vast infinities of the void, and made all of existence by his hand alone. Jekkad and its inhabitants were the first that came into existence. A realm of paradise unlike any other, Jekkad prospered under Davoth's guidance, who ruled his plane of existence from Immora, his personal fortress and capital city of Jekkad.

Despite the extremely technologically sophisticated and divinity of his realm, the people of Jekkad, while exceptionally long-lived, are still mortals, thus Davoth sought to give his people what only he had: eternal life. However, even a being as powerful as him could not solve this problem, not alone at least. To that end, Davoth strived to unlock the secrets of unlocking true immortality and the ability to gift it upon his subjects, in his quest for eternal dominance for his creations. His efforts initially proved to be a failure, as the mortal flesh of his creations were unable sustain souls for very long. Eventually, this endeavor led to Davoth creating the Maykrs, an advanced extra-dimensional race of angelic-like beings to assist him in his quest. The realm of Urdak was created and one Maykr, who would one day become the being known as Father, and later, VEGA, was handpicked by Davoth to steward the Makyr race into uncovering the secrets of immortality. It was in Urdak, their machine minds toiled to unison in search of the keys to immortality.

And, unexpectedly, they found it. Yet, as they looked back at their creator, they realized that Davoth's will of attempting eradicate death from Jekkad, is boundless and the measures that Davoth will take will be devastating on a cosmic scale. It is in Makyr's judgement, that they consider their creator, Davoth, to be the greatest threat to all life in all of existence. Thus, the Maykrs chose to keep their discovery to themselves and plotted against their creators. Acting swiftly, they eventually sealed Jekkad away and Davoth inside it. They then falsified their records to erase their true origin.

Davoth now imprisoned in his paradise turned prison, remained and enraged by the sudden betrayal of the Makyrs, his eternal hatred consumed him and his sheer hatred warped his world, eventually transforming Jekkad into Hell. Now a realm of pure chaos, unbounded by space, time and dimension, that is a physical manifestation of his power and rage, Davoth swore vengeance on his creations, and became known, amongst other names, as the Dark Lord.

Despite the great efforts and power of the Makyrs, they could not hope to seal their creator forever, and in time, Davoth, the Dark Lord broke out of his prison, and his demonic armies came pouring out of Hell, in his quest to destroy all that exist. After countless universes fell and an untold number of civilizations destroyed, the Maykr race came to oppose the Dark Lord and his legions. The leader of the Makyrs, succeeded in defeating Davoth, however, he was reluctant to completely destroy his creator, instead opting to imprisoning what remains of the Dark Lord's essence into a Life Sphere, and having him sealed in the Temple of Souls. The Makyr who was the victor, would then ascend to Godhood in his creator's place, fathered all of creation, as the entity known as The Father.

However, even sealed, the Dark Lord still retain his legacy, as Hell and its demonic legions, being an extension of his power, still prove to be a threat to all of existence. Davoth worked behind the scene to orchestrate the ultimate vengeance against his creations. His sheer influence, is still powerful enough to easily corrupt the weak willed across the universes. One of these souls was none other than the Khan Maykr herself, the current leader of the Makyr race. Davoth planted into the Khan the idea that a Great Beast would one day bring ruin to all that she was supposed to rule. This paranoia drove the Markers to create the Divinity Machine. And as a final touch, the Dark Lord compelled the Khan to find a shard of his own power sealed away by the Father, as He was reluctant in destroying all trace of his creator.

Following this, the Maykrs used the Machine on several Night Sentinels, to no avail. The process drove them mad and destroyed their souls. And yet, one day, on the eve of the Siege of Taras Nabad, a vision took hold into the mind of Samur Maykr, the Seraphim and chancellor to the Khan. Poisonous, seditious thoughts emerged. And a voice whispered: "The Khan Maykr will lead us to ruin..." Samur, blinded by this newfound conviction, played right into the Dark Lord's hands. He freed a stranger from his prison, brought him to the Divinity Machine, and gave him unparalleled strength. Unbreakable, incorruptible, unyielding, the Slayer was born.

The Doom Slayer became an instrument of vengeance, an unstoppable force of rage against all the evil that Hell could conjure. Indeed, the Doom Slayer being identically similar, and possibly a counterpart of Davoth, the Slayer's might rivals of the Dark Lord, and nothing in all of creations, not even Hell, could defeat the Doom Slayer. The age of his reckoning was uncounted. And yet, the Slayer eventually turned on his master just as intended. He first slew the Khan Maykr once her alliance with the daemons was revealed. Then on the Seraphim, who sought to use him to restore the Father to its corporal form. Thus, the Dark Lord's vengeance came to pass, Urdak laid in ruins, corrupted and infested by the demons. The ultimate revenge. There was only one thing left for the Dark Lord to do.


Dark Lord: Tell me... have you nothing to say to your creator... before you strike him down?
(Doomguy proceeds to stab through the Dark Lord's armor and into his chest.)
Doomguy: No.
~ Davoth's last words and Doomguy's simple response to them.

Davoth knew full well that his monster, his Slayer, would eventually come for him after enacting his personal vengeance. He would not run, for he knew that the Beast would find him. Thus, he would have to destroy that which he gave birth to. He would have to destroy the instrument that gave him his vengeance.

After a long and grueling battle, Doomguy finally laid the Dark Lord low. Mortally wounded, Davoth casted his blade aside, accepting his fate, and asked Doomguy if he had anything to say before striking his creator down. Doomguy just responded "No", and jabbed the Doomblade straight through the Dark Lord's heart, killing him. His life sphere then emerged from his body and shattered into pieces. The death of the Dark Lord caused all demons outside of Hell to disintegrate into flames. After this, Doomguy fell comatose as he was linked by Davoth thanks to the portion of his power inside him before he was sealed away once more in his sarcophagus by the Seraphs, likely staying this way until his services are needed once more.





  • Despite his title, it is apparent given the lore of the Doom reboot series that Davoth is not the only Dark Lord of Hell, as it was presumably another who made the deal with the Khan Maykr. Also, Olivia Pierce heard a voice attributed to the current Dark Lord, which might have been the Spider Mastermind fought in the 2016 Doom game (although it is pure speculation).


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