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Meus vitae, Rege, pro nefario coepto!
~ Latin for "My life, o King, for Your dark enterprise!"

The Dark Purveyors is an evil team of intelligent Zombies. They serve as the main antagonists in the video game; Lollipop Chainsaw.



  • Each member, not including the leader, is based on a specific music theme, and each of them, not including the unofficial member, wields a musical instrument as a weapon.
  • Mariska is the only female member of the Dark Purveyors.
  • Zed is considered to be the weakest of the Dark Purveyors.
  • Lewis Legend is considered to be the strongest of the Dark Purveyors.
  • All the members of the Dark Purveyors are 18 years old. However, Vikke and Josey's ages are considered by fans to be questionable.
  • Lewis Legend is the only Dark Purveyor that has his last name revealed.


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