The complete story of the Sith Lord Darth Malak from the videogame Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.


Early Life and Training

Young Alek

Alek during his youth.

The Jedi Order moved too slowly for Revan and Malak; we were too cautious in their eyes. They always sought to learn far quicker than their Masters felt was prudent.
~ Zhar Lastin commenting on Revan and Alek.

The human male known to become Darth Malak, was initially Alek Squinquargesimus born sometime 3964 BBY on the planet Quelii. The young boy managed to escape his homeworld before it was devastated by the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders lead by Mandalore the Ultimate during the Mandalorian Wars. Atfer his family escaped death at the hands of the Mandalorians, they fled to the Galactic Republic and the name of his home village was assigned as Alek's surname. Eventually, Alek was found to be force-sensitive and was taken into the Jedi Order to become a knight at a young age. The young Alek was taken to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine and quickly became a padawan of the ancient monastic order. During his training days, he earned the nickname of 'Squint' by his peers who had trouble pronouncing his surname and befriended another padawan by the name of "Revan". The two quickly rose through the ranks and while Revan was the strongest of the two, both had desires to broaden their knowledge and traveled to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to train under the Twi'lek Jedi Master Zhar Lestin. Sometime before the Mandalorian Wars, both Revan and Alek completed their training and reached the ranks of Jedi Knight.

Mandalorian Wars

Recruiting the Revanchists

It's ridiculous, don't you see? The Sith threat ended what, 30 years ago? The Mandalorians are the threat. The Mandalorians are here…almost. We need every able-bodied Jedi we can get.
~ Alek to Zayne Carrick.

In 3964 BBY, the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders lead by Mandalore the Ultimate launched a full-scale invasion of the Galactic Republic sparking the infamous Mandalorian Wars. Both Revan and Alek saw the Mandalorian invasion as a major threat and were eager to combat the Mandalorians, but were told to refrain from doing so by the Jedi High Council who believed that the true threat to the Republic had not yet emerged. Revan was not dissuaded and decided to form a secret splinter group of Jedi called the Revanchists who were to fight the Mandalorians for the Republic against the wishes of the Republic. Alek was the first to join his new movement and Alek would help recruit more Jedi to join the movement and fight the Mandalorians. Alek soon referred to Revan as his "honorary master" and would soon spy on the Mandalorians with other Revanchists against the wishes of the council. 


Alek and Zayne on Taris.

During their operations against the Mandalorians, Alek and the Revanchists stopped to rest on Taris where Alek visited the planet's Jedi Temple in the hopes of recruiting more of them to the Revanchist cause. While he was visiting the Outer Rim world, Alek was met by Lucien Draay who asked him to look for Zayne Carrick, Draay's Jedi Padawan. Carrick was chasing Snivvian black marketeer Marn Hierogryph and fell into the cityscape after falling off his speederbike and was rescued by Alek saving his life in the process. Carrick and Alek conversed after the former was saved where Alek attempted to convince him to join the Jedi Crusaders against the Mandalorians, but the human padawan refused believing that the Sith was the real threat to the galaxy and not the Mandalorians. While Carrick was a less-than steller student, Alek believed that he still had a major role to play and could contribute greatly to the war effort against the Mandalorians. Before the Revanchists left Taris, Alek told Carrick that sometimes in order to preserve the light side of the force, one must dive into the dark side. After he left however, Alek was informed by Lucien that a group of extremist Jedi Masters acted upon a vision and murdered their padawans to stop the rise of a potential Sith Lord. The group was called the Jedi Covenant and Zarrick was framed for murdering their padawans and Alek had to help clear his name. 

Flashpoint Station


Alek, Jarael and other Jedi at the mercy of Demagol.

What are you doing? You can barely stand!
These are trials that only a Jedi can survive, Jarael. And I think we both know I'm the only Jedi in this conversation.
How did you know—?
Because we do have abilities they have yet to discover. Maybe that'll be their undoing.
~ Jarael and Alek in Flashpoint Station.

Soon after leaving Taris, Alek and his companions found themselves stranded on the planet Suurja while Revan was investigating the events on Onderon and on its jungle moon of Dxun. Roughly a week after meeting with Carrick, Alek and the other Jedi found themselves ambushed by Mandalorian crusaders after the fourth battle for the planet. Alek was captured and he and the other Jedi were taken to Flashpoint Station, a Republic research station that was captured by the Mandalorians a few months prior. There, a Mandalorian scientist by the name of Demagol began experimenting on the captured Jedi with Alek being his favorite subject as the scientist attempted to divine the source of the Jedi's force powers. Demagol performed various kinds of torture on Alek from irradiation to electroshock and stress tests on a torture rack. Alek used his powers of the force to nullify himself to the pain which allowed him to survive, but lost his hair in the process of the experiments.

Weeks after being captured, a female Arkanian offshoot named Jarael was brought in and incacerated in the station after she was captured and taken prisoner by the Mandalorians. She was confused for a Jedi, but Alek knew that she wasn't one and volunteered in her place to be studied when Demagol became interested in her saying that he had force powers that were yet to be unlocked. Demagol wasted no time in testing on Alek, but it wasn't long before Carrick arrived on the starship The Last Resort to rescue Jarael and break out her and other prisoners being held onboard the station. As part of the plan, Carrick pretended to have been captured by the rogue Mandalorian Rohlan Dyre and was eventually taken to Jarael's stand by Demagol . When Dyre and Demagol both emerged, they claimed that Carrick was dead not knowing that the latter had tricked them into believing it. Before long, the Mandalorians guarding the station were forced to leave in order to respond to a reported Republic attack that was falsified by Marn Hierogryph, allowing Carrick (who was posing as Demagol) and the others to free the Jedi prisoners and other captives. 

Demagol was incapacitated by Dyre and the former's unconscious body was taken and dragged onto the Last Resort by Alek to be brought to Coruscant to stand trial for his crimes against the Galactic Republic. Alek asked Carrick if he would join the Revanchists, but he declined again citing things that he had to finish. The young Jedi wished Jarael goodbye and said that he would see her again some day before departing off to Coruscant. While traveling to the Republic capital however, Demagol fell into a drug-induced coma and was unable to stand trial. The Mandalorians eventually launched a full-scale invasion of the Republic causing Revan, now known as "the Revanchist" to the public, to openly defy the Jedi Council and went to war against the Mandalorians regardless with Alek coming along and traveling to worlds such as Dantooine to recruit more Jedi to the Revanchist cause. In 3973 BBY, Alek was present on Cathar where he and Revan investigated a massacre on the native Cathar species by the Mandalorians and felt a disturbance in the force from a devastating nuclear attack on Serroco by the Mandalorians. 

The Adasca Affair

This is an advance that transcends simple monetary compensation, don't you agree?
A dangerous advance. The power to destroy matter on an astronomical scale—that's too much for any government to wield responsibly!
~ Arkoh Adasca and Alek.

After the Mandalorian devastation of Serecco, Arkoh Adasca, eigth lord of the House of Adasca and head of the Adasca Medical Corporation, invited Revan and his followers to attend a meeting bidding on exogorth creatures after he had discovered that they were discovered to potentially conscruct biological weapons. Alek was sent to the meeting in the Omonoth System by Revan as he was still on Cathat investigating the Mandalorian genocide on the planet against the native inhabitants and Alek arrived acting as the representative of the Jedi Crusaders.