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Dark Sun are a criminal organisation and the antagonists of the ninth CHERUB story Dark Sun. They are an organisation that sells nuclear weapons to the highest bidder.



After the invention of nuclear weaponry, many countries want to get nuclear armaments and groups illegally selling nuclear weapons start to form. In 2004, a woman known only as "the suspect" is arrested in France after illegally buying maraging steel, which is strictly controlled due to being mostly used in making nuclear weapons and tells the French police that she works for a nuclear trafficking ring called "Dark Sun".

Deal With Lydon

In February, MI5 agents spying on a Brussels café as part of surveillance on Dark Sun discover that Kurt Lydon is in contact with a Belgian member of the Dark Sun network who he wants to sell his nuclear centrifuge to and bug his house in order to find out more. They discover that Dark Sun aren't interested in his centrifuge because most of the components are strictly controlled and Lydon is planning to change the design so Dark Sun can make it more easily and give them the design in return for 6 million euros.


A month later, Dark Sun receive the plans for the centrifuge and attempt to build it with help from the government of Nigeria in a nuclear enrichment facility in the Nigerian desert only for it to explode due to CHERUB agents Andy Lagan and Greg "Rat" Rathbone having redesigned Lydon's centrifuge in order to stop him, destroying the facility. Dark Sun cannot rectify this due to the fact that you trying to fix the design would take longer than building a centrifuge from scratch and testing the design will take years, cost Dark Sun millions and ruin their reputation. Shortly afterwards, 22 Dark Sun agents, including Lydon and probably the Belgian Operative, are arrested during a meeting in Brussels due to MI5 managing to identify them from the evidence they gathered while spying on Lydon.

Known Agents

"The Suspect"

Belgian Operative

Various unnamed technicians

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