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I am not a monster. It seems history has painted me that way, but perhaps that's what happens when you disappear before you can tell your own story, and only your enemies are left to finish it.
~ Darkstalker

Darkstalker is one of the main antagonists of the Wings of Fire book series, appearing as the main antagonist of the second arc. He was a male animus NightWing who was hated by NightWings and IceWings alike for thousands of years because of his actions. The NightWing dragonets even thought of him as a monster.


Darkstalker's mother was Foeslayer, a NightWing soldier. His father was Prince Arctic, an IceWing animus. He inherited his animus powers from his father, but chose to not reveal them.

Darkstalker was born under three full moons, which imbued him with the NightWing powers of mind-reading and the gift of prophecy to an unparalleled degree. Unlike any other dragon, except for his love interest Clearsight, Darkstalker was able to see multiple possible futures, instead of the single most probable one.

Darkstalker had visions of his soulmate, a NightWing dragonet named Clearsight, from a young age. They met when he was four and Clearsight was three and quickly fell in love.

A year after Darkstalker and Clearsight met, Darkstalker created a scroll and transferred his animus powers to it. This made Clearsight trust him more, and stopped the possibility of his soul decaying due to animus power use. Darkstalker used his scroll to make many enchantments and animus-touched objects. Among these objects was a moonstone bracelet he made for Clearsight that made it impossible for any mindreader to read her mind. Arctic later discovered Darkstalker's powers when he walked in on him enchanting his history scroll to read and informed the queen after discussing it with Foeslayer.

The NightWing queen, Vigilance, made a deal with the SeaWing queen, Pearl, to send their animus dragon (a young SeaWing prince named Fathom) to teach Darkstalker the perils of using animus magic frivolously. Fathom's grandfather, Prince Albatross, had also been an animus dragon, but due to overuse of his powers, he had lost his soul and begun a murderous rampage throughout the royal family. Fathom had extreme PTSD from this memory, as his parents were among the ones killed.

Darkstalker, Fathom and Clearsight quickly became close friends, but Fathom's bodyguard and secret love interest, Indigo, was suspicious of Darkstalker, almost killing him at one point. This made Darkstalker paranoid enough to enchant his scales to be invulnerable, and led to his discovery that animus magic can work on dragons. Darkstalker decided it would be best if Indigo was taken care of, and enchanted her to turn into a wooden carving of a SeaWing Fathom gifted him. He also magicked a convincing note from Indigo that told Fathom that she was leaving him and going back to the Kingdom of the Sea. Fathom believed Indigo had left and became even more sad, but began to recuperate and become closer friends with Darkstalker and Clearsight although he continued to mourn the loss of Indigo.

One night, Darkstalker returned home to find his mother gone. Reading Arctic's mind, he discovered that they had had a argument, and in a rage, Foeslayer had removed her earring that protected her from harm. Arctic's mother, Queen Diamond, had cast several spells to summon Foeslayer to her after her elopement with Arctic, but they could not affect Foeslayer because of her earring. With the protection earring removed, she was enchanted to fly to the Ice Kingdom where Diamond cast several spells to trap her in a block of ice and resurrect whenever she was killed. However, neither Darkstalker nor Clearsight could see any possible future where Foeslayer returned, and Darkstalker believed her dead. This caused him to go into a darker frame of mind, more brooding and malicious. He planned out several horrific spells for the war against the IceWings, but Clearsight prevented the worst of them.

At a festival several months later, Darkstalker was playing a board game with Clearsight, Fathom and his sister Whiteout, when an assassin, Quickdeath, attempted to kill him. Darkstalker's invulnerable scales saved his life, and Fathom's bodyguard Lionfish quickly killed the assassin. Darkstalker used his magic to determine that it was the queen who had sent the assassin. He decided it was time to take control of the future, kill the queen, and become the NightWing king. Clearsight foresaw his intentions and tried to stop him, with the help of Fathom. During the argument, Darkstalker and Clearsight both had a vision of Arctic enchanting a necklace to force Whiteout to follow him to the Ice Kingdom. All three of them took off to stop him.

As they pursued Arctic, Darkstalker enchanted a knife to injure Arctic enough to impair his movement. They caught up, and discovered that Arctic had enchanted Whiteout's necklace to cause her to be an obedient daughter that hated Darkstalker. Darkstalker, furious, enchanted Arctic himself to obey his every command, essentially rendering him helpless. Darkstalker commanded that he fly back to the Night Kingdom with them. Clearsight and Fathom tried to convince Darkstalker to stop, but he would not be swayed.

In the Night Kingdom, Darkstalker commandeered a stage in the main courtyard. He summoned the whole tribe to witness the execution of Arctic. After forcing Arctic to admit to his crimes, (giving Whiteout an enchanted necklace and willingness to exchange a detailed map of the NightWing kingdom for Foeslayer's whereabouts) Darkstalker made Arctic slice off his own tongue, and disembowel himself.

This terrified the NightWing tribe so much they fled the kingdom en masse, fleeing the supposedly deranged Darkstalker, who discovered that during the execution, Clearsight had stolen his scroll. Clearsight took it to Fathom in a secret room, where Fathom enchanted her protective bracelet to, when placed on Darkstalker, would put him into an eternal coma. Clearsight took the bracelet and left the scroll with Fathom, where he discovered that Darkstalker had disposed of Indigo.

Clearsight took the bracelet to Agate Mountain, and Darkstalker followed. They had a confrontation where Darkstalker was almost at the point of killing Clearsight before she slipped the bracelet on him. He had a moment of her mind being open to him, and saw clearly her fear and love for him, before he fell into an eternal sleep. Clearsight moved him into a cavern and waited several moments for a major earthquake to cause Agate Mountain to crumble, burying Darkstalker under thousand of tons of stone.

Two thousand years later, a comet passed close enough to cause major earthquakes throughout Pyrrhia. One of these earthquakes caused the ancient bracelet to snap, and Darkstalker awoke. He was disoriented and helpless without his scroll. He sat in the rock for several months while a school founded by the dragonets of destiny, Jade Mountain Academy, was being constructed on nearby Jade Mountain.

Eventually, the school was opened, and among the dragonets attending was a NightWing, Moonwatcher, who was the first NightWing to have powers since Darkstalker's time. Moonwatcher was born under two full moons, which meant she had mind reading and foresight. Darkstalker communicated with, and befriended, Moonwatcher, teaching her several techniques to control her mind reading. Eventually, he told her about his scroll, which he needed to be free. He described it and asked Moon to find it for her, explaining that it contained great power, but in the wrong hands, should be destroyed, which would trap him underground forever but would be worth it to stop evil.

Moonwatcher had some doubts, but in the end, she agreed to look for it while on a separate adventure with her classmates (or winglet). They were searching for the captured brother of one of her classmates, Winter. They left Darkstalker's range of mind reading, and he waited for several weeks, spending his time observing billions of possible futures.

Later, Moon returned with the scroll, having betrayed her friends. She brought it to the mountain Darkstalker was trapped under, but despite his protests, she began to read the spells. She discovered his enchantment to control Arctic, and became horrified and indecisive about whether he deserved to be free.

Eventually, the rest of the winglet caught up with Moon. They started to argue about who deserved the scroll - Winter said that the IceWings deserved it, while a SandWing called Qibli argued that it could do more good in the claws of the SandWing queen. This fighting caused a SkyWing, Peril, to destroy the scroll, to Moon's relief.

However, Darkstalker had lied about the properties of the scroll. Upon its destruction, it would not destroy the animus powers as well, but rather return them to Darkstalker. He used his magic to break through the stone and become free.

Darkstalker didn't hold a grudge against Moon. He, however, almost immediately began his plan. He enchanted Winter to believe everything Darkstalker said and trust him completely. He had plans for Turtle (the SeaWing in Moon's winglet, who was secretly an animus), but the dragonet used his own magic to erase himself from Darkstalker's awareness. Darkstalker also imbued himself with several other spells, including;

  • A spell that made him irresistibly charming to everyone he met (except Moon).
  • A spell that made him immune to any other dragon's animus magic.
  • A spell that alerted him whenever another dragon cast a spell.
  • A spell that made every IceWing (except for Winter and hybrids) deathly ill.

Darkstalker stayed at Jade Mountain for a few days, earning the NightWings' trust. He learnt that during his coma, the NightWing tribe had demonified him, turning him into an legendary monster. He gave each of the NightWing students any power they desired, and asked them to return with him to the rainforest, where the NightWing tribe was currently being ruled by the Queen Glory of the RainWings. He also befriended Anemone, Turtle's brother, who was also an animus, and enchanted new objects to protect both of their souls from animus magic's negative effects.

He lead the procession to the rainforest, consisting of the NightWing students, Moonwatcher, Anemone, and Turtle (not to Darkstalker's knowledge). Once in the rainforest, Darkstalker began winning the affection of his tribe by imbuing them all with magic abilities, from superstrength to mind-reading to the ability to summon objects by drawing them. He eventually came to a deal with Queen Glory, and took all the NightWings away to the old Night Kingdom, which had been abandoned and forgotten about. Moonwatcher refused to come and stayed behind, along with about thirty NightWings who preferred the rainforest. During this time, Turtle enchanted Kinkajou to be immune to Darkstalker's spells.

Once in the kingdom, Darkstalker was overjoyed to discover that Moon and Kinkajou had decided to come after all. Turtle had also come. Darkstalker became dismissive of Anemone, preferring Moon's company. This made the SeaWing princess extremely jealous, eventually to the point where she attacked Moon and Kinkajou, and tried to enchant Darkstalker to like her best. Darkstalker, however, had already enchanted himself to be immune to other dragon's animus magic, and he flew into a rage. He sent Anemone to kill her mother and take over the SeaWing throne.

Later, Darkstalker sensed a huge amount of spells being cast. Using his magic, he summoned every animus dragon in the world to his throne room, which was enchanted so that only he could use magic in it. This included Anemone, Turtle, a former animus Stonemover, and a SandWing named Jerboa that disappeared a second later.

Darkstalker correctly guessed that there was a hidden animus, and summoned a dragon that the secret dragon loved dearly. Kinkajou was summoned, and Darkstalker threatened her with death if the animus didn't reveal themselves. Turtle tossed his enchanted stick to Anemone, erasing her from Darkstalker's awareness, and showed himself. Darkstalker wiped Kinkajou's mind and sent her away, however she was immune to his spells. Once they were alone, Darkstalker enchanted Turtle to lose his animus powers, then locked him away in the dungeon.

Meanwhile in Jade Mountain Academy, with the help of Turtle, Qibli created thousands of earrings that protected the wearer from Darkstalker's spells. They found Anemone and gave her one of the earrings, as well as Winter, the SandWing and IceWing tribe, protecting them from the animus plague Darkstalker had sent in secret. They discover with Turtle's magic that among the IceWings who died were the queen.

Darkstalker had in the meantime begun to work on resurrecting his lost love, Clearsight. Using a NightWing servant called Fierceteeth, he tried several variations that turned her into Clearsight. He showed Moon and Qibli (who had arrived in the kingdom with Winter and Anemone) Clearsight, much to their confusion. Later on, Qibli and Winter told Moon about the spells Darkstalker had enchanted to wipe out the IceWings and win the affection of everyone he meets.

Shocked, Moon and Qibli confront Darkstalker about it. Darkstalker justifies his actions by saying that in time, the IceWings would have sent their army to wipe out the NightWings after they heard of Darkstalker's plague spell. Darkstalker imbues all of his soldiers with superstrength and superspeed, creating an army of magic warriors.

Moon and Qibli discover that the IceWing army had arrived at Jade Mountain, demanding to know where Darkstalker went. Darkstalker sends advance scouts to assassinate the new IceWing queen. Winter, Qibli, Moon, Turtle, Anemone and Kinkajou fly to Jade Mountain before the NightWing army in time to witness the scouts' attack. They fail to kill the queen, but end up killing Narwhal, Winter's father. A melee begins outside Jade Mountain, which ends when Peril kills one of the NightWings that attacks Clay, who she is in love with.

However, it's at this time that the NightWing army arrives, and a war begins with the IceWings over Jade Mountain. The Jade Winglet tries to devise a spell with Turtle or Anemone's help that can stop the fighting. Their first attempt, a spell that makes all the NightWings think that Darkstalker is ordering a retreat, fails when Darkstalker catches wind of it. Darkstalker hurls a massive boulder and crushes both Turtle and Anemone. Luckily, Turtle had enchanted himself to be invincible earlier, and both of them survive.

Qibli suggests a spell that gives both sides the ability to read the enemy's mind for sixty seconds, and then send them back to their respective kingdoms. Anemone casts the spell, and it works. Darkstalker is exempt from the spell due to his magic immunity, and he kidnaps Qibli and takes him away, much to the dismay of Moon.

Darkstalker takes Qibli to his cavern where he was imprisoned during his coma, and justifies himself to Qibli. He offers Qibli the chance to be an animus dragon, which had been Qibli's secret dream for his entire life. Qibli refuses, however, believing Darkstalker to be untrustworthy. Darkstalker then threatens Qibli with death, but is stopped by a noise coming from Qibli's satchel.

It turns out to be a soulreader Darkstalker had made for Fathom thousands of years ago - an hourglass that shows the balance of good versus evil in a dragon's soul with black and white sand, respectively. Darkstalker's soul is revealed to be almost entirely evil, which terrifies him beyond belief. He begins to panic, wondering why his soul protection spells didn't work. Qibli suggests that his soul is evil because of his actions, not his magic, and Darkstalker turns to kill him.

However, a vision of his long-dead mother stops him. He asks Moon and Kinkajou, who had been spying on them, whether she had seen it as well. Darkstalker, however, can't see how the future ends, while Moon can. Moon asks him if he would follow the future that ends in darkness, if he could see his mother one more time. Darkstalker immediately replies yes, so all four of them follow Moon to a nearby hill, where Foeslayer waits.

Darkstalker is convinced Turtle created her the same way he created Clearsight, but Moon tells him that Winter found her in the Ice Kingdom, in a sort of suspended animation spell. Darkstalker reconciles with his mother and begins to cry, telling her that the soulreader says his soul is evil.

Foeslayer offers him the opportunity to eat an enchanted strawberry that would transform him into a powerless dragonet with no memory of his past. Darkstalker is incredulous and refuses, stating that he doesn't need anyone and his destiny is to rule the tribes. Moon tries to convince him, but he denies her and states that he is above them all. Believing that no one's magic would work on him, he eats the strawberry out of scorn. However, Kinkajou reveals that the strawberry was enchanted with the scraps of his own scroll.

Darkstalker is transformed into a one-year-old NightWing-RainWing hybrid. Foeslayer says she will take care of him, and join the rest of the tribe as they return to the RainWings under Queen Glory's rule. Foeslayer renames the dragonet Peacemaker, and gives herself the alibi of Hope.

Moon foresees Peacemaker's future as a happy dragon living his life in the rainforest, writing songs for full moon festivals and having two dragonets that make him laugh every day, and who will be with him when he dies quietly in his sleep.


Darkstalker is described as handsome, with a slender snout and twisted horns. Despite being a hybrid, he looks every inch a NightWing, with pitch-black and dark purple scales. His IceWing features include a more elegant snout, longer neck spines, and a thin row of white, icy scales under the membrane of his wing. He has long claws, and often wears jewelry that is enchanted. Dragons continue to grow each year, so because Darkstalker was trapped underground for two thousand years, he was massive in size after he awoke - easily three times as big as a fully-grown adult SkyWing.

Powers and Abilities

  • NightWing abilities: Darkstalker has all the general NightWing abilities, like flight and fire breathing.
  • Animus magic: A rare, genetic power, animus magic allows one to enchant anything to do anything.
  • Mind reading: Darkstalker can read the mind of anyone he encounters.
  • Foresight : Darkstalker can foresee and predict various possible futures.
  • Invulnerability: Darkstalker enchanted his scales to be immune to any sort of damage.
  • Immortality: Darkstalker also enchanted himself to never die, no matter what.


This is my mother. Those are my full moons. This is my world now.
~ Darkstalker's first thoughts, said with visions of possible futures rather than words.
Don't worry about the future. Just be here, with me, in this moment, when we are both as happy as we've ever been in our whole lives so far
~ Darkstalker to Clearsight mentioning the futures.
Don't be mad at me for things I might do one day, all right? I'm not evil now. I haven't done any of that. And I probably won't. Will you focus on that, please? Stay in the present with me?
~ Darkstalker to Clearsight mentioning the futures.
It was just—this toy of Whiteout's. It's a little carved scavenger. She loves it in kind of an obsessive way. Once it got lost and she cried for a whole day, until we finally found it again. So after that, I enchanted it to always return to her. No matter where I hide it, or where she loses it, it always turns up on her pillow by that night. It's just a little thing.
~ Darkstalker to Clearsight about one of his enchantments.
Oh—that's a drawing of you. I drew it before we met, from my visions, so it's not very good. I didn't want my father to see it or know about you... but I needed to have it, to look at. You know, to remind myself that things were going to get better.
~ Darkstalker to Clearsight about a drawing.
I could see the future, but not just any future- all the possible futures. Do you understand what that means? I could have guided the tribe along the best path to safety and glory and power and everything else. At each crossroad, I would have known the right thing to do. I loved my tribe, Moonwatcher. I would have been the best ruler they'd ever had. I know it; I saw the futures where I was king, benevolent and beloved, married to Clearsight with six little dragonets of our own. Those were possible. They could have happened if anyone had had faith in me.
~ Darkstalker
You are coming flying with us, because I have made you a present, and because there's a pack of delicious wolves running through the forests of Borderland Mountain, and because tomorrow is your hatching day, so Queen Vigilance can snort a bucket of worms for all I care.
~ Darkstalker to Clearsight when she said Vigilance wanted more vision work done.
I'm nothing like my father. I don't need saving. I can choose my own future, and I like the one I see, and you're going to learn to like it too. Where is my scroll?
~ Darkstalker to Clearsight.
Now. Take your talons, rip open your stomach, and show us what you're really like on the inside. Pour out your life on this stage.
~ Darkstalker commanding Prince Arctic to kill himself.
If you come back to me, I promise I'll never enchant your mind again. I promise I'll listen to you this time. We can choose the best future together. I could use your help with what you've left me. A ruined city, a weak and broken tribe. You'd be their Queen Clearsight. Doesn't that sound all right now? When you can have the crown without anyone having to die? It was just waiting for us, Clearsight.
~ Darkstalker to himself, believing Clearsight was still there.
Clearsight, I - I keep looking at all my new possible futures. Millions of possibilities, but they're all empty. They're empty without you. I have no one, Clearsight. All I can see around me, as far as the future unrolls, are slaves and soldiers.
~ Darkstalker
Didn't I save dragons too? But I'm not evil! I'm not.
~ Darkstalker's last words before succumbing to his injuries.


- Darkstalker's mother, Foeslayer, gave him the name, saying "The darkness is his prey. He chases back the dark, like a hero." His father retorted, "Sounds more like he creeps through the dark. Like a stalker." This could be interpreted as foreshadowing to how he had heroic intentions, but wound up a villain.


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