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Scum who hurt others without a second thought for the sake of their own desires. Who feel no sense of guilt as long as they themselves benefit.
~ Nacht describing the Dark Triad.

The Dark Triad is the main antagonistic faction in the second saga of Black Clover manga and anime, becoming so after the conclusion of the first saga.

They are the current rulers of the Spade Kingdom, who control their kingdom through tyranny and enslavement. They are composed by the Zogratis siblings, consisting of Lucius, Dante, Vanica and Zenon, as well as their direct subordinates known as the Dark Disciples, all backup by the Upper-Class Devils' power.

They first appeared as the overarching antagonists in Arc 10 and later served the main antagonistic faction in Arc 11.



The Dark Triad are composed by the three renegade siblings from House Zogratis and their minions, known as the Dark Disciples, all of whom made a deal with the upper-class Devils (including Megicula) and usurped the throne of the Spade Kingdom, overthrowing its original royal family, House Grinberryall, of which Yuno was revealed to be its only known survivor and the Spade Kingdom's former prince.

After seizing the Spade Kingdom's throne, the Dark Triad enhanced themselves and their Dark Disciples with demonic possessions. Each of their mage had reached the level that could match with a Zero Stage mage. Their rule had turned the Spade Kingdom from a formerly benign and peaceful country to a nation of warmongers, sparking rivalry with other three kingdoms.


Upon the defeat of Zagred, also known as the Word/Kotodama Devil, the Clover Kingdom was now in disarray due to the elves' invasion. In the meantime, Julius Novachrono, the Wizard King, had revived through his magic, only as a 13-year-old boy, with his power severely weakened.

Weeks after the war against the elves and Zagred, the Spade Kingdom had seized the chance and began to invade other neighboring realms. The invasion started with the Diamond Kingdom, where Zenon Zogratis, one of the Dark Triad, had defeated an army of the Diamond Kingdom, including at least two of the Eight Shining Generals, single-handed. It even terrified Luck when he arrived at the scene alongside Magna and Vanessa.

In the Heart Kingdom, Rolopechika, the queen of the Heart Kingdom, revealed to Asta and his friends that Megicula, the insidous devil who put a curse on herself and Noelle's mother before that, was lurking inside the Spade Kindom. She propsed an idea of training for half a year to face this imminent threat, something that Asta and others agreed.

Half a Year Later

During this six months, the Spade Kingdom had conquered one third of the Grand Magic Zone and most of the Diamond Kingdom. Asta, Noelle, Mimosa, Luck and Leopold had assisted the Heart Kingdom and the Clover Kingdom's alliance in the Spade Kingdom, and discovered the Dark Disciples' plan to use their citizens as sacrificial lambs and fuel their power. After foiling their plot, Asta discovered the Dark Triad's existence from a surviving Spade villiager.

In the meantime, inside the palace of Spade Kingdom, the Dark Triad began their next moves, with Dante (harboring Lucifero's power) assaulting the Black Bull's headquarters that moved into their region, Vanica assaulting the Heart Kingdom, and Zenon went for the Clover Kingdom to capture William Vangeance from the Golden Dawn's base. In the meantime, an unnamed Black Bull member, with the affinity of Shadow Magic, had infiltrated into their base and discovered their ultimate objective.

Their ultimate goal, according to Dante himself, is to use the World Tree Magic of William Vangeance and the Dark Magic of Yami Sukehiro to grow the Tree of Qliphoth, which would open a portal to the Devil's realms and unleash them into the whole world, much to Yami's disgust when he heard about it.

So far, Zenon managed to capture William and severely bashed the entire squad of Golden Dawn, including Yuno, causing the death of half of their squad members. Dante had severely injured Gauche and Asta before entering his confrontation against Yami, while discovering Grey and Vanessa's identity as Arcane Stage Mages as well and attempting to court them.

Vanica, on the other hand, led several Dark Disciples to the Heart Kingdom and caused great damage, including defeating most of the Spirit Guardians there, and were confronted by Leopold, Luck, Charmy and others.

Dark Disciples


The Dark Disciples are elite groups of the Dark Triad. In Spade Kingdom, they are equivalence to Magic Knight Captains in the Clover Kingdom, Spirit Guardians in the Heart Kingdom, and Eight Shinning Generals in the Diamond Kingdom. Their have been enhanced by the lesser devils granted by their leaders. All of the Dark Disciples appeared by far are shown to be sadistic, arrogant and brutal to the point of boasting their own power and other qualities whilst trampling upon the lives of humans.

So far, Zenon and Vanica both took their respective Dark Disciples to the battlefield, whilst Dante's Dark Disciples stayed in his castle and served as guards.


  • Zenon's Dark Disciples
    • Gaderois Godroc:
    • Foyal Migusteau:
  • Vanica's Dark Disciples - Set to assist Vanica in her attempt to destroy the Heart Kingdom and kidnapp Princess Lolopechika. All of them were killed after Vanica detonated them with Megicula's magic.
    • Svenkin Gatard (deceased)
    • Sivoir Snyle (deceased)
    • Halbet (deceased)
    • Unnamed Dark Disciple with Tongue Magic (deceased)
    • Unnamed Dark Disciple with Nail Magic (deceased)
  • Dante's Dark Disciples - Some Dark Disciples, implied to be Dante's minions, mostly served as guards in his castle, something they find it tedious to do. One of them had discovered that a mysterious Magic Knight from Black Bull squad had inflitrated Dante's castle as a spy, but he was instantly dragged into the darkness by the said spy's Shadow Magic, so that the said Dark Disciple would not reveal what he had discovered. The said spy was later revealed to be Nacht, the vice-captain of Black Bull and also a Devil-Possessed like Asta, who had departed from the squad for disliking Yami and inflitrated the Spade Kingdom to gather information.


  • As the name suggests, the Dark Triad are based on and named after the three antisocial personality traits of the same name itself. While it isn't exactly clear what trait each of the Zogratis siblings are meant to represent, they appear to share reoccurring characteristics that relate to the three personality traits; Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Psychopathy.
  • The Dark Triad are meant to serve as a complete contrast to the Eye of the Midnight Sun and the Elf Tribe..
    • Both the Eye of the Midnight Sun and Elf Tribe were composed of people that were the victim of manipulation and suffered through traumatic events that motivated them to seek revenge and avenge their fallen comrades.
    • The Dark Triad, on the other hand, are composed of ruthless, psychopathic beings that care very little for others and are primarily motivated by the desire of craving for chaos and destruction.
  • The Dark Triad serves as the general archenemies to three main heroes of the story. They also gave their taunts and challenge towards the heroes in order to provoke them.
    • Comparing to his siblings, Zenon is more like a personal archenemy to Yuno. Whilst the entire Dark Triad are responsible for the deaths of Yuno's parents (the previous rulers of Spade Kingdom), Yuno has a more personal grudge and hatred towards Zenon besides that, due to Zenon's more recent actions of capturing William Vangeance and killing half of the Golden Dawn squad members. Zenon had proclaimed that he was far stronger than Yuno before almost fatally killing Yuno.
    • Dante personally confronted Asta and caused him to gone berserk after stabbing Gauche right in front of him, in order to spark the rage and malice within Asta. There was also a brief flashback after that, showing whom appeared to be one of Asta's parents, suggesting that Dante has something to do with Asta's origin story as well.
    • Vanica, along with Megicula, are responsible for killing Noelle's mother, Acier Silva, which caused an impact to Noelle's life as well as Nozel's begrudging disregard towards her. During her assault in Spade Kingdom, Vanica not only taunted Noelle about what happened to Acier, but also kidnapped Lolopechika away in order to challenge Noelle, just like how she did years ago to take a child as hostage and provoke Acier into becoming stronger.



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