I am not Jenning anymore! I am now one of the Dark Overlords of the Universe!
~ A Dark Overlord revealing his identity while possessing Dr. Jenning.
There will be no escape!!
~ One of the Dark Overlords in his true form.

The Dark Overlords, also known as the Dark Overlords of the Universe, are an ancient evil force and the ultimate villains in the Howard the Duck series by Marvel Comics, including the 1986 live-action film Howard the Duck.


The Dark Overlords of the Universe themselves are giant, mawed, scorpion-like creatures as they're shown in the movie. They have a combination of the most terrifying features from the most terrifying creatures known to man, with a leatherback turtles toothy throat, giant unhinging pike-like jaw and teeth, crocodile-like eyes atop their heads, talon-like hands, and what look like clawed human fingers across their backs. In fact one of the criticisms to movie received was how grotesque and terrifying they where for small children.

In the Howard the Duck comics, they appeared as shadowy and monstrous humanoids as they're seen being trapped in the Nexus of Sominus, a strange netherworld that is a region of demons exists between the planets which they rule with an iron fist.


The Dark Overlords of the Universe are an ancient and powerful alien race of immortal, demonic tyrants. The reason why they're called themselves the, "Dark Overlords of the Universe", is because they were once feared and even worshiped, and their power was unmatched and unopposed throughout the cosmos. Later they were challenged and defeated by unknown adversaries in the First Cosmic War. Now they're the rulers of an alternate dimension called, "The Nexus of Sominus", a region of demons that exists between the planets, the Dark Overlords seek revenge and wait for the occasion of their dominion to come back.

When Dr. Walter Jenning, an astrophysicist, tries to send Howard T. Duck back on his home planet, something goes wrong, cause one of the Dark Overlords escaped, and was brought to Earth, where he takes the possession of Jenning's body. Then he reveals himself in a diner, just a moment before destroying it, and kidnapping Howard's human friend, Beverly Switzler for having her as a host for another member of his kind. After taking possession of a truck, the Dark Overlord comes back to the lab, however, Howard, with Phil Blumburtt's help, hits him with an experimental neutron disintegrator. The Dark Overlord seems to be destroyed, but in reality, he's just been expelled from Jenning's body, and gaining his original form. After a hard battle, Howard manages to hit him again with the disintegrator, killing him, and then he destroys the laser spectroscope, preventing the other Dark Overlords from coming to Earth (and prevents Howard from ever going back to his homeworld).

Powers and Character Traits

Power of the Dark Overlords

One of the Dark Overlords demonstrates their awesome, supernatural might by unleashing his deadly powers.

Each Dark Overlord of the Universe's a powerful being, who disposes of many powers: while in a host, the Dark Overlords possess pyrokinesis and telekinesis; in their original form, they're gargantuan monsters with incredible strength, speed, and stamina, able to project plasma beams from their tails, with many prehensile tentacles, sharp teeth, and claws.

The Dark Overlords only exists for destruction and domination, eager to establish their dominion over the whole universe once again.




  • The Dark Overlord was never supposed to appear at the end of the movie.
  • Stop-motion effects during the climax were designed by Phil Tippett, who began with a clay model before upgrading to more sophisticated pieces.
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