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You don't understand a thing, do you? There is no such thing as good and evil. You haven't realized that yet, have you?
~ Dark Mantis
You're awfully innocent for a prototype of us new Reploids. I'll admit I'm a bit jealous.
~ Dark Mantis to Axl.

Dark Mantis, known as Darkneid Kamakil in Japan, is one of the eight Maverick bosses in Megaman X8. He is the wielder of the Shadow Runner, which Gravity Antonion is weak to. Darkneid himself is weak to the Shining Ray.

Darkneid was voiced by Tommy James.

Character Description


Dark Mantis is described as a cruel character, lurking in the darkness and taking his opponents by surprise. To him, good and evil are nonexistent. Dark Mantis also seems to be very well aware of his actions but still believed in his master's cause. He showed some kind of appreciation for the Hunters as well.


Darkneid resembles a praying mantis. He has two large blue eyes on the sides of his head that resemble a Mantis' eyes. Two more human-like eyes can be seen by his "nose". His forearms contain scythes that allow him to slash at his opponents. He wears purple armour.

His Weapon

Darkneid Kamakil wields Shadow Runners, which manifest as Boomerangs when X uses them and black arrows when Axl uses them. The Shadow Runners deal damage and disintegrate when an enemy blocks their way, but if they strike the terrain when X uses them, they will return instantly. X can reabsorb them to regain his health, although Axl cannot due to firing them as arrows from his gun. Darkneid is able to use both versions. Roll cannot use this weapon, although she makes up for it with the Swirling Temple Whirl, which is a powerful wheel slash with her sword, presumably based on the slashes that Darkneid does for his Overdrive Attack.


Dark Mantis is a Reploid who was originally designed to work as the head of security in an underground military facility with an advanced security system. However, when he was taken over by the Maverick Virus, he used the facility for the production of weapons for Sigma to use.


In battle, Dark Mantis is very ninja-like with his attacks. He can dash along the ground to try and grab the player. If he succeeds, he will start draining their health. His overdrive attack sees him attack with large scythe-like energy blades, first attacking one side of his room, then switching to the other. He is weak to the light-based weapons of Optic Sunflower.


Pre-battle Dialogue

Versus X

  • Dark Mantis: "Hey, what's a Maverick Hunter doing here?"
  • X: "Dark Mantis... You've gone Maverick, haven't you?"
  • Dark Mantis: "You've gotta be kidding me. We new generation Reploids can't go Maverick."
  • X: "Then why are you making weapons?"
  • Dark Mantis: "Hmpf. Even if I explained, an old style Reploid like you wouldn't understand."

Versus Roll

  • Dark Mantis: "Whoa. Get a load of this guy. You're Zero, right?"
  • Roll: (playing along) "If you really knew me, you'd be shaking in your boots right about now, Maverick."
  • Dark Mantis: "We new generation Reploids are designed so that we can't go Maverick, kid."
  • Roll: "That may be, but you've pulled it off somehow, because what I'm staring at right now is a Maverick."
  • Dark Mantis: "You old style Reploids really don't understand a thing, do you?"

Versus Axl

  • Dark Mantis: "Hey, do you even know what the term "Maverick" means?"
  • Axl: "Maverick? It means scumbags like you, doesn't it?"
  • Dark Mantis: "Hmpf. How dare you accuse me of being something that I cannot be?"
  • Axl: (unamused) "Are you talking about the new generation Reploids' inability to go Maverick? If you're not Maverick, then just knock off the evildoing and we'll call it a day."
  • Dark Mantis: (amused) "You're awfully innocent for a prototype of us new Reploids. I'll admit I'm a bit jealous."


  • Shadow Runner: "Kowaidaro?" ("Scared?")
  • Black Arrow: "This is fun..."
  • Wall-jumping: "Ii ne..."
  • Blood Scythe: "Does it hurt?"
  • Rage Aura: (Maniacal Laugh)
  • Overdrive Attack: "Ii zamada na!" ("It serves you right!")
  • KO, English: "I... can't... believe it...!"
  • KO, Japanese: "What the hell!?"


  • Dark Mantis seems to speak with a Texan accent.
  • "Darkneid Kamakil" literally translates to "Darkneid Mantis" from Japanese.


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