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I can see it. Underneath all of that bravado, you're afraid you'll never be the hero you want to be. You wish you could kill me. And I'm not the only one. I can see that. You've felt this way before. Your heart is racing. You're at war with yourself. The turmoil is overwhelming.
~ Darkseid taunting Clark.

Darkseid is the overarching antagonist of Smallville, appearing as the main antagonist of the Tenth and final season.

He is the tyrannical ruler of Apokolips and a corrupt entity who seeks to corrupt the Earth and other worlds.



At some point in the past, he lost his warrior son Orion to another alien entity who was dedicated to spreading light just as Darkseid was to spreading darkness. Darkseid had traveled to Earth several times and been present during, at least, some of humanity's darkest hours like the Spanish Inquisition and the Third Reich.

However, each time it looked like the world was about to be consumed by hatred and darkness, another force arose to send the Darkness back. Orion used his own bow to defeat his malevolent father.

Following this, Darkseid entered another dimension and was partially cut-off from his influence on Earth.

Granny Goodness once claimed that Kali, Hades and Lucifer are all names that Darkseid's been known as on Earth.

Season 10

In the aftermath of Clark Kent opening a portal to send the Kandorians away to a new world, the portal left a tear in the universe that the dark force of immense power was able to pass through to come to Earth.

The dark smoke of Darkseid appears at the end of the Season 10 premiere "Lazarus", materializing as black smoke on the crow's nest and roaring skyward before transforming into a flock of crows.

In "Supergirl", he finds radio show host Gordon Godfrey to be a suitable vessel to inhabit in order to spread his message of mistrust among the citizens to lose their faith in heroes and possesses the washed up radio jockey to use him to spread propaganda about superheroes, turning a majority of the public against them.

Lois Lane seeks to discredit Godfrey and corners him in Club Desaad, a fetish club, where she snaps photos of him cavorting with two latex-clad women.

Darkseid emerges within Godfrey and takes Lois captive, intending to use her to lure Clark Kent to him. The ruse works, and Darkseid taunts Clark about his inner doubts, sensing that Clark nearly killed someone before and that he wants to do the same to Darkseid. He vacates Godfrey's body and prepares to possess Clark, only to be warded off by Kara Kent using her Kryptonian bracelet.

It was revealed that Darkseid recruited Desaad, Granny Goodness, as well as Godfrey to assist him as his prophets in his conquest of Earth.

In "Patriot", Darkseid is revealed to have been marking certain individuals (such as General Slade Wilson) with the Omega symbol.

At the end of the episode "Scion", Darkseid materializes before Lionel Luthor after the latter visits Lex Luthor's grave and expresses a wish for his son to be returned to life.

The penultimate episode, "Prophecy", reveals that Darkseid had a son named Orion whose bow Oliver Queen went in search of in order to remove his own Omega symbol. He managed to find it but Granny gets it first and disintegrates it with her powers. She destroyed it to protect her master as it was able to cause serious harm to Darkseid in the past.

In "Finale", the planet Apokolips begins to descend upon Earth due to the pull by the Omega symbols. Tess Mercer is captured by Lionel, who plans to transplant her heart into LX-0, a clone of Lex manufactured from different body parts taken from other clones.

Tess, however, manages to get free, shoot Lionel, and escape. As a mortally-wounded Lionel crawls toward LX-0 in a secret room, Darkseid materializes and Lionel asks him to return Lex to life; Darkseid agrees in exchange for Lionel's soul and rips out Lionel's heart, which he then puts into LX-0's body, restoring Lex to life.

Later, Darkseid possesses Lionel's corpse to confront Clark in the Kent barn. After a tense verbal standoff in which Clark bravely vows to defend humanity against him, Darkseid telekinetically strangles Clark and declares that he will lose his soul and that he (Darkseid) will annihilate him.

Darkseid then threw Clark through the air, but Clark, after experiencing a vision of Jor-El showing him all the trials he's been through over the last ten years, finally gains the ability to fly and flies right through the entity and his vessel, seemingly killing him.

Later, after donning the Superman costume, Clark flies toward Apokolips and pushes it away from Earth, sending it back into space and removing the Omega symbol from everyone.


Darkseid as he appears in the Smallville comic book.

One year later, Lois and Superman accidentally transported to a parallel Earth known as Earth-Omega. On this world, Planet Apokolips managed the merge with this planet and among the ruin there were fallen ships of the Monitors, wrecked Manhunters and skeletons of dead people with the Omega symbol on their forehead.

Superman gets curious with regards to who did it if wasn't the Monitor. Suddenly he hears a very faint sound, similar to a heartbeat, so together with Lois, they head towards its source to find out what exactly it is.

They discover the origin of the noise, which was a dark figure calling to him from the rubble. The figure tells Superman he knows he is Clark Kent.

He asks how he know this, to which the figure turns and says they have fought each other in the past and then reveals himself as Darkseid, saying that he never forgets a face. As Superman and Lois continue talking with the ruler of the Apokolips, he confirms he is the version of the Darkseid they met in Main Earth, telling them that there isn't any other version of him in the multiverse.

Darkseid tells Clark how he travels to many universes, simply for death and destruction and nothing more. He also mentions the only reason Superman was able to defeat him before was because he hadn't reached his full strength at the time. However, the Monitors succeeded in breaking him, when he had already conquered this world.

Superman wants to make a deal with Darkseid to help them board on one of the Monitors' ships flying overhead, and in return, Clark will also give him something. Darkseid accepts the offer so, while Superman carries Lois and follows the Monitors' ship into the atmosphere, he fires his Omega beams towards the ship, opening its side door so Superman and Lois can get inside it just before the ship enters the Bleed.

Back on the planet's surface, Darkseid holds the Crystal of Knowledge shard that contains the presence of Jor-El from Earth-Majestic. He says this feels like a second chance and throws the shard into the distance. A Fortress of Solitude forms, and Darkseid says it could be a new beginning, a "New Genesis".

Powers and Abilities

As the Lord of Apokolips, Darkseid had immeasurable abilities at his disposal. Appearing as a ghastly entity, Darkseid was able to successfully possess others such as Godfrey, briefly used Desaad and used Lionel's corpse. However, Lois and Kara were able to resist his influence, thus making it impossible for him to possess them. Later on, Clark was able to harness and control his inner darkness and thus could no longer be used by Darkseid.

Darkseid could capture people in vortexes like when "using" and/or possessing vessels. Darkseid (while possessing Godfrey) easily broke out of Lois' handcuffs and knocked her unconscious.

Darkseid plunged his arm into Lionel's chest and removed his heart to put it into Lex and (while possessing Lionel's corpse) grasped Clark by the neck and threw him across the barn with incredible force and speed.

Darkseid's smoke form is durable enough to smash through Godfrey's windows unharmed. Darkseid, while using Godfrey, didn't seem effected by the taser Lois used on Godfrey. While the scope of Darkseid's corruption is vague, Clark speculated in "Patriot" that he could infect every single person on Earth.

Darkseid saw right through Clark when he angered him over Lois. Clark came to the conclusion that no world or dimension is safe from Darkseid as he continues to grow stronger and Zod saying that he had an encounter with Darkseid in the Phantom Zone. In "Finale, Part 2", Darkseid transported Lex's soul from a spiritual plane to his composite clone.


I can see that you're pure of heart. It's too bad. Taking over that body would have been fun.
~ Darkseid as Gordon Godfrey to Lois.
That's too bad. Her idealism and blind faith in the vigilantes she loves has gotten her in way over her head.
~ Darkseid to Clark Kent.
Are you sure you can win against me? You know what I am. You know the doubt in your heart. You so-called heroes are false gods, all of you. And when people stop believing in you, you'll shatter like glass.
~ Darkseid to Clark Kent.
There is darkness in you and great power. I think we'll go far together, you and I.
~ Darkseid to Clark Kent before attempting to possess him.
You refused me once, but this may be the moment when you'll reconsider my offer.
~ Darkseid to Earth-2 Lionel.
The lost son of Jor-El. [...] There must be a part of you that's disgusted by how easily your people fell to me.
~ Darkseid to Clark Kent.
Is it? Eons have passed since I came face-to-face with a force that could possibly tip the balance to the light. [...] You are the light! You cast out the darkness from Oliver Queen, and you will obliterate my darkness from the rest of the world if you are not stopped! You will surrender to me. You will lose your soul. I will annihilate you!
~ Darkseid to Clark Kent.



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