Let the mayhem begin!
~ Dark Mayhem's catchphrase.

Dark Mayhem is the overall main antagonist of the Nickelodeon show The Thundermans. He is the world's most powerful supervillain, the overarching antagonist of the first and second season, and the main antagonist of the third season of The Thundermans. He is a powerful supervillain who Max Thunderman idolizes and Max's main inspiration and evil mentor during Max's evil phase. He is serves as the archenemy of the Thunderman family.

He is voiced by Jamieson Price but is portrayed by Omid Zader.

He wears a black cloak and a metal mask, and speaks in a booming, Darth Vader like voice. His superpowers are laser eyes, force field creation, levitation and electrokinesis. Until the episode, "Thundermans: Secret Revealed", his powers are zapped into his own orb by Max, which was given to him in order to take his sister, Phoebe's powers. So, Dark Mayhem, completely rid of his evil powers, is imprisoned in Metroburg prison, sharing his cell with Strongdor, much to his dismay.

In Thunder in Paradise, Phoebe goes to the Metroburg Superjail to ask Dark Mayhem for help with getting rid of his evil superpowers. She finds that he's sharing a jail cell with Strongdor. Dark Mayhem tells her that she can't. She needs to embrace them and complete his plan to take over the world. He gives her the details of where to find his former sidekick, Destructo to help her complete the evil plan. Phoebe tells Dark Mayhem that she will never be evil like him. She will be eviler. Destructo complains to Phoebe that she's treating him the same way Dark Mayhem was treating him. After the Thundermans save Phoebe and defeat Destructo, Hank kicks Destructo into the Dark Mayhem jail cell where he finds Dark Mayhem playing a board game with Strongdor.


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