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They're transcendent... the ones who have never experienced death... The very moment we ever show any type of hostility... we'll all die.
~ Pingtsi explaining the ways of how the Primordial Devils including the Darkness Devil operate while in Hell.

The Darkness Devil, also known as the The Devil of Darkness, is a minor antagonist in the manga Chainsaw Man and it's arc, the International Assassins arc. A mysterious being that resided in Hell, it was then revealed that it is one of the formidable Primal Devils that exists since possibly the beginning of time and was also revealed to be one of the devils that Santa Claus made a deal with in order to defeat Makima once and for all.


The Darkness Devil is made out of various bodies with two human bodies acting as his legs and three other human bodies acting as his torso and a head looks similar to that of a pterodactyl with curvy, pointy horns. One of the human bodies has its arms standing outwards holding out what seems to be a dark cape.


The Darkness Devil makes his first appearance with a very dark, very eerie entrance walking pass through a bunch of astronauts praying while their lower half are cut from them pointing upward. While Aki Hayakawa, Quanxi, and the rest of the crew joining forces to try to escape Hell preparing to fight against the demon, a random frog appears out of nowhere doing it's typical ribbit noise, the Darkness Devil blitz right past the whole gang ripping off all of their arms. While that took place, when their arms were up in the air separated from their bodies, it strangely formed a spelling that says "Makima".

Afterwards, Tolka's master, using Tolka as a puppet to communicate through him, made a proposition with the Devil of Darkness for fetching Denji to him to grant her the power to kill Makima. He accepts and gives her a sample of his flesh to eat, making Tolka's master even far greater in power.

Darkness Devil ends up slaughtering Kusakabe, Beam, Quanxi, Tomoaki, Pingtsi, Long, and maimed Power after he felt they tried to rebel against him. Violence Devil removed his mask, ended up transforming into his true, more savage form. But it was to no avail as Darkness Devil impaled him numerously in what it seems to be very hug bullet holes. This angered Denji, despite his injuries and lack of blood he went head on charging at him for a saw attack, which didn't faze the Devil of Darkness at all. He brushed off the attack and had Denji's body literally twisted out of shape. Violence Devil gets back up and grows an arm out of his mouth to attempt to get a good hit at the devious manipulative devil, only to get impaled yet again by a sword summoned by the Devil of Darkness.

Hearing that Denji and the other people that got trapped in the Department Store were sent to Hell, Makima then sends one of her demon subordinates, the Spider Demon Prinz, into Hell in order to fight against Darkness Devil for a while and as Prinz was defeated as she was unable to withstand the power of the Darkness Devil, Makima then orders Prinz to bring her to Hell. During her trip to Hell, Makima then fights with the Darkness Devil as she manages to overpower him with just pointing her finger which wounded the devil itself despite Makima's right arm was contorted in exchange. When making the deal with the Hell Devil in order to send all of the demon hunters and Denji back to their world, Makima was nearly impaled by the Darkness Devil with it's sword but manages to escape in the end.


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