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Dark Science Empire Deathdark are the main antagonistic faction of Dai Sentai Goggle V.

They are an ancient conspiracy of scientific minds responsible for guiding the progress of science towards destruction, all in the name of world domination. They are ruled by the mysterious Führer Taboo.


Since the time when iron was discovered in ancient Turkey, Deathdark has existed and manipulated the world from the shadows for the purpose of destroying humanity and has placed a role in the destruction of many advanced civilizations in the ancient world. They continue to gain access to new technology either through self development or through infiltration of new developments by humanity which they steal and adapt for their own usages, generally experimenting their discoveries on humans in the field. Their ultimate goal is to win the arms race in order to either control or destroy all human civilization, even if to the point of annihilating all progress made by anyone other than anything possessed by Deathdark themselves.

In the early 1960s, Dr. Hideki Hongou learned of Deathdark and their threat to humanity; abandoning his own pursuits, he formed the Future Science Laboratory to combat Deathdark while promoting constructive science for the betterment of society. The Future Science Foundation developed over twenty years until Hongou himself is targeted by Deathdark, forcing the activation of Goggle V in order to bring them down.



Deathdark's base of operations, Dark Giant Castle Deathtopia is a mobile fortress that launches giant robots from its gate. It is usually underwater, but it can fly. When in flight, its high-power propulsion winds wreak destructive chaos underneath.


Synthetic Beasts Mozoo

The Synthetic Beasts Mozoo are the combinations of animal genes and metal atoms. When defeated, the Refresh Power ray emitted by a sent-out Kong gives them enough energy to enable them to pilot their Kongs. In Episode 28, 9 Synthetic Beasts that came before were briefly revived. Super Synthetic Beasts Mozoo are a new strain of monsters made with Neometal. The final three Mozoo are also equipped with Hightron energy devices that give them a further power-up after Deathdark seize control of the experimental energy.

  • Kai Mozoo: He attacked the city but was stopped by Goggle-V. Goggle-V tied him up with Ribbon Spark. Then he was knocked out by the Goggle Victory Flash. Then revived and drove Fan Kong. He was killed by the Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Tori Mozoo: He attacked Goggle-V as a magician that lifted them in the air. He controlled the gravity of things. He attacked the town by separating buildings and bridges. Goggle-V attacked the hand and destroyed the gravity control. He was defeated by the Goggle Victory Flash. Then revived and controlled Light Kong and fought the Goggle Robo. He was finally killed off by the Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Tako Mozoo: He blew up tunnels. Then he fought against Goggle-V (Goggle Black, Goggle Blue, and Goggle Pink). Then Goggle Red and Goggle Yellow came into the fight after they saved a girl. Goggle-V used Clubs, Rope, and then the Goggle Victory Flash, but he was revived by Gorilla Kong and then controlled Gorilla King. Finally defeated by Goggle Robo with Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Kumo Mozoo: This monster planted land mines in the ground. Then he grew a vine on the ground, tangling up Goggle-V. Goggle Pink was injured from the vine bomb. The second fight with Goggle-V they stopped another bomb from blowing up. He grabbed Goggle Pink but before he could do anything to her, Goggle Red stopped him. A few moments later, Spider Mozoo ties up Goggle-V in colored string, but he was knocked down. Spider Mozoo received the Ribbon Sparks, then Goggle Pink gets payback by kicking him. Killed by the Goggle Victory Flash, but he was revived by Mammoth King, then he controlled it.
  • Kamakiri Mozoo: He battled Goggle-V in a Storyteller's house. Attacked Google Pink, Goggle Blue and Haruo Shimada, but others came and saved them. Then he retreated. He was part of the plan to use the storyteller as a hostage. Second fight was with Goggle-V nearby a lake. Praying Mantis Mozoo retreated with Mazurka plus the storyteller. Third fight with Goggle-V was at a rock. The rock was holding a bunch of gas, but Goggle Yellow placed back the rock. Sprayed Goggle-V with blue gas. Goggle-V attacked Praying Mantis Mozoo with the Lightning Balls then killed him with Goggle Victory Flash. After that, Praying Mantis Mozoo was revived by the Praying Mantis Kong and he piloted it. Defeated by the Electron Galaxy Cut. Episode 28-Attack Goggle V in dreamworld.
  • Yamori Mozoo: He attacked museums to get jewels of the world with his fire breath, sleeping gas breath, plus a long tongue. He was part of a plan to demorph Goggle-V. First fought at the lab with guns that can demorph Goggle-V. All but Goggle Black was there. After a while, Goggle Black joined in the fight. Gecko Mozoo attacked Goggle Pink with his tongue, en route of taking back the gem that Goggle-V took from the lab. The second fight with Goggle-V (plus the Wrestler who pretends to be Santa Claus who was framed for a robbery he didn't commit), he attacked the wrestler with his tongue in order to get the jewel. Goggle Black was first to attack his tongue after Goggle Black used Black Shadow. Goggle-V used Dynamite Clubs and then Goggle Victory Flash. Revived by Gecko Kong and then later plioted it. Destroyed by the Goggle Robo's Electron Galaxy Cut after the Goggle Hand Missile.
  • Neko Mozoo: Attacked a scientist near the sea to take his experiment. He also attacked a plant. In the first fight with Goggle-V, he turned invisible. Google V used Goggle Victory Flash but ended up being useless. He was forced to retreat by Dr. Iguana. Then he soon returned and destroyed some more plants. Goggle-V found out where he was by brainwaves on the scientist's experiment. Then he retreated again, but on his own account. Then he attacked the scientist's kid, but the plan backfired and he was forced to retreat again. He tried to attack Goggle-V, but the plan backfired, because Goggle Red cleared the road for the others. The fourth fight with Goggle-V ended in Goggle-V using Lightning Balls, Yellow Opal Megaton Ball (Goggle Yellow), and then Goggle Victory Flash. Revived by Cat Kong the drove it. Defeated by Goggle Robo's Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Dokuga Mozoo: He was part a plan with Mazurka into capturing the Professor while she was being guarded by Goggle Blue. He used the dust to knock Goggle Blue and the professor away from the cemetery, then threw Cherry Bombs at them, injuring Google Blue in the process. He recaptured the professor after Goggle Blue and the professor escaped; Because she had plans that would go against the Deathdark. In the third fight with Goggle Blue, he fanned dust and blew yellow smoke at him. While Goggle Blue was still injured, the rest of the Goggle-V went to help Goggle Blue. Moth Mozoo blew dust, yellow smoke, and threw bombs at Goggle-V, but he was slowed down by the Goggle Blue's Blue Sapphire Jet Ring. Then the others joined in and used Ring Spin Typhoons and the Goggle Victory Flash. Dokuga Mozoo regenerated and used the Dokuga Kong. While in Dokuga Kong, he threw dust and blew yellow smoke at Goggle Robo. Then hit Goggle Robo with his staff but was blocked by the Goggle Robo Shield. Then he threw cherry bombs at the Goggle Robo. Then he was hit by the Goggle Robo Hand Missile and then finally defeated by the Electron Galaxy Cut. Episode 28-Attack Goggle V in dreamworld.
  • Baku Mozoo: He showed up at a warehouse area. Ate a mushroom and sprayed the workers with the digested mushroom. The spray changes the workers into fighters. Goggle-V stopped the fighters from taking over by Goggle Pink's Pink Heart Hypnosis. Then he was chased by Goggle Red into a valley while running away. Took control of a village that grows the mushrooms, in a disguise of an old man. He fought Goggle Red and gave up his disguise. Goggle-V used a disguised dancer (Goggle Pink) to get close. Fought against Goggle-V with Mazurka. He lost to Goggle Red in fighting with swords, lost to Goggle Black in ninja-style, lost to Goggle Blue in Football, tied with Goggle Yellow in a gunfight, was arrested by Goggle Pink in mini-fight scenes. Goggle-V used Lightning Ropes and finailly Goggle Victory Flash to knock him out. He drove Baku Kong and was by finally defeated by the Electron Galaxy Cut after Goggle Robo used Goggle Flash. Episode 28-Attack Goggle V in dreamworld.
  • Nezumi Mozoo: (Mouse, Laser Eye, Tongue Ropes, Little Mouse (Big)) In Episode 10: Was part of a plan to take a scientist machine that made the plant Pomato, to create a very evil plant. First sneaked in to the laboratory as a mouse. Fought Goggle Black to a draw and ran away. He sneaked into another lab where the scientist was and put two vials inside the scientist machine. Fought Goggle Black after being knocked by Goggle Black Club. After the machine was broke he attack the scientist. Ran away from fighting the rest of Goggle-V after tying up Goggle Black. But that was short lived when Goggle Black used Black Shadow (Cat). Then Goggle-V used Goggle Victory Flash. Drove Nezumi Kong before Goggle-V used to finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut after Goggle-V used Goggle Hand, Goggle Beam and Goggle Victory Punch.
  • Shishi Mozoo (11): (Fire breath, Fireball, Flying Jaws) Episode 11: Attack some people out on a camping trip. He started a volcanoes along a fault line to erupt. In first attack against Goggle-V used fire breath against the Goggle Red then ran away. Attack an old man and a boy, that leave a shack near the volcanoes. Goggle-V saves him from being strangled to death. Starting the second fight with Goggle-V. Attack Goggle-V with flying jaws then fire breath. Goggle-V attacked with Ring Spin Typhoon then Lightning Balls both were denied quickly then after using Shishi Mozoo ball, Goggle-V used Ribbon Sparks and finished off with Goggle Victory Flash. Quickly revived by Shishi Kong then drove it. Finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut after attacking with Fire Breath and Flying Jaws and Goggle-V used Goggle Flash and Goggle Hand Missile. Episode 28-Attack Goggle V in dreamworld.
  • Arijigoku Mozoo (12): (Stomach Gun, sand traps, Smog) Episode 12: He sank buildings in to the ground. First saw by a boy and girl that nobody believes. Before he attack the two children, Goggle Yellow came to save them but short lived. All three fell into the trap. After the first battle with most of the Goggle-V, Arijigoku end up running away. Second fight with Goggle-V after Goggle Yellow and the kids got away from the trap. Before Goggle-V were in the trap they used Lightning Ropes to get out and then Goggle Victory Flash after kicking him while dangling. Revived to drive Arijigoku Kong. Finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut after attacking Goggle-V with Smog.
  • Namazu Mozoo: (Whips, Life drainers) Episode 13: Started an underground machine by orders of Mazurka, General Deathgiller and Dr. Iguana to start earthquakes. In the process captured people and destroyed buildings. First attack Goggle Yellow and his father. Almost took Goggle Yellow's powers but the rest of Goggle-V showed up then ran away. Was tracked by Futoshi Kijima's father into a cave area. Was wrestled to the machine that was making the earthquakes by Goggle Yellow. Second fight with Goggle-V, he used is tentacle as whips and then tied up Goggle-V to send them underground for a short time. Goggle Yellow used Yellow Opal Megaton Ball and Super Ball to attack back. After Goggle Yellow had him on the ground Goggle-V used Goggle Victory Flash. Revived by Namazu Kong then controlled it. Finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut after Namazu attacked with tentacles to tie them up and Goggle-V used Goggle Flash to attack back.
  • Ankō Mozoo: (Light Beam) Episode 14: First found in a freezer by Dr. Zazoriya and Dr. Iguana. Attack a group of kids and then the Goggle Pink and Blue. Then when the other Goggle-V members ran away with both of the Doctors. Part of a plan to get a convex mirror but by bad luck Goggle Pink was there to slow them down. Then attacked Goggle Pink with her mirror. The others came to save Goggle Pink. Another flash and run. All of Goggle-V except Goggle Pink found where Anko, and all the commanders were at on the beach. Anko attacked Goggle-V with using the mirror once. Goggle Pink showed up a the plan was foiled by her mirror. Goggle-V used Ribbon Sparks, Goggle Pink used Pink Dia Baton, Goggle Bomber and Goggle Victory Flash. Revived and controlled Anko Kong. Finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut after Anko Kong used Light Beam and Goggle-V used Goggle Flash and Victory Punch.
  • Hachi Mozoo: (Stingers, Lifeforce drain, Ball and Chain (Big)) Episode 15: Showed up in a tree, attacked Tatsuya Ueda (one of the Computer Boys) by Dr. Iguana and Dr. Zazoriya orders. Before Tatsuya became older much faster by Hachi, Goggle-V showed up to stop him. Then ran away with the Doctors. Then came back and attacked a guy but before his life force got drained Goggle Red showed up, followed up by the rest. Was forced to by Grand Marshall Deathmark. Attack Goggle Red but was stopped by General Deathgiller when General Deathgiller and Goggle Red was doing one-on-one sword fighting. Before Hachi attack Goggle Red again it was denied by Goggle Black and Blue. In a fight with Goggle-V for Tatsuya life force. Hachi used his stingers on Goggle-V before Goggle Red Ropes then after that the rest followed suit and came out with there ropes, to form Lightning Ropes. Goggle Victory Flash was used then he revived by Hachi Kong. Finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut after Hachi Ball-and-Chain and Stingers used and Goggle Robo used Hand Missile and Goggle Spin. Episode 28-Attack Goggle V in dreamworld.
  • Hitode Mozoo: (Small Hitodes, Beam) The only one of the Mozoo that did not drive his Kong (beside Kuma (Episode 49)) Episode 16: Showed up on the beach and attack a electric plant near the beach. Attack Goggle-V Machine and Cougar. First fight was at the beach against Goggle-V. Goggle-V used Ribbon Sparks against him but it did not work Hitode deflected the energy back at Goggle-V. Goggle-V used Lightning Rope but again deflected back. Hitode threw out some more Small Hitodes at Goggle-V to drain their energy but quickly stopped with there sabres. Hitode claimed Goggle Machine as his own. While Goggle-V had Hitode, Mazurka, General Deathgiller and Spotmen searching which box has the organ. He attack Goggle Yellow and Black trying to find it. After Deathdark clan figured it out that Goggle Red has the box all them went after Goggle Red. Goggle Black figured out a way to stop his small hitodes. The rest of Goggle-V showed up. Hitode fired a light beam at Goggle-V and dropped them to the ground. Goggle Black use Black Shadow to go under the Small Hitodes attack to fight Hitode. Small hitodes attack Hitode because of a controller was place on him. Goggle Red used his Red Ruby Whip. The rest followed that with Goggle Victory Flash.
  • Kappa Mozoo: (Kappa Hats, Turned into a ball, beam) Episode 17: He attack creek-fishermen while they were fishing. He turned the fishermen into human-kappas. Goggle Red turned the human-kappas back by hitting the Kappa's head. Then ran away. Deathgiller and Mazurka changed the Kappa plate by a boy kappa plate that the boy got from his father. He attack the lab. He came back and attack the people of the city and turned them into human-kappas. In which the human-kappas attack the others that were not wearing a hat. Goggle-V used Ring Spin Typhoons to get Kappa from his ball shape. Then he retreated leaving the human-kappas alone. Kappa Mozoo remembered that he was wearing a hat from a good kappa. In the mean time Google Red took the plate from him and he claimed a new one. The rest of Goggle-V came and helped Goggle Red out. The final fight, he turned into a ball and went after Goggle Pink. Goggle-V used Goggle Fire and Goggle Victory Flash after Kappa used a beam. Revived by Kappa Kong. Finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut after Kappa used Flash, plates, shell and Goggle-V used Hand missile and punch.
  • Saru Mozoo: (Ball and Chain, Light Darts (Defense), Boomerang) He change 4 scienticts into children after drinking a formula that made people young. First fight was with Goggle Red when he was after the main scientist that created the formula. He turned two ducks in to ducklings during the fight with Goggle Red. He attack a bus driver, guy and girl and turned them into a children as well. Then attack 2 police officers turned them into children. Then Goggle V showed up and attack Saru. Saru trapped a dog in a net, but the attempt to take him was denied by Goggle V. Quickly ran away after the attempt gone wrong. An attempt to get back the scientist, dog and child went wrong by Goggle V showing up. The young spray was deflected by Goggle V by using Goggle Ribbon. Was taken down by using Goggle Rope after being knocked down from the trees. Goggle Victory Flash was used but short-lived death due to Saru Kong revived he and he started to drive it. Finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Koumori Mozoo: He attacked a drunk guy in bat form and in monster form near a haunted house. He attack Goggle Blue, Yellow and Pink after 4 children ran from the hauted house in fear. Goggle Red and Black surprised him by coming from the trees. Then ran away from the fight. He turned the drunk guy into a statue. He attacked several citizens in bat-form. His second attack on the Goggle V, was him versus Goggle Red, Yellow and Blue after they found the frozen drunk guy. He turned into bat form and left with Goggle Blue tailing him. He was confronted by Goggle V. His attack was quick stop by Goggle Blue Double Ring, Red Rope, Goggle Ball, and finished off by Goggle Victory Flash for a short while. Quickly revived by Koumori Mozoo.
  • Saboden Mozoo: A Mexican-based Mozoo who likes drinking tequilla and playing guitar, planning to create and spread destructive cactus around the world. He is defeated when Goggle Pink uses Pink Heart Hypnosis on him, then masquerades as a Flamenco dancer, which mesmerizes him and was lured with his favorite drink, only to be refused. He is then destroyed with Goggle Victory Flash. Goggle Flash was used before the final blow via of Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut. Episode 28-Attack Goggle V in dreamworld.
  • Coelacanth Mozoo: This Mozoo possesses a breath that turns anyone caught with it into fossils. He used it on water, fossilizing fishes and plans to do it on the sea, but this plan was thwarted by Goggle Red who located his base. Goggle V used Goggle Victory Flash. Then showed up was Coelacanth Kong to bring back Coelacanth Mozoo back to life. He turned the Goggle V Robo into a fossil. Final defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut after Goggle V used Hand Missile.
  • Kujaku Mozoo: This Mozoo has a bow and arrow which brings dolls to life and uses them to wreak havoc, as these dolls are driven with the fact that their previous owners discarded them. The arrow is stuck to the doll and if the arrow is pulled out, the living doll crumbled to ash. This Mozoo is defeated by Goggle Pink before being destroyed with Goggle Victory Flash. Revived from Kujaku Kong. Finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Kani Mozoo: Showed up as a crab at a water treatment plant attacked a guard with bubbles. In first fight with Goggle V was after citizens were getting fresh water from the plant. Kani used bubbles to attack Goggle V. The played hide-and-seek through the water pipes. Changed back to a crab. After going to the lab he copied himself in crabs. Kani attack Goggle Blue with a robot. Goggle Blue used Goggle Ring to throw him off. Kani ran away again. Goggle Blue found out how Kani Mozoo somehow slipped away from him earlier. Kani Mozoo attacked the reservoir. But that attack on the cities' water was short lived. Goggle V used Goggle Ring and Goggle Rope to attack him back. Goggle V used Ring Typhoon and Goggle Victory Flash to finish him off but before that Kani Kong showed up. Attacked with Bubbles and gun, but the battle was finished of by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut. Episode 28-Attack Goggle V in dreamworld.
  • Chameleon Mozoo: Sneaking into a Gold Museum. First saw by Goggle V in a picture taken by a kid. Went after the boy that took the picture. In trying to take the kid that took the kid. Goggle V found him hiding. In the first battle Chameleon Mozoo used his tongue and sprayed sneezing powder at Goggle V. Ran away. He turned a couple of kids (that were in the picture) blue. He poured a liquid in a the kid's drink that changes him to see though his hand to the magazine. Then change the camera boy's complexion to orange. The kids were part of a plan to steal the gold at the harbor. Before the kids were completely on their way of fulfilling the plan Goggle V stopped them. In the way of stopping Chameleon Mozoo they use Dynamite Clubs and finally Goggle Victory Flash. In the Chameleon Kong, finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut after using Hook.
  • Pterano Mozoo (25): Flapped around at the headquarters of evil. First fight with Goggle Red. After fighting with Goggle Red helped to hatch Pteranos. Second attack was against Goggle Yellow. The cavalry saved Goggle Yellow from being a chard Goggle Yellow.He threw Missisles at four Goggle V members in the Cougar. Goggle Red and Pterano Mozoo fought all the way to the eggs. Goggle Red made Pterano attack the eggs under ground with his own fire breath. In which he destroyed the hatchlings. After Pterano was breathing fire at Goggle V used a spray cannon (combining there swords) to extingush the fire. Then Goggle V went airborne to take down Pterano Mozoo. Pterano Mozoo vs, Goggle V ended with Goggle Victory Flash, before Pterano Kong came on the battlefield. Finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Inoshishi Mozoo (26, 28): This Mozoo is armed with a memory bomb, which causes its victim to lose their memories. It seemingly hit Goggle Black, causing him to lose his memories, but in truth, he was able to counter it all along and was faking amnesia. Then, he gets destroyed with Goggle Victory Flash. Finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut. Episode 28-Attack Goggle V in dreamworld.
  • Suika Mozoo (27, 28): First found by a three kids from a drawing class. Attack them with a seeded spray, that change them into trees. After changing them into trees when to back to castle. First fight with Goggle V was after turning shoppers into a forest of trees. Then left after Goggle V got done with Spotmen. Changed back to a honeysuckle was delivered to a costumer of a vendor. Was found out by the costumer trying to cut him like a honeysuckle. Suika Mozoo changed the family into honeysuckles. Caught in a trap by Goggle V with Mazruka in a hospital but got away by using fruit as bombs or grenades. Followed by one of the Computer boys. Quickly foiled by Goggle Red follow by the others. Had Goggle V on the ropes by throwing fruit grenades or bombs and changed back into a honeysuckle to defend from Goggle V offensive attack. Quickly Goggle V chopped at Suika break the honeysuckle and going back to Mozoo form. Goggle Victory Flash. Saved by Sukia Kong. Finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut. Episode 28-Attack Goggle V in dreamworld.
  • Same Mozoo (28): (Highly emotional) Show up at a beach party and attacked the party. Goggle V attacked back with Goggle Sabres. Goggle Yellow stopped Same Mozoo by using Yellow Ball after Same Mozoo used Tear Darts. Same got away while Goggle Blue chased after. Goggle Blue finally caught up to Same Mozoo and fought him one-on-one while the others were stopping Mazurka and Deathgiller from reviving the previous Mozoo. The other members of Goggle V reinforced Goggle Blue. In the final battle with Same and Goggle V, he revived all of the previous mozoos in a dreamworld state, but quickly stopped by Goggle Star. Goggle V attacked back be Ribbon Sparks, Goggle Blue Ring, Ring Spin Typhoons, and Goggle Victory Flash. Quickly revived by Same Kong. While in Same-Kong attack with the tear darts and quickly taken down by Hand Missile, Victory Punch and finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Hae Mozoo (29): Attacking a family eating melons, and knock-out (sleep). Knocked-out (sleep) a peace officer, gas station workers, business workers just to steal money. First fight in a quarry with Goggle V, Hae used Green Slim to distract Goggle V. Mazurka helped Hae get away. Followed by two kids (trying to release a homing pigeon) to a house in the middle of the woods. Was stopped by Goggle Black before attacking the two kids. Tried to smash Kanpei Kuroda and the kids with a landslide. Stopped Kanpei Kuroda from morphing by breaking the bracelet. Then left the scene. Fought Kanpei Kuroda on top of a deliver truck and won. Fought again in a quarry. Knocked Kanpei Kuroda off of a ledge. The other 4 Goggle V members stop another attack against Kanpei Kuroda by throw their sabres. Attack Goggle V by everything except for the slime but hosed off by Goggle V. Defeat by Goggle Victory Flash. Quickly revived by Hae Kong. Stamped out by a fly-swatter after attack Goggle Robo. Finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Tengu Mozoo (30): Attack a Swordsman who fought off some Spotsmen. Stopped by Goggle V. After firing off Tongue Missiles at Goggle V, Tengu left. Second battle with the Swordsman. He left the swordsman and daughter in a volcanic cave. Second battle with Goggle V was the Spotsmen dug up the Golden Demon Sword of Inawashiro. Goggle V used Ribbon Sparks to defeat the Wind fan, but Tengu used Tongue Missiles but Goggle V defeated Tengu with Goggle Victory Flash. Quickly revived by Tengu Kong. Attacked Goggle Robo with a sword, fan, tongue missiles, but stopped by Goggle Flash. Throw Tengu faces at Goggle Robo but stopped again by Goggle Spin. Finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Gargarabehi Mozoo (31): Attack a bunch of kids and turned them into zombie to be captured. Gargarbehi Mozoo attacked Goggle Blue with Rattle Missile, Scale Bombs, and Tongue while Goggle Blue attacked with Blue Ring. The others reinforced Goggle Blue. Sent the Goggle V to a bit of dreamworld but stopped by Red Rope. Then attacked them with snakes, then retreated by Deathmark, Bella and Beth. Attack Goggle Blue after a little boys teammates were taken. After Goggle Blue found the snake layer, Gargarbehi Mozoo and Goggle Blue fought for a third time. Gargarbehi fired his Rattle Missile. Then reinforced again by the rest of Goggle V, Gargarbehi used sonic waves and snakes, but it didn't last long. Goggle Blue use Blue Ring and followed by Goggle Victory Flash. Quickly revived by Gargarbehi Kong. Attack Goggle V with Sonic wave, dust, tongue, and Rattle Missile but stopped by Goggle Flash and finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Yadokani Mozoo (32): Attack a seafood market. He took the skeletons of the three workers and bystanders. During his attack at a common area, he was stopped by Goggle V. Yadokani used Tenticle Whip at Goggle V. Goggle V attack back with Lightning Balls, but quick move back to the shell saved him. Then disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Yadokani and Goggle Red fought at an aquaruim, then both reteated. Attack some kids and then Goggle V attacked back. Lost his shell then left. Got it back at the aquarium. Goggle V saved the guard from the aquarium and the boy from getting gassed. During the battle with Goggle V use the Gas in which took out the Spotmen, the Tenticle Whip, Shell Bombs, and Net at Goggle V. But denied by the batons. Goggle Yellow used Yellow Holedigging and then Goggle V used Lightning Balls, defeated the first time by Goggle Victory Flash. Lost his shell again with all of the skeletons inside. Revived by Yadokani Kong. Goggle V attack with Hand Missile, Flash, and finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Tora Mozoo (33): This Mozoo targets an Indian man and a half-Japanese half-Indian girl for a pair of bracelets that makes him immortal, and with the bracelet, Deathmark orders him to do a suicide run that will destroy the Goggle Caesar. However, the secret of the bracelet is uncovered by Goggle Pink and she unarmed the bracelets from him using double Pink Ribbon and Ribbon Spark, setting up for his defeat by Goggle Victory Flash. Revived by Tora Kong. Goggle V used Goggle Hand and finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Wani Mozoo (34): This is the first Mozoo created with a skin that even the Goggle Victory Flash could not penetrate through, rendering it useless. Deathgiller wanted Wani to retreat, twice. The Goggles retaliated with inventing the Goggle Golden Spear, which defeats the Mozoo. Revived by Wani Kong. Goggle V used Hand Missile, Goggle Thunder, and finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Hyena Mozoo (35): Attacked a family and change them in to metal eater. Before Makoto Takenaka changed into one Goggle V showed up. Left the fight and hid in a museum as an exhibit. Attacked towns people to make them eat metal. Goggle V attacked back technology and the Golden Spear. Revived by Hyena Kong. After biting Goggle Robo's arm, Goggle V used Hand Missile, Goggle Flash, Victory Punch, and finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Yamaarashi Mozoo (36): A mozoo specializing in marksmanship. He targeted Goggle Red and managed to heavily wound him. He overwhelms the rest of the Goggles, but Goggle Red found out his marksmanship flaw: recharging his bullet after shooting, he uses the moment to shoot and disable the Mozoo's arsenal. After the Goggles wiped out his Spotmen squad while wearing cowboy outfit, he is then destroyed with the Goggle Golden Spear. Yamaarshi turned his Kong into a Mace, then shot Quill Missile before Goggle V used Hand Missile, Goggle Flash, and finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Musasabi Mozoo (37): Attacked a building with Grenades in the air. Threatened the scientist, if he doesn't help his grandson will drop from way up in the air and splat. First battle with Goggle V is in a lumberyard. Flew away after shotting off missiles. The second battle, at the house of the scientist. Fired another 2 batches of missiles plus Spotmen. Defeated by Golden Spear. Revived by Musasabi Kong. Shot a batch of missiles, Goggle V attacked back with Victory Punch, Goggle Spin, and finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Sai Mozoo (38): This Mozoo can create quakes by stamping on the ground (or running). He attacks Blue and Yellow while both were testing Blue's new jet pack, stole the jet pack and used the engine to power his horn missile. Blue rebuilt the engine and used it to defeat him, while Yellow trained to increase his toughness to withstand the Mozoo's quake and charge, setting up for Blue to break his horn and then he is destroyed with the Goggle Golden Spear. Revived by Sai Kong. Attack Goggle V with Horn Missile, and charged at them but quickly stop and Goggle V used Goggle Thunder and finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Mimizuku Mozoo (39): This Mozoo traps children into story books when they read the story into a certain page which contains an owl. He ended up trapping Pink into one book and tried to burn the book containing her. Despite being trapped and restrained, Pink used all her skills to get out of the book and defeated the Mozoo and he is destroyed with the Goggle Golden Spear. Revived by Mimizuku Kong. Finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Seiuchi Mozoo (40): This Mozoo possesses a freezing breath, which he used to freeze a professor, Tatsuya and eventually both Goggle Blue and Yellow. While Deathgiller tried to uncover the location of Future Science Lab from Tatsuya; Goggle Red located their hideout and gets him and the professor to safety, and was half-frozen in process, but the rest of the Goggles (including Blue and Yellow, who have been thawed out) restored him and defeat the Mozoo with Goggle Golden Spear, but revived by Sasori Kong. Goggle V use Victory Punch, Goggle Thunder, and finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Kaiko Mozoo (41): A Mozoo with the ability to create a super powered suit for the Spotmen. He plans to mass-produce it, but was interrupted by the Goggle Five when creating the first suit suit which was found by a physically weak salaryman, who used it to protect his son from thugs, restoring his previously bad image of a weak father, and turning into a media sensation. The Mozoo retaliated by taking his son hostage, forcing the salaryman to give up the suit, but the Goggle Five rescued both him and his son, defeating the Mozoo with Goggle Golden Spear. Revived by Kaiko Kong. Kaiko Kong used Spindle Shower but Goggle V used Goggle Flash and finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Sasori Mozoo (42) - This Mozoo possesses a sting that turn people into mindless man-scorpion monsters. He took several children hostage and used their teacher to lure Goggle Black to be stung. However, Black resisted the sting long enough until he can get everyone to safety, afterwards the rest of the Goggle Five cured Black from his poison and the Mozoo is destroyed with Goggle Golden Spear. Revived by Sasori Kong. Finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Mimizu Mozoo (43): Was brought to help find Gold, attack a group looking for Gold. But quickly stopped by Goggle V. Threw out a two nettings to stop both. Goggle Yellow stop the entrapment. Then ran off to find the Gold. Attack the group again but Goggle V was there to slow it down. Mainly attacked by Goggle Yellow. Then defeated by Golden Spear. Revived by Mimizu Kong. Attacked Goggle V with Mouth Missisles and rocks, but Goggle V answered back with Goggle Flash, Goggle Hook, Goggle Thunder, and finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Condor Mozoo (44) - This Mozoo has the ability to generate small gust of winds, and if anyone hit with it tried to consume of food, the food turns to a bunch of black sand. It hit Goggle Yellow and in desperation he had to 'betray' the Goggle Five and was imprisoned as a result, only to find the Mozoo's secret, break through it and was able to eat again and rejoined the Goggle Five, later destroying the monster with Goggle Golden Spear. Revived by Condor Kong. Condor Mozoo (in the Condor Kong) attack Goggle V with Beak Missiles, Wind and Axe before Goggle V used Goggle Flash and finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Tanuki Mozoo (45) - This Mozoo tried to trick the Goggle-V first by posing as Black and goes as far as impersonating Kanpei's human form, but was exposed when the Goggles told both of them to jump from extreme heights. Then he tried the same trick by posing as Pink, but was exposed when the boys executed the team pose—the impostor did not know how to follow up. Goggle V first defeated him by Golden Spear. Revived by Tanuki Kong. Goggle V used Victory Punch. Tanuki use Gerbil Bombs. Then Goggle V used Goggle Thunder, and finished with Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Skunk Mozoo (46): Four excuvators turn puppets, wrong place wrong time. Goggle Red gets "skunk"ed as well while searching for the 4 excuvators (friends). Gets of the other world by beating Skunk Mozoo out of it. The next battle Skunk Mozoo send them in another world. Until they use Goggle Spark to get them out. Goggle V defeats Skunk Mozoo with Golden Spear. Revived by Skunk Kong. Skunk Mozoo, in Skunk Kong attacks Goggle V with a sword. Then Goggle V counters with Victory Punch, and Goggle Flash. Another attack from Skuck Mozoo is Skunk Bombs. Another counter from Goggle V is Goggle Thunder and finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Zokame Mozoo (47): First Mozoo to use the teleporter into town. He was trying to figure out his sorounndings and deliver a important part of the Ultimate Weapon to the other side. Zokame had a forcefield on the front side of his shell. First defeated by Golden Spear after Goggle V broke the forcefield. Revived by Zokame Kong. Attack Goggle V with Shell Bombs. Goggle V counterattacked with Hand Missile and finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Cheetah Mozoo (48): First Mozoo that did he job (besides taking out Goggle V). Was a decoy to let Mazurka and General Deathgiller into Goggle V headquarters while he speed though the city. After breaking the forcefield, Goggle V used the Golden Spear to first defeat Cheetah Mozoo. Revived by Cheetah Kong. After a Spark Plug Bomb from Cheetah Kong, Goggle V used Hand Missile, Victory Punch, and finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.
  • Kuma Mozoo (49) - This is the final Mozoo to be created by Deathdark, locating the newly-formed Future Science Lab and wreaking havoc, but Deathgiller's will to defeat the Goggle Five by himself bars his way and the Goggle Five eventually defeated him. He is the first and only Mozoo to be not brought to life to pilot his Kong, Deathgiller instead threatens Deathmark to ride his Kong, and second not to drive on



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