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Villain Overview

Being a Night Raider was just very convenient for me so I could restore my former form. All of you were just tools.
~ Mitsuhiko Ishibori/Dark Zagi
If there is no heart, if there is no life then the pain and sorrow will disappeared! A "eternal piece" is nothingless!
~ Dark Zagi in Ultraman Nexus.

Dark Zagi, originally known as Ultinoid Zagi, is a clone of Ultraman Noa and the main antagonist of Ultraman Nexus. At first, he was created by an alien race known as the Visitor as a biological weapon to protect them from the threat of Space Beasts. However, he went berserk and rebelled against his creator because he realized that he was the clone of Ultraman Noa. After he arrived on Earth, he possesed a scientist named Hajime Yamaoka, going by the name of Mitsuhiko Ishibori to aid in his disguise.

He was voiced by Kosei Kato, who portrayed as Mitsuhiko Ishibori.


I did it. All for when the light comes to you.
~ Dark Zagi after murdering Nagi's mother.

As Ishibori, he is very quiet and rarely interacts with others. He is also very competent in hacking and mastering nearly all scientific fields as he smart enought to analyzed the quantum properties of Ultraman's Meta Field and tracks down TLT's security system when Night Raider save Ren from experimenting him.

In the last arc of Nexus, as Zagi, his true personality was clearly highlighted as he loves manipulate people like puppets for his own benefit and if they fail to carry out orders, Zagi will mercilessly kill and discarded them. He is the one who summoned and stopping Space Beasts at will, empowering them painfully when they battling Nexus in Dark Field-G, and feeding them to stronger. In the final episode, he shoots his own comrade, Shiori Hiraki in the chest as soon as she became useless for him and he gloats to how he easily manipulated them by mocking his comrades as a "tools".

Zagi's sadistic nature was proven when he proudly laughed at Nagi Saijyo's face about murdering her parents and possessed Hajime Yamaoka in a gruesome manner by killing him slowly and painfully. Overall, in his actions, Zagi proves himself to be not only sadistic but a remorseless entity that hungers for destruction in an unreasonable blind rage.



Space Beasts were threat in the galaxy that stores the Nebula M80 in the Scorpio constellation. Zagi appears in the home world of the highly intelligent alien that TLT know as Visitors, a jellyfish-like race, as an answer to this problem. They have witnessed the extraordinary power of the light being known as Ultraman Noa, a god-like being who has visited other planets to protect them from monsters. Desiring their own armor, they go to work to make a duplicate of the gigantic, anti-Beast bio weapon that bears ancient form and protective powers. But the end result will be a gruesome, dark, twisted mockery of Noa's form known as Ultinoid Zagi.

In order to counter the Space Beasts' ability to evolve from predation, Zagi was installed with a self-evolving program. But the giant awakens with a distorted consciousness, deeply aware of its nature as a clone of Ultraman Noa and is forced to develop a Space Beast instead when he gets lost. In order to surpass the original, Zagi combined the qualities and characteristics of Space Beasts, and was eventually referred to as Dark Zagi.

Dark Zagi compel their creators to destroy their home world, by causing their star to become a supernova in an attempt to destroy it, their attempts to throw him into another universe where he fights the Inhabitants of the Land of Light. During the battle, he briefly held Zoffy hostage. It was the battle that made Ultraman Noa a legend in the Land of Light when he finally threw his doppelgängers back into tears. In his original universe, Noa sealed tears by sacrificing most of his energy forcing him into a lower form, while Zagi lost his physical form from the same technique. Knowing the supernova will carry the Space Monster particles to another galaxy, their creators fled to Earth, a world they predict will suffer because of their actions and Zagi takes off after they are followed by Noa.

Arrival on Earth

Arriving in Colorado, where TLT, is being formed with the help of newly arrived visitors, he possesses a biologist Hajime Yamaoka and proceeds to kill the scientific team, all but a young girl, the daughter of two scientists, somehow knowing her destiny, the goal is to use it for the master plan.

Then he created his favorite Space Beast to be the first to attack people on Earth, called Beast the One by the military, he has the Ultra-like ability to merge with other creatures and formed by the particles of the previous Space Beast that was rampage on The Visitor's planet where it is used to absorb organisms to enhance his previous basic form. killed by Ultraman the Next; Noa's weakest form with the first Deunamist Shunichi Maki.

Ultraman Nexus

After TLT was formed, Zagi infiltrates as Mitsuhiko Ishibori, erasing all the memories from the host's previous life. There he witnesses the young girl he orphaned, Nagi, growing up while corrupting his lover and mentor Mizorogi to deepen the darkness and malice in her heart. With the appearance of Second Deunamist Jun Himeya, the host of Noa's semi-evolved form Nexus, Zagi embarks on a lengthy scheme to gradually amplify light using his pawns, Space Beasts, Dark Faust, Dark Mephisto, and Dark Mephisto (Zwei).

At the time of the third Deunamist Ren Senjyu, Zagi didn't have his own Dark Giants to lead his legions of monsters so he supported them with his own dark power. After demonstrating the power of Dark Field G he would code-name Unknown Hand, as he had never physically appeared as far as TLT was concerned. All of these creatures were deliberately sacrificed so that Nexus' power could be increased, allowing him to regain his body. Following the fall of the second Mephisto, he begins the final phase of his plan, having Mega Flash attack a city in broad daylight, creating the fear needed to increase his strength, while weakening the potential barrier of the limiting Visitor. the appearance of the Space Beasts. After Izmael's destruction, Nexus's wand was passed on to Nagi after he left Ren.

After revealing his true nature and attacking the command center, Mitsuhiko / Zagi set out for Level 0, where Lethe was housed, the Visitor's strength now too weak to stop him. There he defeated Komon, Captain Wakura, and Illustrator with Nagi not long after. Zagi went on to tell the Night Raiders his entire plan. After Nagi transforms into Nexus, Zagi tortured her by having Lethe synchronizes Nagi's emotions and memories and depletes all of the energy in her body due to her hatred, allowing Zagi to absorb her energy in turn to restore his physical body.

After Zagi returned to his original form, he attacked Shinjuku city and caused simultaneous Beast attacks all over the world. After saving Nagi from Lethe's clutches, Komon becomes the fifth Deunamist and transforms into Nexus when Zagi destroys the city. Zagi didn't anticipate the other Deunamists getting the light, because Nexus used Amphans, Junis and Junis Blue when he was barely able to fight Zagi. As the human crowd is mesmerized and has high hopes for the victory of the Ultraman Nexus (their memories were restored due to Lethe has been destroyed so they remember all the events when Ultraman The Next and Beast The One fought), Nexus transforms into Ultraman Noa. Zagi roars in anger as he sees his template restored and challenges Earth's final battle. As much as Zagi tries, Noa easily defeat Zagi and after being literally punched into orbit by the Noa Inferno, Noa used Lightning Noa to destroy Zagi, end his life for good.

Ultraman Ginga Theater Special

Zagi (or at least another version of himself) returns at the end of the Special Theater, having been summoned by Dark Lugiel to challenge Ginga. Emerging from his signature Dark Field G, Zagi is greeted by Jean-Nine and mistreats the combat robot, nearly tearing his head off in a display of brutality before forcing him off-line. Only Ginga's appearance in time saved him.

Ginga saved his friend by knocking Zagi down with a pulse of energy to the face, but barely slouching, in just seconds Ginga turned around Zagi was back on his feet and knocked down the Ultra with his Gravity Zagi. The two then embark on a high-speed battle which involves them moving at high speed with aura (which usually only appears when Ultras fly through space) and teleporting across the planet. In the end the two of them clashed with their beams and crashed into the other involved in the clash of empty beams. It ended with a huge explosion that cleared the rain cloud in a large circle while the two of them floated down. After being in terra firma, the Zagi Energy Core cracked, the pain ached as dark energy burst out of his body before exploding. His Spark Doll was later found by Dark Lugiel and most likely held by him until he is defeated by Ultraman Ginga, after which all the Spark Dolls returned home.

Powers and Abilities

Dark Zagi has his own mental abilities just like the Visitor, he can erase memories in his spare time as well as use the darkness in people's hearts to control them, usually when they control one of his Dark Giants. He can also show images and illusions to people, like he did to Mizorogi when he returned his memories as he was arrested by TLT. Zagi is equipped with the ability to self-evolve, doing so to counter the Space Beast's ability to evolve. He is also able to possess his host and kill his true consciousness so he can take over. While in possession of the ball, he was able to emulate real human feats to reinforce the validity of his disguise and maintain his true appearance even after nearly two decades of possesing the host.



  • Lightning Zagi: Zagi can emit a very strong beam of dark energy from his vertical left arm, with his right hand placed behind him. This beam is not as powerful as its template counterpart, Lightning Noa. This is his strongest attack.
  • Zagi Shoot: Zagi can emit powerful blasts of dark energy from his knuckles. These have a large amount of power behind them and can be fired consecutively.
  • Gravity Zagi: Zagi can launch a stream of super-lethal gravitational energy by stretching his two arms forward. There are versions that are pre-loaded and those that are not.
  • Dark Field G Creation: Zagi can create a special type of Dark Field known as Dark Field G to do its bidding. He can use it to create battlefields, transport Space Beasts, or in human form to reflect attacks. He can use it regardless of his condition. In an additional episode, he used this to enlarge a human-sized Bugbuzun Brood into a giant. It appears again in Ultraman Ginga as a dark vortex from which he appears.
  • Space Beasts Summoning: These monsters, like dark giants, are Zagi's henchmen, they are mostly either subdued under his control or created through his power. When Zagi directly appeared at the end of the series, it caused Space Beasts around the world to become active and rampage.
  • Zagi's Reflection: Zagi can emit a purple barrier that can reflect energy attacks. This is a dark version of Noa's Reflection.


  • Zagi Inferno: A dark version of Noa Inferno. Zagi filled his fists with dark flames and punched the opponent.
  • Zagi Spark: A dark version of the Noa Spark. Zagi creates a light sword from the tip of his arm.
  • Zagi Blizzard: A dark version of Noa Blizzard. Zagi froze his opponent using the dark blizzard he summoned.
  • Darkness Zagi: A dark version of the Shining Noa, creates a pulse of darkness and drags the target inside its body.
  • Zagi Wave: A dark version of the Noa Wave that only heals Space Beasts. In Ultraman F, his partner used it to heal Dark Faust and Dark Mephisto.
  • Zagi Galaxy: Zagi's version of Noa Galaxy, uses dark waves to summon meteorites from the asteroid belt. This was demonstrated by his counterpart in Ultraman F.
  • Zagi Mirage: Creates an illusion for his opponent with darkness, based on Noa Mirage.
  • Zagi Through Eye: A dark version of Noa Through Eye, Zagi emits rays of light through his eyes to see through the dark.
  • Zagi Elbow: Based on the Noa Elbow, Zagi performs a very high speed elbow attack.
  • Zagi The Final: A dark version of Noa The Final, which turns all nearby light into darkness, because he doesn't have the Noa Aegis, it is different from his light version and has different effects.


  • The Visitors - Slaughtered them by forcing their planet went to Supernova
  • Hajime Yamaoka - Possessing his body by killing his consciouness.
  • All TLT Scientists - Killed all of the scientific team including Nagi's parents to carry out his first plan.
  • Takafumi Udo - Indirect victim by having Beast the One fused with him
  • Innocent human civilians - Indirect victim by having Space Beasts preying on them.
  • Riko Saida - Indirect victim by having Dark Faust take control her body and finally she sacrificed her life to protect Komon.
  • Shinya Mizorogi - Indirect victim for the same reason as Riko Saida by turning him into Dark Mephisto and he died by letting him stabbed by Dark Mephisto (Zwei).
  • Hiroyuki Misawa - Indirect victim for the same reason as both Riko Saida and Mizorogi Shinya, he was killed by Ren Senjyu / Ultraman Nexus.
  • Hayato Kaimoto - Shot down by him in Episode 36 but recovered in final episode.
  • Shiori Hiraki - Same reason as Hayato Kaimoto but later recovered in the epilogue.


You are a puppet, just a puppet.
~ Unknown Hand mocking Mizorogi Shinya after he shoots Riko Saida in cold blood.
The time of awakening is near.
~ Ishibori erasing all data of the candidates who would become Deunamist.
Intake some more fears!
~ Dark Zagi
While TLT had its potential barrier in place they were developing an antibody to prevent Beasts from appearing. For that cause, they controlled how you fought the beasts. They were regulating it. It's very similar to what I did. I predicted that Nagi would receive Ultraman's light. Creating Faust and Mephisto and having you fight them was all done to strengthen the power of the light. I used Riko Saida and Shinya Mizorogi. Nagi to plant the darkness in your heart.
~ Dark Zagi explaining his plan.
The time of my revival has come!
~ Dark Zagi after he absorbed Ultraman's light.


  • In the original planning, the final boss to be fought by Nexus was Dark Lucifer (his scrapped monster form). However, due to the show being cancelled, Dark Zagi is the final boss instead and Ishibiori's transformed form is actually Dark Lucifer.
    • Fortunately, Dark Lucifer is given a character of its own in the short novel bundled with Ultraman Nexus TV COMPLETE DVD-BOX.
  • Dark Zagi's name is derived from the Giza anagram, specifically the Pyramids of Giza, this is because Noah's (which is the name of his nemesis Ultraman Noa derived from) descendants is a slave to the Egyptians in the pyramid.
  • Dark Zagi's name was originally meant to be Black Noa under Bandai's request. This is possibly due to his resemblance to Ultraman Noa.
  • Dark Zagi's intended monster form Dark Lucifer was originally put forward as the villain of the movie Ultraman Saga. However, it was turned down in place of Alien Bat and Hyper Zetton.
  • Dark Zagi's origins were revealed in stage shows and Ultraman Noa: Battle of Dream magazine.
  • Originally Zagi had yellow eyes in the stage shows, but in later appearances, toys and on the show they were changed to red.
  • Zagi's battle with Ultraman Ginga ended in a similar way to his battle with Ultraman Noa, where their beams collided, their signature beams were fired from opposite vertical hands.
  • In the Tsuburaya All Monster Photobook, Zagi has the second subtitle of Dark God of Destruction.
  • Dark Zagi in Ginga is most likely an alternate version of himself.


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