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Darkstalker is one of the main antagonists of the Wings of Fire book series, appearing as the main antagonist of the second arc. He was a male animus NightWing who was severely hated by the NightWings and IceWings alike for thousands of years because of his actions. The NightWing dragonets even thought him as a monster.



Darkstalker was born from his mother Foeslayer and his father Prince Arctic, the former a NightWing and the latter an IceWing. Prince Artic was an animus dragon, and so Darkstalker inherited animus magic.

He grew into an ambitious young NightWing, and utilized his animus magic with great affect. He used his animus magic to enchant a scroll to write down his spell, in an attempt to prevent the effects of magic on his soul.

Darkstalker also enchanted himself to be invulnerable. However, as he enacted his magic, he was betrayed by his friend, a SeaWing named Fathom, and the love of his life, Clearsight. They imprisoned him under Jade Mountain for 2,000 years.

Books 1-8: Moon Rising-Escaping Peril

Darkness regained consciousness eventually. As he heard the thoughts of others, he then spoke to a NightWing called Moonwatcher, requesting for her to find his scroll. Moonwatcher learns of his past and then decides not to rescue him. However, when Peril destroys the scroll to prevent greed, she accidentally frees Darkstalker.

Book 9: Talons of Power


Book 10: Darkness of Dragons

Darkstalker was then changed to Peacemaker, after that his mother Foeslayer was changed to Hope. Darkstalker had been changed to a RainWIng, and not an IceWing anymore. 


Darkstalker is a very villainous and very intelligent NightWing dragon. He enchanted everyone to think he had changed, except for Moonwatcher, Qibli, and Turtle. He also can be charming and funny at times.


Darkstalker is described is tremendous in size, being described by Turtle as being "bigger than any dragon he had ever seen," which resulted from his thousands of years of slumber beneath Agate Mountain. Being a NightWing, he has dark scales, and glittery scales on the bottoms of his wings. Being an empowered NightWing, the teardrop marking beside his eyes show his mindreading powers. Despite his intimidatingly colossal size, he is described as charming in appearance.

Powers and Abilities

  • Animus Magic - Darkstalker possesses animus magic. Along with using his animus magic to enchant himself, such as to make himself invulnerable, he used it to enchant items, like how he enchanted the scroll.
  • Fire Breath - Being a NightWing, Darkstalker has the ability to release fire from his mouth.
  • Enhanced NightWing powers - Darkstalker possesses all of the following enhanced NightWing abilities. He also has the ability of mind reading and foretelling the future.
  • Invulnerability - Darkstalker enchanted himself to be invulnerable.
  • Strength - Darkstalker possesses great strength.
  • Intelligence - Darkstalker is extremely intelligent, having enchanted everyone in Jade Mountain to think he had changed.
  • Flight - Darkstalker, since he is a dragon, can fly.
  • Weaknesses - Darkstalker is overly confident, and can be tricked.
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