Dark Raven is the main antagonist of Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg. He is the king of the Crows, who are enemies of the chickens. His goal is to plunge Morning Land into eternal night and conquer it. Every 100 years, Dark Raven is reborn.

At the start of the game, Dark Raven had taken control of all the worlds in Morning Land and trapped the Chicken Elders in golden eggs, and for each world he sent one of his generals to act as guardians to each world, which included Era Gecka, Captain Glur, Topo, Moles, Saltim, and Dark Corvo, his right hand crow.

But when Billy showed up, Billy was given the chicken suit by the chicken god. Utilising this suit, he successfully defeated all of the crow bosses and released all of the elders.

After this, Dark Raven decides to attack the Giant Egg Palace in an attempt to steal the Giant Egg so he can be made powerful. Billy manages to fight through his minions and makes his way to Dark Raven himself, at which point they fight each other.

Dark Raven fights by shooting magic missiles at Billy, and creating shadow puddles which harms Billy. They would have to be cleaned up as fast as possible to make Dark Raven vulnerable. But if they aren't cleaned up in time, they could reappear again.

After Billy defeats Dark Raven, Dark Raven flies up to the Giant Egg and cracked it open as his last resort. His second and final form is an enormous crow-shaped shadow demon with the power of darkness.

Perfect Dark Raven.png

Dark Raven's demon form would attack by swooping at Billy, shooting balls of darkness at him, shooting a barrage of magic missiles, and creating darkness to blind him.

With these new powers he knocked Billy to the ground and even removed his suit, but the chicken god gave Billy a brand new suit which allowed Billy to grab the shadow balls that Dark Raven was throwing, in order to throw them back at Dark Raven, which caused Dark Ravens heart to be revealed and be attacked.

Once Dark Raven was defeated, the crows retreated and all the chickens lived in peace and Billy and his friends went back to the human world.

Dark Raven is the last boss, the previous boss is Dark Corvo.

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