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Darph BoBo is the main antagonist in the adult cartoon series Tripping the Rift. He is Chode McBlob's arch nemesis and the ruler of the Dark Clown Empire.

He was voiced by Terrance Scammell.


Darph BoBo is a very troublesome, short-tempered, demanding, bratty, and clamorous dark lord who is hell-bent on taking over the universe. However, he does have a very understanding and sensitive side to him due to the teasing and bullying he received as a child (mainly from Chode). His secondary goal is to defeat and kill his arch-nemesis Chode and his space crew.


Darph BoBo has the appearance of a clown with white skin, a black nose, balding red hair, and a jester neckpiece connected to his long dark cape. He wears black clothing almost all of the time, and he also wields a red blade which resembles a lightsaber.


As a child Darph BoBo was bullied and teased by Chode McBlob this most likely continued into adulthood especially when the two spent time in prison together. In the series BoBo appears as the reoccurring villain and is constanty trying to either rule and empire, kill Chode and his crew or take over the universe, he constantly fails however due to his incompetence. He also runs the Death Orb and has several minions known as Clown Troopers. In the movie (which is only a few episodes of the show's 3rd season combined) he sends a time travelling clown to murder Chode and his crew, this plan once again fails. It is unknown what happens to him after the series ends.


  • He is an obvious parody of Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise.
  • He is very similar to the Joker from The LEGO Batman Movie since both evil clowns with a secret sensitive side who have arch enemies who view them as nothing and regularly insult and bully them.
  • The Death Orb and Clown Troopers are parodies of the Death Star and Stormtroopers from the Star Wars franchise.