You think you're the last word in crazy? You're not.
~ Darling to Bats.

Monica Costello, also known as Darling, is a supporting antagonist of the 2017 action/crime film Baby Driver.

She was portrayed by Eiza Gonzalez.


Darling is first seen during the opening heist along with her husband Buddy, Baby and Griff as they successfully rob a bank.

Darling is later seen during an arms deal with Baby, Buddy and Bats. This deal goes sideways when Bats, recognizing the main arms dealer is a policeman in disguise, violently shoots the arms dealer and his crew. After Bats kills a security guard at the Atlanta City post office, Baby rams the car into a rebar which kills Bats. Baby then runs away searching for another car leaving Buddy and Darling to shoot the pursuing police. Darling is fatally shot, resulting in Buddy seeking vengeance.



  • Despite being a minor villain who dies about halfway through the film, had it not been for Darling's death, Buddy being the true main antagonist of the film and becoming Baby's worst enemy would not have occurred. As such, Darling can be viewed as the Greater-Scope Villain of the film.