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Darla is the lover/girlfriend/wife of Vilmer Slaughter and sister-in-law of W.E. Slaughter and Leatherface; she is a supporting antagonist in the film, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation.

She was portrayed by Tonie Perensky.


Darla is first seen in the film when Jenny, Heather and Barry arrive at her insurance office and ask her help because they crashed with a boy. She calls her boyfriend Vilmer and tells him to go to crash site. After this, the boys leaves the office. Darla is not seen again when Jenny arrives at her office after being pursued by Leatherface. She clams her down and calls W.E to bring a bag to brought Jenny to the house.

At home, she is constantly abused by Vilmer and tries to calm down Jenny when she is scared. At dinner, she wears different clothes and continues suffering by Vilmer. After Rothman shows up and leaves the home, Darla enters in panic when Vilmer self mutilates. After Vilmer and Leatherface pursue Jenny, she is not seen again, its assumed that she escaped and leaved Leatherface alone.


  • She is considered a villainess because she is sexually attracted to Vilmer and actually helps him, W.E. and Leatherface in capturing Jenny.


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