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I am Entropy. I am Death. I am... Darkseid.
~ Darkseid after arriving on Earth.

Uxas, also known as Darkseid, is the main antagonist of the entire DC Animated Movie Universe. He was a "New God" and the leader of Apokolips who seeks to rule the entire universe and destroy the Justice League.

He served as the main antagonist of the 2014 animated film Justice League: War, the unseen overarching antagonist of the 2018 film The Death of Superman, the central antagonist of its 2019 sequel Reign of the Supermen and once again returns as the main antagonist of the 2020 film Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.

In Justice League: War, he is voiced by Steve Blum. In Reign of the Supermen and Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, he is voiced by Tony Todd, who also voiced Zoom in The Flash, Candyman in the trilogy of the same name, The Fallen in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Grange in The Crow, Captain Darrow in The Rock, Dreadwing in Transformers: Prime and Shadow in Shadow: Dead Riot.


Justice League: War

On the desolate world Apokolips, Darkseid slouches in his throne, while his forces invade other alien worlds, capturing the inhabitants and using Apokoliptian technology to painfully mutate and transform them into more Parademons to invade. Upon learning of Earth, Darkseid orders Desaad to "let the invasion begin". Several Parademons scouts are already present and active on Earth, kidnapping people. Batman and Green Lantern meet after running afoul of one who sets up a Mother Box in the sewers. As more Parademons began attacking across the world, more superheroes, including Superman, Wonder Woman, and Shazam, take notice and began to repel them.

Soon, the several Mother Boxes activate, opening up several Boom Tube portals throughout the world, unleashing thousands of more Parademons. Eventually, combined underwater portals bring forth an imposing fortress from beneath the sea. Victor Stone, son of scientist Silas Stone, who was examining a Mother Box, is gravely injured when the Box he's holding activates, painfully fusing the tech within into him. However, with the use of a medical bed, that the Apokoliptian biotech merges the medical bed onto Victor, transforming him into Cyborg. With the information from the Mother Box uploaded into his brain, Victor learns of Darkseid and his schemes. While the superheroes are busy fighting off the Parademon hordes, Cyborg arrives to assist them. Informing them of the mastermind of the invasion, Darkseid himself emerges from the fortress in the sea and begins levitating towards them.

Although fighter jets arrive and fire missiles at him, he is completely unaffected and swiftly blows them up with Omega Beams. Addressing the heroes of who is, Green Lantern attempts to attack him, only to be immediately punched into a wall by the dark lord. Shazam tries next, blasting him with lightning, only to be taken out by an Omega Beam.

The Death of Superman

Sometime before Doomsday's creation, Darkseid's eyes had fully regenerated and he decided to employ strategic warfare against the Justice League rather than directly attacking them like last time. While he has created Doomsday and indoctrinated the beast into despising Superman before unleashing him on Earth inside an asteroid projected onto Earth via a Boom-Tube. Doomsday's asteroid shell accidentally collided with the Excalibur space shuttle and as a result Hank Henshaw, Terri Henshaw and the rest of their crew were killed.

Reign of the Supermen

Taking an interest in Hank Henshaw and his disappointment for Superman's failure in saving him and his wife, Darkseid used his power to bring Henshaw back to life before transferring his essence into a Cyborg body and deployed him to Earth under the guise of a false savior who was meant to deceive the people and even the Justice League into a false sense of security by making them believe he is their new Superman and protector.

However, Darkseid has managed to help Henshaw by staging an attack on Earth which ended up with the Justice League being teleported to an unknown and hostile distant region of space. When Lex Luthor and Lois Lane intercepted a communication link between Cyborg Superman and Darkseid, they discovered that Darkseid believes he has already won and decided to patiently wait to casually invade because this time the Justice League have been disposed of.

When Darkseid finally realized that Superman has survived from his encounter with Doomsday, a surprised yet ecstatic Darkseid immediately ordered Henshaw to open a Boom-Tube so that Darkseid may personally kill the Man of Steel. After Henshaw state that killing Superman is his desire, Darkseid used his power to force Henshaw to open a Boom-Tube. However, due to Lois Lane's manipulation and mockery of Henshaw's desire to kill Superman, Henshaw ripped out the implant in his head and closed the Boom-Tube, angering Darkseid.

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

While the Justice League briefs over their planned attack on Darkseid and Apokolips, Darkseid, unbeknownst to the League, is listening in on the briefing via Cyborg's Apokolyptian technology, becoming aware of their plan. Upon the Justice League's arrival at Apokolips, Darkseid is one step ahead of their entire plan, sending his army of Paradooms, genetic hybrids of Parademons and Doomsday, to attack them. With the overwhelming might of the Paradooms, as well as Darkseid himself, the Justice League is completely decimated. Darkseid uses his omega beams to bifurcate Aquaman, killing him. Then he rips Cyborg's arms off after the latter helps Shazam escape, while the Paradooms overwhelm the rest of the League. With the Justice League defeated, Darkseid chooses to spare some of them, notably Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Mera, and Hawkman, and killing off those he had no plans for. Darkseid laces Superman's body with liquid Kryptonite to leave him in a de-powered state, straps Batman to a Mobius chair to torture him, forces Flash to endlessly run on a treadmill to serve as a power generator, forces Cyborg to subjugate into Apokolips itself and brainwashes him to become subservient, and brainwashing Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Mera, and later Starfire (after the Paradooms' invasion on Earth killing the Teen Titans) to become his Furies while equipping their torn bodies with cybernetic parts.

Two years later, Darkseid has gained almost complete control over Earth, as well as most of the space sector. Darkseid has brainwashed Batman into becoming his right-hand man, leaving most of his duties in Batman's hands. In order to thwart any remaining resistance, Darkseid departs for Oa to destroy the remainders of the Green Lantern Corps. Lex Luthor, acting as a New God representative, works as a liaison between Earth and Apokolips, and Darkseid tasks Batman with giving him orders as well as keeping an eye on him. On Oa, the remaining Green Lanterns are left utterly helpless by Darkseid's might, as they are easily killed off while Oa is destroyed. Batman reports to Darkseid about Lex Luthor's betrayal, who orders him to send the Paradooms to Earth, and to send a portion of Earth's magma to Oa to decimate it, killing off John Stewart, the last remaining Green Lantern in the process. With Oa destroyed and no one left to oppose him, Darkseid returns to Apokolips.

Darkseid reappears to confront the resistance force, consisting of Superman (wearing Lex Luthor's Kryptonite battle armor), John Constantine, Raven, and Damian Wayne, after they invade Apokolips. Darkskeid watches as Batman fights his son, ordering him to finish him off. However, the resistance force manages to break Batman free of his programming, and Batman retaliates by throwing Damian's sword into Darkseid's eye. Disappointed in Batman, Darkseid fires his omega beam, but Damian steps in the way of the attack, mortally wounding him. When Raven loses control of Trigon and Trigon assumes Superman's body as a host, Trigon turns his attention to Darkseid and the two fight as Darkseid is pushed back by Trigon's might.

After the death of Lois Lane on Earth, Superman regains control of his body and regains his powers (Trigon had removed the liquid Kryptonite when he assumed control) and Darkseid fights Superman in an equal battle. When Superman appears to be pushed back, he is saved when Trigon (given a physical form by Constantine and Raven) takes over the battle, eager to take down Darkseid and claim his position as the top of the universe. While Darkseid is barely able to defend himself against Trigon, he becomes aware of Cyborg's plan to transport him and Trigon into a black void and tries to escape, but Trigon drags him into the void, leaving them along with the Paradooms and Cyborg, still fused with Apokolips, trapped forever.



  • Shazam refers to Darkseid as "Blackheart the Deatheater" while referencing World of Warcraft in the same breath.
  • This version of Darkseid is arguably one of the most evil incarnations of the character, and one of the most successful DC supervillains to date, having successfully conquered Earth, killing most of the Justice League, Teen Titans, Suicide Squad, Justice League Dark, Green Lantern Corps and many other heroes and villains and eliminating half of humanity. Even his defeat was ultimately futile since his plan to harness Earth's core left the planet uninhabitable and forced Flash to create another Flashpoint to change the timeline, leaving the fate of the DCAFU characters unclear. 


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