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The Darkshine Knight is a major villain in the video game Trials of Mana. He is an immensely powerful Chaos Knight acting as the third-in-command of the Dragon Lord. He mostly appears in Duran's and Angela's story, being in fact Duran's late father Loki, whose soul was enslaved and reincarnated by the Dragon Lord.


Loki was once noble, stalwart, kind and with a good sense of humour, if a bit too confident, but he has become imperturbable, cruel and merciless, talking only when he needs to. He does retain a soft spot for his son, whom he wants to have by his side, but not enough to spare him should he refuse.

Powers and Abilities

The Darkshine Knight is a perfect swordsman, who masters every Sword Technique of Duran's Dark Aligned Classes, fitting as a warped mirror of his son. He is bound to the Dragon Lord and can use his dark powers, but cannot survive without him.



The Darkshine Knight was once Loki, the mightiest Golden Knight of the Grassland Kingdom of Valsena, and Prince Richard's best friend and right-hand-man.

He is playable in the game Heroes of Mana, set nineteen years before the story. He partakes in the coalition against the Ancient Kingdom of Pedda, which is threatening the entire world of Fa'Diel.

The former Demon Queen Anise corrupted Inath, the boy king of Pedda, to return to power. She was felled but took down Pedda with her.

Around four years later, Loki left his wife Simone and his children Duran and Wendy with his sister-in-law Stella, to fight with the Valsenian army against the Dragon Lord, who in turn threatened the world.

At some point, Duran is sent in the past by a ripple of Mana Power and tries to warn him, but in vain. Though Loki hopes that his son becomes a fine young man like him, not knowing that his wish is granted.

Loki the Golden Knight.

Loki ultimately fought the Dragon Lord, ending the war at the cost of his life when they both fell into a bottomless pit. However, the Dragon Lord’s spirit remained and resolved to gain Loki’s power. He brainwashed him and sealed his soul in a suit of armour, turning him into the Darkshine Knight.

A few years later, The Dragon Lord stroke a deal with the Crimson Wizard, partially reviving, and hatched a plan to be fully reborn even mightier and become the new god of Fa’Diel, by releasing the Benevodons.

Trials of Mana

The Darkshine Knight in the original game.

The Darkshine Knight is first met draining the energy of Jinn, Mana Spirit of Wind, to summon the harpy Harcypete. He later sends three Machine Golems against the heroes, to prevent them from reaching the Magic Kingdom of Altena. If Duran is in the party, he recognizes him but departs without a word.

If neither Duran nor Angela is the main hero, then Crimson Wizard and the Dragon Lord will be killed by the final boss. The Darkshine Knight survives long enough to tell the heroes and disappears trying to tell Duran is secret.

The Darkshine Knight in the remake.

After slaying the Benevodons, the heroes face the Darkshine Knight in the Glass Desert. If Duran is in the party, the Knight reveals his identity and asks Duran to join the Dragon Lord, mirroring Darth Vader. He is about to extract his son’s soul to make him like he is, but the Faerie stops it and they do battle.

Loki's soul thanks his son for freeing him and departs with inspiring words. Without Duran, the Knight attacks wordlessly and takes his secret with him.

In the remake, after finishing the main story the heroes must defeat Anise who resurfaced. To do so, they must reach the fabled Fourth Class by proving worthy of six spheres. To gain the Valour Sphere, Duran must defeat an echo of Loki, who fights like the Darkshine Knight but at level 65, even deadlier.

Boss Battle

Hollow Slash

The Knight is the hardest to defeat of the third-in-commands. At level 44 and with 17132 life-points, the heroes must be high-levelled for he is a deadly foe.

Close-range and too strong attacks are unwise, for he can strike twice or hit several foes and his counterattacks are deadly. He can cast Strengthen and Defender and uses Duran’s techniques, mostly a quick combo of Spin Slash (a whirling charge in circles), Hollow Slash (countless twisters sent clockwise) and Quakebringer (a ground stab causing blazing explosions). His techniques are devastating and strike every hero, so it is best to corner him.

In the remake, the Darkshine Knight is at level 60, but his attacks are avoidable and even telegraphed by red zones on their area of effect. He deals energy-infused strikes, and can warp through the arena to land a flurry of stabs or create a shielding sphere that must be destroyed. His techniques remain devastating, with Spin Slash conjuring a giant tornado, Hollow Slash waves of earth-rending wind, and Quakebringer a huge energy wave from the ground.


The Knight is weak to the Light element, so Light magic must be cast on weapons and Light-based spells must be cast. The heroes must also try to weaken him and boost the heroes in every way. The heroes must not stay close to him longer than necessary, and avoid too powerful attacks out of fear of his deadly retaliation, and heal whenever life-points decrease under at least 200.

Circle of Mana

Loki is playable in this role-playing game, both as his noble Golden Knight and corrupted Darkshine Knight selves. The characters are played as evolving sets of cards to save the Mana Tree from monsters.


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