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So, you finally got a man. But he's so short, that you should throw him back. *laughs*
~ Darla teasing Jessie about Luke Ross being her boyfriend.

Darla Shannon is a character from Disney Channel's Jessie and the main antagonist in the two-part episode "G.I. Jessie". She has been Jessie's archrival ever since their childhood. Darla is quite obsessed with the feud that happened between their families since the 1920's, even though it had no terrible impact on her, which made her her enemy just for the sake of it. Darla often brings up the time Jessie fell in a well (Darla pushed her in one) and that boys would never want to be around her.

In the episode, Darla reunited with Jessie and did not give her and the Ross kids a nice welcome. Both she and Jessie were shocked that their parents were going to marry each other. She strongly forbade Emma Ross to date her brother (due to her having to do with Jessie), even though she treats him like dirt. For example, she once made him smell her armpit. The same thing applied for between her dog and Mrs. Kipling. In the end, after the wedding, she fell and had cake all over her, with the Ross kids laughing at her. At some point, after Jessie tried to "reason" with her, Darla ruefully stood around humiliated.

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