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Born the heir to the House of Opal, Dark Opal conceived a passion for power early in his youth.He was the main antagonist od Dc comics heronie series Amethyst Princess of Gemworld classic series and the Wonder comics Amethyst series.


After ascending to the throne of the House of Opal, he sealed pacts with various otherworldly forces, developed secret alliances, raised the mastery of his mystic powers to awesome levels, and awaited his moment. He served as the main antagonist of the Amethyst Queen of Gemworld and the arch-enemy of the titular character.

When that moment came he struck suddenly and with all his power against the House of Amethyst and its allies, overcoming all resistance. Soon Dark Opal was master of the Gemworld. 

For 20 years Dark Opal ruled Gemworld, seeking to consolidate his power in preparation for the conquest of other mystic realms. On several occasions, he attempted to forge a breastplate containing silvers from each of the House Gems of the 12 royal Houses of Gemworld.

This armor would increase his power to incredible levels, but each attempt was thwarted by Amethyst. At last Dark Opal was overthrown by an alliance of the other 11 Houses, led by Amethyst.

Caught in a mystic backlash as his powers imploded, the only trace of Dark Opal that remained was the clasp that held his cloak. This mystical trinket contained a sculpted face whose expressions mirrored Dark Opal's, and its frozen expression was one of madness and rage.

Television History

Dark Opal is the main antagonist of the DC Nation shorts involving Amethyst.


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