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His Dark Majesty (the Dark Lord in Japanese) is a major villain in the RPG video game Trials of Mana, serving as one of the three possible final bosses. He seeks to open Mavolia and unleash its evil upon the world of Fa'Diel, in order to rule both worlds as a god.

He is the counterpart to Stroud, whose role is somehow similar to his backstory.


His Dark Majesty was first the human heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Light, but was locked in a dungeon at birth, feared and hated by everyone due to a prophecy foretelling that he would doom the realm.

Medusa, the Archdemon of Mavolia granted him dark powers and would name him her prince if he could open the Door to Mavolia. He then became a ruthless tyrant, destroying the country as foretold and turning the Light Castle into the Dark Castle, infested by demons of all kind. He later killed Medusa and stole her throne, not knowing that she will always returns and will always be more powerful and dangerous that he could ever hope to become.

Forsaking forever his human name for the moniker of his Dark Majesty, he took over Mavolia and became the new Archdemon, though his rule is openly contested by the Masked Mage and the Dragon Lord, the other two Great Evils who share his goal to release the Benevodons. As for the Kingdom of Light, it became a dark wasteland enshrouded in an everlasting stormy night, where monsters dwell freely.

At one point he trapped Shade, the Mana Spirit of Shadow, in a ghost ship guarded by a demonic phantom and took control of the Mana Stone of Shadow after Zable Fahr, the Benevodon of Darkness and the mightiest of the eight, was released during gruelling wars to control it and led monsters into untold devastation. Fortunately, the Mana Goddess sealed both his Dark Majesty and the stone in Mavolia.

Nineteen years before the events of Trials of Mana, the Ancient Kingdom of Pedda started invading the world of Fa'Diel, and planting Dark Mirrors in the countries they conquered, corrupting all their surroundings. Heroes from Pedda led by a young knight named Roget formed a coalition against their own country, hoping to restore peace.

It appears that the Dark Mirrors used by Pedda as a power source were created by Medusa, now only known as Anise, who corrupted the Boy King Inath and the Mirage Bishop of Pedda, in order to resurrect and return to power, before destroying Fa'Diel. Anise's dark energy eventually ran wild and killed Inath and the Bishop, and she possessed the Peddan General Cecilia Baxilios, turning her into the gigantic Goddess of Doom. Anise was destroyed, unfortunately taking Pedda down with her, leaving his Dark Majesty the sole Monarch of Mavolia.


What kind of man his Dark Majesty was before the demons' bargain is not known. His right-hand Belladonna states that he was corrupted and had his heart had been "shuttered close". Growing up an outcast prisoner before having done anything surely made him bitter, resentful, and angry, worsened by Mavolia's influence. Though it is not explained whether he was corrupted by his imprisonment, the demons or both.

In game, his Dark Majesty displays huge amounts of arrogance, self-centeredness, greed and hunger for power. He is collected, sarcastic, and manipulative, using the heroes for his own gain without them knowing, but cruel, hateful, violent, sadistic, boastful, and taunting. He stops at nothing to gain power no matter how many lives he tramples, and displaying no gratitude whatsoever towards his faithful servants or his benefactor, backstabbing the latter and throwing the former under the bus as soon as it gets convenient.

Trials of Mana

You should gracefully give up this fight. The world as you know will be consumed by Mavolia. The new evil order will be ruled by me. There is no place for you here!
~ The Dark Majesty

At some point, the Demon Lady Belladonna and the Vampire Lord Malocchio took control of the Dark Castle and took care of the Dark Majesty's remains, planning to bring him back. Whether they did it on their own volition or were in contact with his Dark Majesty is not known, but the latter seems more likely as they come from Mavolia and that Belladonna does adore her liege in more ways than one.

Belladonna posed as a human witch and brainwashed Flamekhan, lord of the Ninja Thieves of Nevarl. She used the ninjas to invade the Wind Kingdom of Laurent, planning to make the child prince Elliot into his Dark Majesty's new vessel. Their goal is to lift the seal of the Mana Stones and release the eight Benevodons, in open war against the other two Great Evils. All Mana Stones being eventually unsealed.

The heroes confront his Dark Majesty (original).

Later, his Dark Majesty uses the last of his essence to return the Mana Stone of Shadow to the Earthly Planes, hiding it in the ruins of Pedda. The heroes eventually enter the Mana Sanctuary, location of the Mana Tree (the Mana Goddess' earthly avatar). But because the Great Evils have drained most of the Mana Power sustaining the world, the Goddess can do nothing except giving the heroes the fabled Sword of Mana.

If his Dark Majesty is not the final boss, the primary villain will destroy his remains to prevent all possibilities of a resurrection, sealing his servants’ doom in the process. If he is the final boss however, he assists his agents from the depths of Mavolia to destroy his rivals and all their forces. His Dark Majesty then sends his followers to the Sanctuary, where they abduct the heroes' Faerie guide and use her as a hostage to get the Sword. They then bend it to their will and use it to release the Benevodons.

The heroes set out to destroy the Benevodons, but they unknowingly serve his Dark Majesty's interests, as he wants them slain to channel their power in the Sword of Mana and use it to resurrect without needing Prince Elliot. The heroes later go to the Night Cavern where they destroy Malocchio, and storm the Dark Castle where they destroy Belladonna. They then meet his Dark Majesty at last.

His Dark Majesty in the remake.

The gloating villain dismisses Belladonna's loss without a care and offers to make the heroes his main enforcers, but they unsurprisingly refuse. He then absorbs the Sword of Mana and its power. Fortunately, the Mana Goddess manages to thwart him with her last strength. Angered, his Dark Majesty teleports to the Sanctuary to finish off the exhausted deity, with the heroes on its tracks. Alas, they are too late and the Mana Tree is destroyed.

The villain kills the Faerie and assumes his Archdemon form, ready to possess Prince Elliot before merging Fa’Diel and Mavolia to rule both as a god. He blasts the heroes but the Faerie’s spirit heals them, stating that the Power of Mana still exists through them, giving them a chance.

Although the Archdemon ridicules the Faerie's declaration of hope, the heroes prove her right by destroying him. And the destruction of his true form instead of a mere avatar means that he is gone for good. The Faerie's spirit merges with the Mana Tree’s remains and becomes the Mana Goddess reborn. But the Mana Tree will need a thousand years to grow again and restore the Mana power, meaning the end of an era.

Boss Battle

Archdemon (first form).

Ridiculous! You think your illusion of hope can stand up against a newly realised god? Think again!
~ The Archdemon

Far and away the most difficult of the three final bosses, the Archdemon is an immensely powerful and dangerous foe, who attacks relentlessly with many fearsome moves. He is at level 50 and has 53499 life-points. The heroes must be over level 50 and have plenty of curing and resurrecting items, for he is a truly formidable enemy.

The element he uses depends on the colour he takes: When black he uses Shadow, like the weakening Dark Curse, Annihilate which instantly kills a lower-level target, and the devastating Southern Slice, attack with Light.

When brown he uses Earth (cure when turned to stone) and the damaging Hypercannon, attack with Wind. When greyish dark-blue he uses Wind (cure when silenced) and Air Rush, attack with Earth. When red he uses Fire including Gigantaburn, attack with Water.

The Archdemon's complete form.

When dark blue he uses Water (cure when turned into snowmen) and Ice Cradle, attack with Fire. When green, he uses Moon including Moon Spiral, cure when shrunk and use Wood. He can also use Wall, which reflects back your spells and deals damage for a while.

Weapons should be infused with the magic he is weak against and spells of his current element must be avoided for they heal him. He remains quite open to attacks so it is best to harass him without stop, weaken him and boost the heroes as much as possible. Try not to waste healing items and spells, because the worst is yet to come.

The Archdemon's first form in the remake.

When his life-points get halved, the Archdemon transforms again and battle becomes even harder. He can now punch, conjure giant blades from the ground, and use the monster summon Great Demon and the special attacks Fetid Breath and Demon Scream.

The Archdemon now hits harder and can tank more. He buffs himself with Strengthen and Defender, and prefers striking all heroes with dangerous special attacks. Watch out for his deadliest attack, Catastrophe, which deals crippling damage to every hero.

The heroes must unleash their mightiest spells and special techniques and give everything they have. They must be careful to heal whenever their life-points drop under 200 and to attack him with the right element.

The Archdemon's complete form in the remake.

In the remake, the Archdemon is at level 65, and as hard to beat. His attacks can be dodged, and even telegraphed with red zones covering their area of effect, but the heroes need to react fast. The first stage of the battle is similar, but he can cast Shadow spells no matter what element he uses, including Annihilate, so caution is advised.

When he assumes his complete form, his life-bar is restored and his floating arms act as separate targets that must be knocked-out to attack him, and can shield him with Total Defense. He can cast normally some of his mightiest attacks, but those impossible to dodge can be prevented by breaking their source of power. Attacking without end can cancel his deadliest attack Catastrophe and knock him out, making him vulnerable.

Circle of Mana

Like nearly every character of the Mana series, both the Dark Majesty from Trials of Mana and Dawn of Mana and the Dark Lord from Sword of Mana are playable in the card-based role-playing game Circle of Mana. Each character is played as cards to save the Mana Tree from monsters, and can gain power, equipment and Class Changes.


  • For many years, the villain was known as the Dark Prince in the unofficial fan-translation.


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