The Dark Matter Thieves (暗黒盗賊団ダークマター in Japanese) is a villainous organization from One Punch Man. They are a group of alien conquerors who travel through the space and take over every planet they come across. They are led by Lord Boros, who seeks a strong opponent. Their base is a gigantic mothership the size of a city, whose interior is full of labyrinthine corridors and it's equipped with a multitude of cannons, which decimated A-City in an instant.

Notable members


  • Full Name: Boros
  • Status: Deceased
  • Description: Lord Boros is the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves. He is an alien that has come across and battled many warriors on different planets, but because of his tremendous power, he would always come out as top. Eventually, he came across a prophesier that told him there exists a being of tremendous power that would give him the battle he's been always seeking.


  • Full Name: Melzargard (メルザルガルド in Japanese)
  • Status: Deceased
  • Description: Melzargard is the first member of the Dark Matter Thieves shown to be attacking the city. He is a disturbing, shapeshifting alien with multiple heads, each with its own personality and is capable of instant regeneration.


  • Full Name: Geryuganshoop (ゲリュガンシュプ in Japanese)
  • Status: Deceased
  • Description: Geryuganshoop is the pilot of the Dark Matter Thieves' ship and a loyal follower of Boros. He is a calculative, telepathic alien with psychic powers. Because of his tremendous power, he claims himself to be the most powerful psychic being in the universe.


  • Full Name: Grorbias (グロリバース in Japanese)
  • Status: Deceased
  • Description: Groribas is a minor villain from One Punch Man. He is a member of the Dark Matter Thieves, and, according to himself, is one of their strongest warriors. He is a muscular humanoid alien with green skin, no eyes and a large flytrap-like mouth, also having flytrap mouths in place of his hands. When Saitama invades the alien ship, Groribas is dispatched to deal with the intruder. Facing Saitama, Groribas taunts him and boasts about his strength. He prepares to attack Saitama with his acidic saliva, but is quickly defeated as Saitama punches his head off.



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