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You may call me Darth Caedus. I shall be known only by my true name from now on.
~ Caedus to Tahiri Veila.

Darth Caedus (born Jacen Solo) is the main antagonist of The Legacy of the Force series and formerly one of the protagonists of the New Jedi Order series.


Jacen Solo, as he was known before he became Darth Caedus.

The son of Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo, he was the twin brother of Jaina Solo Fel and the elder brother of Anakin Solo. The most empathetic of the three Solo children, Solo became a powerful Jedi Knight under his uncle Luke Skywalker's tutelage. In a moral crisis, Solo tried to withdraw from the Force during the early stages of the Yuuzhan Vong war but changes his mind when he realizes that he couldn't abandon the Jedi Order during the war, and resolved to find his place in the Force while trying to find a peaceful end to the war that would not involve destroying the Yuuzhan Vong. Following a mission with several other Jedi to the planet Myrkyr to destroy the Voxyn Queen, (a monster created by the Yuuzhan Vong which could sense Jedi through the force), his younger brother Anakin was killed and he was captured by the Yuuzhan Vong Executor Nom Anor. During his capture, the Yuuzhan Vong attempted to turn Jacen to their side through torture, but Jacen was able to overcome the pain of the Embrace of Pain and actually feed off its power.

It was also during this time that Solo gained a new perspective from former Jedi Vergere. in Vergere's philosophy, the Force was simply the Force, with no light or dark sides, and the only darkness that one need fear was the darkness within themselves. With this new knowledge, he helped bring a peaceful end to the Yuuzhan Vong War. Throughout the years that followed, Solo gained more knowledge in the Force, even training among the enigmatic Fallanassi. Upon returning to the Galaxy, Now a war hero, Solo would help his uncle come to terms with his father's fall to the dark side during the Swarm War so he was able to defeat Lomi Plo, the Sith Apprentice and Queen of the Gorog Nest. It was also around this time that Solo discovered that he was the father to the Hapan heir Allana through Queen Mother Tenel Ka.

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Solo had been plagued with visions about the galaxy hanging on a balance point, in which one wrong move would tip the galaxy into darkness; this motivated Solo to prevent another war like the one that had consumed the galaxy and to save the lives of innocents so that no one else had to die such as Anakin had. Further visions of galactic peace being at stake plagued him through the Swarm War, leading Jacen to suggest the outright extermination of the entire Kilik species for galactic peace. Shortly before the Second Galactic Civil War, Solo met a Sith from his uncle's past, the Dark Lady of the Sith Lumiya. Over time, the former Shira Brie managed to convince Solo that he might be able to protect the galaxy if he joined the Sith. The catalyst for Solo's decision would be when Lumiya told him that Vergere had been a Sith and that his torture at her hands during the Yuuzhan Vong War was designed to turn him into a Sith Lord.

When the Galactic Alliance Guard was created after a series of Corellian terrorist attacks on Coruscant, Jacen Solo accepted leadership of the Guard along with the military rank of colonel. He also recruited his cousin, Ben Skywalker, and promoted Skywalker to the rank of lieutenant in an effort to turn him to the dark side. Numerous units of the Guard were deployed under Solo's command to conduct anti-terrorist operations and spy on government officials as Corellia attempted to draw more worlds to their faction, which became the Confederation.

The tensions then boiled over into an all-out war between the Alliance and Confederation, with Solo staunchly supporting the Alliance. During an engagement between Alliance and Confederate forces on the planet Hapes, Solo opened fire on the Millennium Falcon despite his parents being onboard the Falcon. Eventually, Solo seized control over the Alliance government by deposing Chief of State Cal Omas with the help of Cha Niathal and the Guard.

To fully earn the title of Sith Lord, Solo needed to undergo the Trial of Sacrifice, where he would give up something important to him, in order to understand the pain it coursed him but would in turn bring him more power. He accomplished this when he murdered his aunt Mara Jade Skywalker, who had tracked Solo down upon learning of his intentions to convert her son Ben Skywalker. With her dying words, Jade observed that Solo had become as evil as her former mentor, the late Emperor Palpatine. Solo stated that he was nothing like Palpatine, who had only cared about power; he insisted that he was trying to bring peace to the galaxy. From this point on, Solo was known as Darth Caedus.

After murdering his aunt, Caedus began a campaign against his opponents, including Cal Omas and the Jedi. To deal with the former, he sent Ben to assassinate Omas, lying that he had murdered Mara. Caedus deployed the Galactic Alliance Guard to Ossus while pursuing the Jedi on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. In order to divert the Confederation and punish the Wookiees for hiding the Jedi, Caedus attacked the planet by bombarding its forests. The bombardments ignited immense forest fires that devastated Kashyyyk's ecosystem and claimed the lives of numerous Wookiees. During the battle, Luke pursued Caedus in a fierce duel in which both suffered severe injuries.

Caedus then realized that his former lover, Tenel Ka, had turned her fleet against him during his attack on Kashyyyk. Since the Galactic Alliance lost a large amount of its naval strength due to Tenel Ka's withdrawal from the Alliance, he sought to bring Tenel Ka back over to his side by kidnapping their own daughter, Allana. Once he kidnapped Allana, he sent Tenel Ka a death threat towards their daughter if she would not rejoin the Galactic Alliance's war effort.

Subsequently, Caedus faced an attack from a group of four Jedi sent on a mission to ambush him. During the attack, Caedus realized that the Jedi facing him, except for Kyle Katarn, were no match for his strength. A fierce duel ensured, with Caedus decapitating Jedi Knight Thann Mithric, nearly killing Kyle Katarn, and forcing the rest of the Jedi to flee.

An alliance was created between the Galactic Alliance and the Imperial Remnant in order to battle the Confederation in exchange for the Imperial Remnant reacquiring several key star systems. Following this, Caedus initiated an attack on the planet Fondor, bombarding the planet's shipyards and proceeding to wipe out Fondor's major cities as a warning against those who would attempt to resist the Galactic Alliance. By then, the planet Fondor signed a cease-fire with the Alliance and Imperial Remnant, but Caedus continued bombarding the planet's civilian urban centers after its surrender. During the battle, Imperial Admiral Gilad Pellaeon was killed upon order of Caedus by his new apprentice Tahiri Veila when he disapproved of Caedus' methods and tried to turn against him. Following this, Caedus returned to Coruscant and proclaimed himself publicly as Darth Caedus and took complete control of the Galactic Alliance.

In an effort to boost the war effort, Caedus' faction of the Galactic Alliance and the Moff Council attempted to capture the Roche system asteroids to use Verpine technology for the war effort. To do this, the Moffs deployed a nanokiller that killed off the soldier caste of the Verpine while forcing the rest of the Verpine to be loyal to Caedus' faction. When the Jedi discovered what Caedus and his forces had done, they launched a raid on the asteroids.

As the war reached its final battle, Caedus received a vision through the Force of his daughter sitting on a white throne surrounded by friends and ruling the Galaxy in a time of peace, this convinced Caedus that he had indeed won the war and in time peace and order would be restored to the Galaxy. However, Caedus was betrayed by the Moff Council who sought to kill Tenel Ka Djo and Allana with a biological weapon, after Caedus told them not to use it. Upon hearing this news, Caedus attempted to go after the ship carrying the weapon himself, killing Hapan Price Isolder in the process. He was then attacked by his twin sister, Jaina.

During their fight Caedus deactivated his lightsaber and tried to explain to Jaina that he was actually trying to save Tenel Ka and Allana and that they were wasting time fighting. Jaina refused to listen, however, and continued to attack her brother. In the final moments of the battle, Jaina severed her brother's Achilles tendon, rendering him helpless, as Jaina moved into finish off the Sith Lord using an unblockable strike which in turn left her open to attack. Instead of retaliating and taking Jaina with him, Darth Caedus instead chose to use his last moments to send a call through the Force to his wife and daughter, telling them to escape from the Imperial Remnant's attack. At the same time, his twin bond with Jaina returned and this convinced Jaina that Jacen may have returned to the light. Following Caedus's death, the Galactic Alliance would defeat the Confederation and peace would be restored to the galaxy, just as Jacen Solo had intended.


  • Voxyn queen (self defense/killed to protect the galaxy while he was still a hero)
  • Onimi (self defense/killed to protect the galaxy while he was still a hero)
  • Nelani Dinn
  • Ailyn Vel
  • Cakhmaim and Meewalh (indirect)
  • Cal Omas (indirect)
  • Dur Gejjen (indirect)
  • Mara Jade
  • Many Corellians (indirect - through GAG extrajudicial executions)
  • Many Jedi (indirect - from the deployment of the GAG to Ossus)
  • Many Wookiees (During the burning of Kashyyyk)
  • Thann Mithric
  • Patra Tebut
  • Many Fondorian citizens (During the bombardment of Fondor)
  • Gilad Pellaeon (indirect)
  • Many mandalorians
  • Prince Isolder
  • All of Abeloth’s victims in Fate of the Jedi (indirectly via allowing her escape)


  • Jacen Solo was initially the good guy before becoming corrupted by Lumiya; however, after the latter's death, he became the main antagonist of the series because he had bigger plans than anyone else. Ironically, Solo wound up achieving his primary objective, which was to bring peace to the galaxy.
  • Darth Caedus shares a number of similarities with the canon character Kylo Ren, the central antagonist of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Like Jacen Solo, Ben Solo was the son of Leia Organa and Han Solo, fell to the Dark Side of the Force, adopted a new identity and attempted to bring peace and order to the galaxy in their own way. However, while Caedus didn’t bother defending himself in the very last moments of his life in order to save his child, his ghost was unrepentant and still condemned, whereas Ren redeemed himself after the memories of his late hopeful parents convinced him to let go his anger and ultimately sacrificed himself to resurrect Rey. This is proven by how Ben/Ren became a light side ghost.
  • The canon character Jacen Syndulla was named after Jacen Solo.

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