Wealth and material goods mean nothing to me. I crave only power and purpose. With power, anything you want or need can simply be taken. With purpose, your life has meaning.
~ Darth Cognus.

Darth Cognus also known as the Huntress, is a Sith and a villainess from the Star Wars universe. She was Darth Zannah's apprentice and Darth Millennial's master.


The Huntress was a female Iktotchi assassin who operated in the years following the end of the New Sith Wars. An impeccable record of success saw the Huntress employed by Lucia, a bodyguard working for the royal house of the planet Doan. After efficiently honoring her contract with Lucia, the Huntress was then hired by the bodyguard's charge, Princess Serra, to track down Darth Bane, the only surviving Dark Lord of the Sith of the war of twenty years prior.

With a score of mercenaries allotted to her by Serra, the . Despite the completion of her task, however, she delayed her departure from the penitentiary, believing that her destiny was inextricably. Huntress ambushed Bane and immobilized him with senflax poison, before taking him into custody and delivering him to the Stone Prison on Doan linked with that of Darth Bane. She made her way to the prison's hangar bay, where she encountered and dueled the Dark Jedi Set Harth, whom she eventually allowed to flee after conceding the bout to stalemate. Darth Bane arrived shortly afterward, having escaped the torment he had been subjected to at Serra's hands. The Huntress yielded before him and appealed to learn the ways of the Sith from him, an offer which he accepted.

After Darth Zannah appeared to kill Darth Bane in a duel, as it was in the ways of Sith, to kill own master after deciding that apperentice learn enough, Cognus told Zannah that she'll join her as apperentice, and won't participate in battlle; if Bane will win, she'll become his new one. However, Darth Bane was defeated, so her new master became Darth Zannah.

Zannah defeated Bane and Cognus bowed to her hew master without hesitation. Eventually Cognus would kill Zannah and assume her place as the Master, taking the human-mutant, Darth Millennial, as her apprentice. However, Millenial sought to increase the number of Sith in violation of the Rule of Two, leading Cognus to disown him and find a different apprentice.


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