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The Darklurker is a minor antagonist and optional boss in Dark Souls II. This angelic humanoid is a powerful monster of the Abyss created by Manus.


The Darklurker is an enigmatic entity with no exact explanation of its existence, other than it appeared from the Dark Chasm of Old, rumored to have been made from the remains of Manus, the father of the Abyss. It may be a creation of Manus or a fragment of him like the Children of Dark. The entity is only encountered during Darkdiver Grandahl's sidequest, who requests the player to enter into the deepest parts of the Abyss and slay the Darklurker to reach the third rank for the Pilgrims of Dark covenant. To reach Darklurker, the player must clear all three dungeons from the Dark Chasm of Old and light all torches. Then a portal to the depths will open and falling into it leads to the Darklurker's room.

Darklurker attacks by casting magic at the player, including fireballs, explosions, lasers, and opening a portal that launches dark orbs. It can even materialize an energy blade that it swings at the player. High elemental defensive gear or a shield is recommended as none of the Darklurker's attacks deal physical damage. Once its health drops below 60%, the Darklurker splits itself into two, making the battle more difficult as both clones can use different moves at the same time. Spells or pyromancy with area-of-effect ranges can be used to damage both of them. An alternative strategy is to focus on one of the clones while keeping the second one in range to dodge its attacks.

Once it reaches zero health, both Darklurker clones dispatch and Grandahl awards the player with a Dragon Chime, Climax hex, Xanthous Set, and free access to the Dark Chasm of Old without having to give him a Human Effigy.



  • The Darklurker is highly resilient to dark spells and weak to fire and lightning.
  • The Profound Still hex can be used to temporarily prevent the Darklurker from casting dark magic.
  • The Darklurker's soul can be traded with Straid of Olaphis to obtain the Lifedrain Patch hex.


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