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The Dark Spheres are the main antagonists and bosses in the videogame Grand Sphere. They are the monstrous creatures who were known to consume all life-forms as well as their goal was to destroy the Summons, consume the Spheres and eventually take over Astrum and engulf it in darkness and chaos. They are also led by Verzeus the Evil.

They are also known of being an archenemies of the Grand Spheres, the warriors who have the power of the Spheres, that helped them to stop and defeat them.


Not much was known of the Dark Spheres' past, but it was revealed that they have existed as they preyed on the other life-forms in the ancient times. When Astrum became first existed, the Dark Spheres became obsessed.


Behaviour and Traits

The Dark Spheres are vicious, violent, power-hungry and destructive creatures as their main goal is to consume the Spheres of the other life-forms. Their only goal is to consume in order to exist and to nourish their hunger. 

List of Dark Spheres

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