I am not mistaken my Lord! It was Cade Skywalker I saw at Had Abbadon!
~ Darth Reave, to Darth Krayt

Darth Reave was a male of the Devaronian species, and a member of the One Sith, being one of many Sith Lords to serve under Darth Krayt in 137 ABY. During the Second Imperial Civil War, Reave was stationed on the Deep Core world of Had Abbadon.

It was there that Reave encountered a former Jedi Padawan named Cade Skywalker, whose healing powers Darth Krayt wanted to use to cure his own Yuuzhan Vong biot infestation. Reave engaged Skywalker and several of his companions in battle while on Had Abbadon, and while he was fighting his opponents, Reave was bitten by an ancient and thought-to-be extinct form of Sithspawn known as a rakghoul. Only after his return to the galactic capital of Coruscant to report his findings to Lord Krayt was it discovered that he had been infected by the rakghoul's plague. Unable to withstand the debilitating effects, Reave then transformed into one of the rakghoul mutants, but was beheaded and killed by one of Krayt's Hands, Darth Stryfe.

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