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Those who use the dark side are also bound to serve it. To understand this is to understand the underlying philosophy of the Sith. The dark side offers power for power's sake. You must crave it. Covet it. You must seek power above all else, with no reservation or hesitation. The Dark Force will change you. It will transform you. Some fear this change. The teachings of the Jedi are focused on fighting and controlling this transformation. That is why those who serve the light are limited in what they accomplish.
~ Revan explains his philosophies of the Dark Side.

Revan, renowned as the Revanchist, dreaded as the Sith Lord Darth Revan, and honored as the Prodigal Knight, is one of the central protagonists of the Star Wars Old Republic era.

He was an eminent Jedi Knight turned Dark Lord of the Sith until, stripped of his true persona, he returned to the crumbling Jedi Order and helped defeat the Sith Empire he had established. A human male, and acknowledged as a very gifted and powerful Force-sensitive pupil, he was trained as a Padawan by Kreia and a number of other Jedi Masters, both on Coruscant and at the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.

Due to his actions, philosophies, and involvement in major pivotal events and conflicts of the Old Republic era, Revan is arguably one of the most important characters of the entire Star Wars franchise due to his influence in the Old Republic series as well as his posthumous influence on the philosophies of the Sith centuries later.

He was voiced by Rino Romano in Knights of the Old Republic (2003), and Jeff Bennett in The Old Republic (2011).


Revan appears as the protagonist of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and the novel Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan, he later appears as the main antagonist of The Foundry flashpoint in Star Wars: The Old Republic and the titular main antagonist of the DLC expansion pack, the Shadow of Revan, He returns as a cameo companion in the update DLC Echoes of Oblivion.


Revan has always possessed incredible determination and intelligence, constantly seeking new ways of accomplishing what he sees as right. The Mandalorian wars have given Revan a very cold attitude that makes it so he will seek victory despite the cost. However, he prefers avoiding needless carnage, which is why he built HK-47. Nevertheless, he was utterly ruthless as a Sith and he also was highly dedicated to Sith ideals and believes power is everything, ignoring any ideals of mercy or loyalty. His ideals helped influence Darth Bane to create the Rule of Two as he believed that a Sith Master should have one apprentice to avoid being overcome by multiple lesser followers.

Revan favors the idea of turning his former enemies to his side through manipulation and corruption. However, he still has a sense of humor, as he was amused when HK-47 called Malak a "meatbag" and programmed him to refer to all organics as such. Revan has incredible will, which was what allowed him to endure centuries of torture from Vitiate, though he was not unscarred. His mind started to become twisted between the light and dark sides and after his light side left him, Revan was completely fueled by anger and hate. He sought to destroy his former tormentor forever, but while the dark Revan possessed his strength, he lacked his former wisdom and his mind was clouded by his malice.

Powers and Abilities

Revan is extremely powerful in the ways of the Force, masterful in combat with a lightsaber. He possesses high agility, speed, and strength boosted by the Force that he uses in his fighting style. Revan mostly uses one lightsaber, but wields two as dark Revan, both his red Sith one and his original purple one. Revan is also an extremely cunning and able military commander, an expert with his tactics and strategies. He is respected by several cultures as the epitome of a warrior and commander, as well as very charismatic in recruiting allies. Revan is fluent in several languages, mechanically minded, skilled at constructing droids, and a talented pilot. Revan is extremely powerful with the Force, and a true master of the Dark Side as a Sith Lord.

Revan can use telekinesis, which he often uses to hurl heavy objects in battle, as well as crush and choke enemies, guide his lightsaber when he throws it and has even wielded two more lightsabers telekinetically. Revan can also influence other's minds and take knowledge from them. He was also skilled in Force sense, allowing him to sense others, their emotions, and even the future, making it so he often has visions. Revan can use the Force to heal his wounds and resist poison and drugs. He can also use powerful Force lightning and devastating Force storms. Revan can use the Force for various defensive purposes, even able to absorb energy and redirect it back at his foe.


  • He never officially speaks in Knights of the Old Republic, though Rino Romano does provide some hard to hear taunts.
  • Revan was seen as a role model by later Sith Lord Darth Bane despite him being redeemed, and Bane even traveled to Lehon to seek out Revan's Sith holocron. It was from that Holocron that Darth Bane first learned about the Thought Bomb that he later used to wipe out the Brotherhood of Darkness and the Jedi they were fighting on Russan.
  • Revan and Bane were both meant to appear in the third season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars as "advisors" to the Son, goading him to embrace the dark side more and more. The scene was cut due to conflicting with George Lucas' ideas of the Force.
    • Revan however was made canon in the visual dictionary for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker where it states that the Sith troopers in the film have legions named after ancient Sith Lords and the 3rd Legion was named after Revan, thus making him canon. 
  • Revan's original plan for the Sith was to get them work side by side similar to the Jedi but he decided that the only way the Sith can survive is to reduce their numbers to only two.


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