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Darramb (ダ ー ラ ム Dāramu) is one of the three Dark Giants who appear in Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey as the secondary antagonists alongside Hudra.



The third of the ancient giant trio, Darramb is the strong. But like his evil comrades, Darramb is sealed in stone when Tiga betrays them to return to light, in the process of purifying himself and stealing Darramb's powers.

Ultraman Tiga: The Final Oddysey

Trapped in a rock as thousands of years pass, Gatanozoa war with Ultraman Tiga will reveal the location of their ancient tomb to mankind, immediately resulting in an exploration to find them. As soon as the ancient trio awakens and begins to attack those who have awakened them, Darramb throws a column at the humans. It was then that the two of them plunged their fists into the cave wall, awakening Shibito Zoiger's troops in the area. However, Yuzare, an ancient civilization spirit appeared and sealed the island in a pyramid of light, stopping the Dark Giant and the soldiers there from escaping. After this, Darramb and Hudra will follow their master as he makes preparations to escape the island. However, the two men were impatient and tried to break free, only to be blown to the ground. Camearra leads the three of them back into Daigo's dream, allowing Hudra and Darramb to blow up the humans before summoning them to give him the Black Spark Lens, before the three leave.

Daigo immediately confronted the three on Lulu Island, becoming Dark Tiga and breaking down the barrier, allowing the darkness to spread throughout the world. Hudra and Darramb turned to face him, and when he refused to join them, Darramb cut Hudra to fight Tiga himself. The two giants fought and Darramb grabbed Tiga's leg, lifting him up easily before dragging him into the Dark Water. The two giants fought but fearful of falling into the Darkness, Tiga did not use the full power of his darkness and was thrown like a rag doll, slammed through a building. Darramb catches Tiga as he flies towards him and sends him flying over a cliff.

As Tiga attempted another move like that, Darramb punched him , but Darramb tripped over by Tiga, who started to win. However, the ground collapsed under Tiga's feet and he sank to his waist, allowing Darramb to repeatedly bury him further. With Tiga buried his neck, Darramb prepared to take the final blow. But as the dust cleared, Tiga stood unscathed, turning Darramb's attack into light energy and into Tiga Tornado. Darramb charged in, but was interrupted by a blast from Tiga, smashing into his chest and destroying the first Dark Giant in a massive explosion.



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