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Everything that you did, I'm the mother f**ker who invented it. I'm the original Dark Lord!
~ The Imperial Knight

Darth Vader is a recurring character on the critically acclaimed webseries Epic Rap Battles of History, being based off and a parody of the Star Wars character with the same name.

He is physically portrayed and voiced by Nice Peter, who is the creator of the series overall.

Darth Vader vs. Adolf Hitler Trilogy

Appearing in the second episode of the series overall, Vader dukes it out with none other than the Furher himself, Adolf Hitler. First, he insults the dictator by making fun his moustache and claiming that everything that he did, Vader did it first (referencing how Star Wars happened "a long time ago"). After Hitler gets his second verse in, Vader force chokes him and douses him in carbonite, freezing him into a Han Solo-like block of metal.

One year later, Vader comes back to a frozen Hitler disguised as Boushh the bounty hunter to free him from his icy prison. He then reveals himself and gloats, saying the only reason he thawed him out was to beat him for a second time. Just in his first verse, Hitler believes that he has beaten "the Emperor's whore", but is confused when the knight stops rapping, the music ceases, and Vader begins to chuckle. Stephen Hawking appears and informs Hitler that he is standing over the Rancor Pit before the German rapper is dropped into it, technically meaning Vader won again.

Reenacting the Sarlacc scene from Return of the Jedi (where the places of Luke and Jabba are replaced with Hitler and Vader), Adolf is forced to jump into the Sarlacc pit with Vader sadistically spectating. However, Hitler escapes and makes the flame of the third and final rap battle. After Vader makes fun of Hitler that he commited suicide and made the same mistake Napelon Bonapate did when he tried to conquer Russia, he calls in his home boy, Boba Fett, to finish the verse. However, Hitler, sick of being cheated out like when he was frozen and dropped into the pit, shoots Fett and continues to his second verse, only for Vader to slice the Furher in half with his lightsaber.





  • The beat and music in the videos come from his chest mounted control box.


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