Dark Opa-Opa

Dark Opa-Opa is the primary antagonist and final boss in Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa. He's Opa-Opa's evil doppelganger.


The Dark Opa-Opa is an evil alter-ego of the hero Opa-Opa which resided inside him, born from the emotional stress he devolved after having to fight his own father Opapa, though Opa-Opa was unaware of its existence. This dark personality sought to take over his good persona and eventually destroy the Fantasy Zone. Opapa sensed the existence of this dark persona and its evil intentions, so he created a reverse warp gate and made Opa-Opa dive into his own inner world in order to defeat his evil personality. Opa-Opa eventually fights his evil self and destroys him, once again bringing peace to the Fantasy Zone.

Powers and Abilities

In the Arcade remake of the game, the player can obtain a bad ending by not entering the dark sides of each stage, where the Dark Opa-Opa takes over and destroys Fantasy Zone. In order to obtain a good ending, the player must enter the dark sides of the stages and defeat the bosses there. To obtain the best ending, the player must finish the Dark Opa-Opa with the Drop Tear item.

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