I always knew the title of Dark Lord would be mine. When the Jedi strike team boarded your vessel, I saw my day had come. I ordered my own ships to fire at your bridge. The Jedi strike team captured you and the council used the Force to reprogram your mind. They wiped away your identity and turned you against your own followers.
~ Darth Malak confronting Revan and revealing the truth to him.

Darth Malak, born under the name of Alek Squinquargesimus, is the main antagonist of the 2003 videogame Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. He was originally a Jedi Knight and a prominent commander of the Republic Military who led the Galactic Republic to victory during the Mandalorian Wars. After the war's end, he and Revan chased the surviving remnants of the Mandalorian fleets into the Outer Rim where they met the Sith Emperor and were corrupted into becoming Sith Lords. He and Revan later established their own Sith Empire and Malak later took over and usurped power in his quest for galactic conquest.

He is voiced by Rafael Ferrer.


Knights of the Old Republic

Born in 3994 BBY, he was once an apprentice of Darth Revan, the leader of the Sith. However, things changed. When the Jedi Knights, including Bastila, confronted them, Malak betrayed Revan, seizing control of the Sith Empire and believed Revan to be dead, unaware that he survived and was saved by the Jedi.

Following this, Malak proved to be far worse than the more well-intentioned Revan had ever been, being obsessed with destruction no matter how much harder it made things for himself and his men. Under his orders the Sith brought absolute devastation to at least three planets, Telos IV, Taris, and Dantooine. Malak was also an unrepentant sadist, prone to cackling and also having Jedi be tortured until they give into the Dark Side or they die.

Later after confronting a redeemed Revan, Malak captured Revan's love interest, Bastila Shan and tortured her until she joins the Sith as Malak's new apprentice since his previous apprentice, Darth Bandon was previously killed by Revan. However, Revan was able to redeem Bastila before confronting his old friend one last time.

After the epic duel, Malak was mortally wounded, and collapsed to his knees in defeat. In his last moments, Malak lamented his fate, and how he had always suspected it would end in darkness and how in the end, as that darkness took him, he realized he was nothing. He also wondered what may have happened had he been chosen by the light side in place of Revan, and if so whether or not he could have been redeemed as Revan had.

Revan pointed out that he could not be held responsible for Malak's own actions and a despairing Malak agreed, accepting responsibility for his atrocities before he died. Mere moments after Malak's death, Revan and his companions escaped the Star Forge just as it was destroyed. And with both acts, the Jedi Civil War was brought to an end.


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