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NOTE: This page is for Vader's life in Star Wars Canon. For an article on both Vader's life in Canon and Legends, visit his page on Wookieepedia.

The story of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise.

NOTE: This is in chronological order.

Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

Young Anakin.

Are you an angel?
~ Anakin asking Padmé if she is an angel when they first meet.

Anakin Skywalker was a young child from a desert planet called Tatooine, controlled by the Hutts. Anakin and his mother Shmi were poor slaves owned by Watto, a Toydarian junk dealer. In his spare time, Anakin had built a protocol droid named C-3PO.

During the battle between the Galactic Republic and the Trade Federation, a Naboo cruiser's hyperdrive had been damaged, and it is forced to land on the planet. Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn searches for a replacement and finds the nine-year-old boy. He sensed that the Force was very strong with Anakin, and sent a blood sample to his apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi. The result came back as a reading higher than Yoda's midi-chlorian count. This suggested that Skywalker was the Chosen One of a prophecy who could bring balance to the Force.

Since Qui-Gon didn't have credits that were worth anything on Tatooine, he placed a bet with Watto in an attempt to win the needed hyperdrive, involving the pod race in which Anakin was going to participate in. Before the race, Qui-Gon gave the boy advice about using his instincts, and to feel, not think. Anakin won, and he made the Jedi proud, as well as his mother, Shmi.

As soon as Qui-Gon acquired the needed parts for his ship, and as soon as Anakin brought home the winnings, the boy was freed. His new destiny was to become a Jedi. It was very difficult for him to leave his mother, and he knew there was much ahead of him. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan took him to Coruscant to meet with the Jedi Council, who refused to allow Anakin to be trained as a Jedi because they sensed great fear in him.

When the corrupt Trade Federation invaded the planet, Naboo, however, Anakin proved his worth by piloting a space fighter and destroying the Federation's command ship, helping the Galactic Republic claim victory. After Qui-Gon was mortally wounded in a lightsaber duel with Sith Lord Darth Maul, his dying request was that Obi-Wan had to train the boy and Obi-Wan promises. The Council reluctantly approved the request, and Anakin was sent to be trained as a Jedi.

During the mission, Anakin formed strong friendships with Naboo's Queen, Padmé Amidala, and its senior senator (and the Republic's future Chancellor) Palpatine, who promised him, "We will watch your career with great interest."

Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones

Anakin as a Jedi Padawan.

Some day I will be. I will be the most powerful Jedi EVER. I promise you. I will even stop people from dying.
~ Anakin, after killing a tribe of Sand People

Ten years later, Anakin was a young Padawan being trained in the ways of the Jedi. But as he grew stronger and more powerful, he wanted more, yet he knew it was wrong. Anakin was able to see Padmé again. His crush on her turned into genuine love. Anakin was assigned to protect Padmé from Jango Fett and Zam Wesell (two bounty hunters trying to kill her). Meanwhile, they hid in Naboo until Anakin had a dream of his mother, Shmi Skywalker, in pain. Anakin and Padmé went to Tatooine to find Shmi.

The two of them, with the droid R2-D2, came across Anakin's old droid C-3PO, who now had platings covering his wires, and Watto, Anakin's old owner, who told him that he sold Shmi to a moisture farmer named Cliegg Lars, who then married her. Anakin soon met his stepfather Cliegg Lars and his stepbrother Owen Lars. They learned that Shmi had been kidnapped by Tusken Raiders a month before, so Anakin headed off and eventually found her at the Tusken Raider camp. Unfortunately, Shmi died in her son's arms, having been starved and terribly beaten by the Tusken Raiders. Consumed with grief and rage, Anakin slaughtered all the Tuskens; men, women, and even children. He tearfully confessed his crime to Padmé, who comforted him.

After Shmi's funeral, they got a message from Obi-Wan who was captured on Geonosis and both went there where they reunited with Kenobi in an arena with scary creatures.

Skywalker fights Count Dooku on Geonosis.

When Count Dooku attacked with his supporting droids from the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which he led alongside Sidious, by striking at planet Geonosis, the Jedi Order plunged into war with Dooku using the army of clones made from the DNA of mercenary Jango Fett. Anakin and Obi-Wan chased after Dooku as he tried to escape Geonosis, and in the battle, Obi-Wan was slightly injured while Anakin's right forearm was cut off. Yoda fought Dooku and overpowered him, but the latter got away when Yoda had to prevent a pillar from flattening the wounded Anakin and Obi-Wan.

After the battle, Anakin was fitted with a robotic arm and married Padmé in a secret ceremony on Naboo.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Film

Anakin received a Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, with whom he did not agree with at first, but ended up accepting her after their mission to save the son of Jabba the Hutt, Rotta from Ziro the Hutt and Dooku.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Series

Darth Vader's vision during The Clone Wars.

Anakin and Ahsoka continued to battle evil together during the duration of the war, sometimes with Obi-Wan and sometimes with R2-D2 and Padmé. They met bounty hunters such as Cad Bane and new evil such as the witch Mother Talzin, Hondo Ohnaka and Savage Opress. He even has a queen named Miraj Scintel who is in love with him.

During an unexpected journey to Mortis, Anakin saw a vision of himself sinking to the dark side and his future as Darth Vader shown to him by the Son. Skywalker was horrified by what he saw (the true face of Sidious, killing Younglins, him force choking Padmé, his duel with Kenobi, destruction of Alderaan, and what he would turn into a broken man forced to live in a mechanical suit) and tried to prevent this future from occurring by turning on his allies and aligning with the Son. However, the Father realized the actions of his child erased his memories. The visions that Anakin saw would later come into fruition.

At one point, Ahsoka was framed for crimes against the Jedi Order and the Republic. Anakin caught the Jedi who set her up (Barriss Offee) thanks to Asajj Ventress, but Ahsoka still left the Order, much to Anakin's dismay.

After the events of both the Clone Wars and Revenge of the Sith, Darth Vader finds Ahsoka's lightsaber on a moon. He believes her to be dead.

Years after the Clone Wars, during the reign of the Galactic Empire, Vader traveled to a snowy moon that was home to the crash site of a Venator-class Star Destroyer. Stormtroopers and probe droids search the landscape. All is quiet except for the mechanical breathing of their leader as he approaches the destroyed cruiser. Darth Vader, the enforcer of the Emperor, picks up Ahsoka Tano's lightsaber and ignites it, as an owl-like Convor circles above. Vader stares at the Convor and ship for a moment then turns to leave as his image reflects in the helmet of a dead clone trooper, before fading away.

Episode Appearances

Appearances on The Show

Prequel Episodes

  • Cat and Mouse
  • The Hidden Enemy
  • Clone Cadets (Appears in flashbacks)

Season One

  • Rising Malevolence
  • Shadow of Malevolence
  • Destroy Malevolence
  • Rookies
  • Downfall of a Droid
  • Duel of the Droids
  • Bombad Jedi (Appears in flashbacks)
  • Cloak of Darkness (Appears in hologram)
  • Dooku Captured
  • The Gungan General
  • Jedi Crash
  • Defenders of Peace
  • Trespass
  • Blue Shadow Virus
  • Mystery of a Thousand Moons
  • Storm Over Ryloth
  • Innocents of Ryloth (Appears in flashbacks)
  • Liberty on Ryloth

Season Two

  • Holocron Heist
  • Cargo of Doom
  • Children of the Force
  • Bounty Hunters
  • The Zillo Beast
  • The Zillo Beast Strikes Back
  • Senate Spy
  • Landing at Point Rain
  • Weapons Factory
  • Legacy of Terror
  • Brain Invaders
  • Grievous Intrigue
  • The Deserter (Appears in flashbacks)
  • Lightsaber Lost
  • The Mandalore Plot
  • Voyage of Temptation
  • Duchess of Mandalore
  • Death Trap
  • R2 Come Home
  • Lethal Trackdown

Season Three

  • The Academy
  • Assassin
  • ARC Troopers
  • Sphere of Influence
  • Evil Plans
  • Hostage Crisis
  • Hunt for Ziro (Appears in flashbacks)
  • Heroes on Both Sides
  • Nightsisters
  • Witches of the Mist
  • Overlords
  • Altar of Mortis
  • Ghosts of Mortis
  • The Citadel
  • Counterattack
  • Citadel Rescue
  • Padawan Lost
  • Wookiee Hunt

Season Four

  • Water War
  • Gungan Attack
  • Prisoners
  • Shadow Warrior
  • Nomad Droids (Mentioned only)
  • Darkness on Umbara
  • The General (Appears in flashbacks)
  • Plan of Dissent (Mentioned only)
  • Carnage of Krell (Appears in flashbacks)
  • Kidnapped
  • Slaves of the Republic
  • Escape from Kadavo
  • A Friend in Need (Appears in hologram)
  • Deception
  • Friends and Enemies
  • The Box
  • Crisis on Naboo
  • Brothers

Season Five

  • A War on Two Fronts
  • Front Runners
  • The Soft War (Appears in hologram)
  • Tipping Points
  • The Gathering (Appears in flashbacks)
  • Bound for Rescue (Indirect mention only)
  • Secret Weapons
  • Point of No Return
  • Revival
  • The Lawless (Mentioned only)
  • Sabotage
  • The Jedi Who Knew Too Much
  • To Catch a Jedi
  • The Wrong Jedi

Season Six

  • The Unknown
  • Conspiracy (Appears in flashbacks)
  • Orders
  • An Old Friend
  • The Rise of Clovis
  • Crisis at the Heart
  • The Lost One
  • Voices
  • Destiny (Vision to Yoda)
  • Sacrifice (Vision to Yoda)


  • A Death on Utapau
  • In Search of the Crystal
  • Crystal Crisis
  • The Big Bang
  • The Bad Batch
  • A Distant Echo
  • On the Wings of Keeradaks
  • Unfinished Business

Season Seven

  • Gone with a Trace (Appears in flashbacks)
  • Deal No Deal
  • The Bad Batch
  • A Distant Echo
  • On the Wings of Keeradaks
  • Unfinished Business
  • Old Friends Not Forgotten
  • The Phantom Apprentice (Mentioned only)
  • Shattered (Voice only)
  • Victory and Death

Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith

Anakin's Fall Into Darkness Begins

Anakin Skywalker before turning to the dark side.

I sense great fear in you, Skywalker! You have hate! You have anger! But you don't use them!
~ Count Dooku to Anakin, during their final duel and telling Anakin that he has anger and hate, foreshadowing his transformation.
What kind of nonsense is this? Put me on the Council and not make me a Master? It's never been done in the history of the Jedi, it's insulting!
~ Anakin to Obi-Wan.
Twisted by the dark side, young Skywalker has become... the boy you trained gone he is, consumed by Darth Vader.
~ Yoda to Obi-Wan, talking about Anakin's transformation.

Towards the end of the Clone Wars, the Confederacy invaded the Republic capital and Chancellor Palpatine was kidnapped by General Grievous during the Battle of Coruscant. Obi-Wan and Anakin went to rescue him. Little did they know that this would lead to events that would ruin their bond forever.

They came across Count Dooku and the two Jedi battled him once again. In the middle of the fight, Dooku knocked Obi-Wan unconscious, and Anakin had to fight him alone. Using his anger and hatred, Anakin brutally overpowered Dooku and sliced off both of the Sith Lord's hands, leaving him helpless. Palpatine then encouraged Anakin to kill Dooku; after initial hesitation, Anakin, deciding that Dooku was too much of a threat, decapitated Dooku with both his and Dooku's lightsabers. Anakin then freed the Chancellor but showed regret towards his unJedi act.

Anakin later met General Grievous for the first time, taunting the Cyborg that he was shorter than he thought. Grievous caught Obi-Wan, Anakin and Palpatine inside a ray shield, capturing them. However, they were later able to reclaim their weapons and break free of their chains after they were brought before Grievous. As they engaged Grievous' MagnaGuards, Grievous escaped the ship by shattering the window with a high-voltage electrostaff and fleeing through it.

After Palpatine was saved, Padmé told Anakin she was pregnant. When he saw in a dream that Padmé was going to die for some unknown reason in childbirth, he swore that he would do everything he could to save her. He talked to Yoda and told him about his feelings of loss and pain, although Yoda didn't know Anakin loved her and that they were married. If the Jedi Council knew he had a wife, and love was strictly forbidden for a Jedi, then he would be expelled from the Jedi Order.

Anakin found security and refuge in talking to Palpatine. The Chancellor had been like a father to him and had made him a member of the Jedi Council. But while talking to his dear friend one day, Palpatine revealed to Anakin that he knew about the ways of the dark side of the Force, and even told Anakin about Darth Plagueis, the dark side Force-user who could save people from dying. But when Anakin asked if he could learn this power, Palpatine told him "Not from a Jedi".

The Choice and Becoming Darth Vader

The Force is strong with you....a powerful Sith you will become. Henceforth you shall be known as "Darth... Vader"!
~ Darth Sidious giving Anakin's title of Darth Vader to him.

Shortly after Obi-Wan Kenobi had dealt with Grievous on Utapau, Anakin delivered the message to the Chancellor. Palpatine began to talk calmly with Anakin, about how he was being excluded from the Council, and that they distrusted him. It was then that Palpatine revealed the truth about himself he was Darth Sidious, the Dark Lord of the Sith.

Anakin pulled out his lightsaber to kill him, but he knew that since he was a Sith, he had the power to save his wife. In despair, he told Jedi Master Mace Windu about the news. In great shock, Mace needed to move quickly to make sure the Jedi Order survived, Anakin asked to come along but Mace told Anakin to wait at the Jedi Temple. Anakin insisted he had to come, but Mace told him that he had earned his trust.

Anakin waited in the temple while Mace took various members of the Jedi Council, including Kit Fisto, to arrest the Chancellor. Anakin stared at the building which contained Palpatine's office, and his thoughts and emotions took control of his decisions. Anakin heard the Sith Lord's voice in his head: "If the Jedi destroy me, any chance of saving her will be lost." Anakin did not want to lose Padmé the way he lost his mother. He hurried as fast as he could to the Chancellor's Suite.

Mace Windu, before he attempts to destroy the Sith once and for all.

After going to the office of Sidious, the young Jedi found the Sith Lord on the ground, with Mace's lightsaber blade pointed at his chest. Mace told Anakin the only way to bring peace was to destroy the Sith Lord, but Anakin said it should not be done; it was not the Jedi way. Anakin had to make the choice, Jedi or Sith. As soon as the purple laser started its way to kill the Sith, Anakin's blue blade cut off Windu's hand. As Mace screams in pain, Sidious yelled power cackling with glee torturing Windu and throwing the Jedi Master out of the window with devastating Sith lightning to his death. After helping the Sith Lord, Anakin realized that he had nowhere left to go and pledged himself to Sidious' teachings. At this point, Sidious then christened him as Darth Vader before Sidious summoned all of the Clone Troopers to execute Order 66: the death of all Jedi.

Knightfall and Duel of the Brothers

Vader dueling his former master on Mustafar.

If you're not with me, then you're my enemy!
~ Anakin breaks off his friendship with Obi-Wan.

Sidious convinced Vader that the Jedi were the enemy of the universe, including Obi-Wan. Vader then led Clone Troopers in Operation Knightfall and assaulted the Jedi Temple, killing everyone inside even younglings in the process. He then was sent to Mustafar and then killed the Separatist leaders, including Nute Gunray Poggle the Lesser Wat Tambor, and deactivated the Battle Droids. The CIS was no more, which Vader reported to his master. Despite turning over to the Darkside, Vader felt great remorse for his actions and sheded tears at what he has done.

He then saw Padmé arrived. Vader then met her for the last time and offered her half the power that he would have after he overthrew Sidious.

Padmé could not believe what she was hearing and realized Obi-Wan was right and that the Anakin she knew was no more. Anakin saw Obi-Wan appeared, having stowed away on Padmé's ship, and Anakin accused his wife of bringing his former master to kill him, lashing out at her with the Force and choking her into unconsciousness. The Sith apprentice accused Obi-Wan of turning her against him when the latter stated it was his own anger, entitlement, and lust for power that did that. Anakin-Vader then had a viscous talk, in which Vader showed his corruption and eagerness to take power. After Obi Wan saw his friend was indeed gone. He prepared himself for battle with Anakin attacking his former mentor, and the two men engaged in a vicious and brutal lightsaber duel that ripped across the Separatist stronghold, eventually causing it to deactivate and fall into the molten lava rivers of the planet. As they battled, Kenobi again tried to talk sense into Skywalker by telling him that the Chancellor was evil but the latter was having none of that and declared the Jedi evil. Kenobi declares then he truly was lost before they resumed their battle. Soon Skywalker told his former master it looked like the end for him.

Vader suffering severe burns, after being defeated on Mustafar by his former master.

The duel came to a climactic end, when Obi-Wan claimed the high ground and warned Anakin-Vader not to attack. In a mixture of anger and pride, Anakin-Vader attempted to continue the duel, only to have his legs and left arm severed by his former master's blade. He was left tumbling down the hill, defeated. Obi-Wan could only express his regret and disappointment in Anakin-Vader's ways, chewing him out for not living up to his mantle as the Chosen One before the Sith Lord psychopathically expressed his hatred for Obi-Wan and slid too close to a lava flow, getting burned alive. Horrified at the sight, Obi-Wan retrieved his former pupil's lightsaber and departed, remorsefully leaving his former student to die.


Darth Vader: Where is Padmé? Is she safe? Is she all right?
Darth Sidious: It seems in your anger, you killed her.
Darth Vader: I - I couldn't have! She was alive! I felt it! (breaks free of the table he is strapped to) NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
~ Vader asks his new master about Padmé's fate and Sidious’s response. Also, both Vader and Sidious’s last words in Revenge of The Sith.

Shortly afterward, the crippled and disfigured Anakin-Vader was able to survive before he was rescued by Sidious and his clone troopers. He was brought to a medical facility on Coruscant. He underwent painful surgery, as he had prosthetics fitted into his legs and arms before being outfitted with a life support suit of armor with his speed being reduced as punishment for his failure. Once the helmet was placed on, Vader confirmed to his master that he heard him. He then inquired to Sidious of Padmé's fate, asking "Where is Padmé? Is she safe? Is she all right?" and the newly-crowned Emperor lied, replied, "It seems in your anger, you killed her." This was partially true as Padmé died sometime after Anakin choked her. Devastated and heartbroken by this news, Vader voices how he felt that she was alive before he broke off the cuffs restraining his wrists and ankles to the table he was strapped to, releasing the powerful Force, and shouted "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!". Anakin's transformation into Darth Vader was complete. With his wife and unborn child gone, the heart-broken Sith Lord only had one remaining purpose in life and that was to serve Sidious, unaware that before Padmé's death, she had given birth to two children, Luke and Leia, who would grow up to redeem their father and defeat his new evil master.

After his recovery, Vader took his place as the Emperor's right hand and chief enforcer, serving as the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Military, as well as a Jedi Hunter. Unknown to him, Sidious, on top of using him, made his transformation as painful as possible on purpose to punish him.

Shortly after the fall of the Jedi Order and the rise of the Empire, Vader and the Emperor formed a band of Force-Sensitive Imperial Inquisitors to serve as Vader's assistants in hunting down and killing any Jedi that had survived Order 66's strike. The most notable individual of this organization was the yellow-eyed Pau'an "Grand Inquisitor," though it also consisted of the grey-skinned Fifth Brother, the blue-eyed Sixth Brother, the deadly, Mirialan Seventh Sister, the nimble and acrobatic Eighth Brother, the hulking and horned Ninth Sister and the cruel and ambitious Second Sister.

Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order

Vader appears at the end of the game when the main villain of the game the Inquisitor and fallen Jedi, Trilla Suduri is defeated by the protagonist and Jedi Padawan, Cal Kestis in the underwater base of the Inquisitors, after she stole a holocron that contained a list of Force sensitive children from a temple on the planet Bogano. After taking back the holocron, Kestis and Suduri's former master Cere Junda manage to convince her to turn back to the light, reflecting on her wrongdoings.

As soon as Trilla told Junda how much much she had hated her, Vader appeared from behind, informing her that she had failed him, striking her down after she told Kestis and Junda to avenge them. Cere tries to hold Vader back charging towards him only to be thrown down an abyss by Vader with minimal effort. Vader then tries to convince him to surrender, but the Jedi attacks him nonetheless, only to flee when he realizes he can't stop him. Vader follows him ripping the base apart with the Force, but can't stop him from escaping to a higher level with a elevator. However, Vader catches up to Kestis and fights him and Junda who survived her fall. During their duel, Vader sees that she is using the dark side against him and tries to convince her to join him. As Vader is about to overpower the two, Kestis shatters several windows around them and escapes with Cere, while Vader is holding back the water.

Star Wars Rebels

The power within will soon serve the Emperor
~ Vader

Fourteen years later, the Emperor sensed a new threat that could rise against him; the children of the Force. Under the command of his master, Darth Vader tasked the Grand Inquisitor with hunting down this new enemy.

The Emperor sent Vader to Lothal with Tarkin to end the growing rebellion.

Following the escape of a rebel cell consisting of crew members of a freighter called the "Ghost" which led to the Inquisitor's death above Mustafar, rumors of what had happened became known, riots and uprisings began to occur on several worlds. Concerned at the rise in rebel activity, the Emperor sent Vader to Lothal with Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin to end the growing rebellion.

Vader met with Agent Kallus and Minister Maketh Tua to discuss his plans with dealing with rebels. Vader then had Kallus escort the Minister to her shuttle, where she was killed and the incident was blamed on the rebels. When the Rebels tried to steal a ship to make their escape, Vader and his Stormtroopers confronted them. Vader then dueled with the leader of the rebels, a former Jedi trained under Master Depa Billaba named Kanan Jarrus, and his apprentice, Ezra Bridger. Vader was easily able to overpower them and attempted to kill Ezra with his own lightsaber until Kanan intervened. Their fellow rebels Zeb Orrelios and Sabine Wren used thermal detonators to cause an AT-DP to fall on Vader, but he survived and used the Force to lift the burning walker off him. The Rebels fled the scene in a stolen shuttle and instead of pursuing them, Vader let them go.

Vader then allowed the rebels to escape through the blockade, letting them lead him to his true target; the Rebel fleet. Vader took his TIE Advanced x1 fighter to attack the Rebel fleet, destroying most of the fighters and severely damaging the command ship. During the fight, Vader sensed that his former apprentice, Ahsoka Tano, was alive and part of the Rebel fleet. Vader tried to capture her but was unable to get past the Ghost. When two Star Destroyers arrived, Vader tried to stop the Rebels but lost them when they jumped into hyperspace and he was caught in the tractor beam instead.

Following his victory, Vader contacted the Emperor and informed him that Skywalker's apprentice was still alive and working with the rebels. Both Vader and the Emperor were pleased by this, knowing she could lead them to other Jedi survivors, even Obi-Wan Kenobi, whom Vader was still obsessed with seeking revenge upon for his defeat on Mustafar. The Emperor urged Vader to be patient when searching for his former master and then ordered him to send another Inquisitor to hunt the rebels down. As per his master's orders, Vader assigned the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister to the task.

Many months later, Vader arrived at the Lothal Jedi Temple and was impressed by the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister's work. The Fifth Brother revealed that the Jedi were growing in their power, to which Vader calmly retorted that it would be their undoing.

Vader's broken mask during his fight against his former Padawan, Ahsoka Tano.

Later, Vader arrived on Malachor on top of his TIE Advanced x1 and confronted Ezra. He questioned the boy as to how did he open the path to the Malachor Sith Temple; Ezra told him to find out himself and engaged Vader in battle, but the Sith Lord was too strong and easily destroyed Ezra's lightsaber.

But before he could finish the boy off, Ahsoka arrived and engaged Vader. He eventually managed to knock Ahsoka out of the Temple and attempted to stop Ezra and a blinded Kanan from escaping with a Sith Holocron.

A recovered Ahsoka charged up behind Vader and slashed half of his mask off, knocking him down to the floor and exposing a considerable amount of his disfigured face, including his yellow right eye. Vader called out to Ahsoka in his original voice, as she looked at him in disbelief. Seeing that he really was her former master, Ahsoka refused to leave him again. For a moment, Ahsoka's compassion appeared to have reached Vader, but he then shrugged it off. Coldly declaring that she would die, he ignited his lightsaber and moved to attack her again. As the pair resumed their battle, the temple collapsed and exploded around them, with Kanan and Ezra barely managing to escape.

Vader had the opportunity to strike Ahsoka down, but at that moment a time-displaced Ezra pulls Ahsoka into a portal with a dumbfounded Vader left alone in the collapsing temple.

Vader survived the collapse and later limped away from the ruins, before leaving the planet on an Imperial cruiser unaware that Ahsoka was able to return to the temple's ruins some after his departure.

Episode Appearances

Appearances on The Show

Season One

  • Spark of Rebellion (as a hologram)
  • Gathering Forces (mentioned)
  • Fire Across the Galaxy

Season Two

  • The Siege of Lothal
  • The Lost Commanders (mentioned)
  • Relics of the Old Republic (mentioned)
  • Always Two There Are (mentioned)
  • Stealth Strike (mentioned)
  • The Future of the Force (mentioned)
  • Shroud of Darkness
  • Twilight of the Apprentice

Season Three

  • Steps into Shadow (mentioned)
  • Ghosts of Geonosis (mentioned)
  • Twin Suns (mentioned only)

Season Four

  • A World Between Worlds (appears in flashback)

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Darth Vader looking menacing before Director Krennic.

Be careful not to choke on your aspirations, Director.
~ Darth Vader to Director Krennic.

Shortly after the confrontation with Ahsoka, with a meeting with Grand Admiral Thrawn (whom he highly regards), Vader returns to his refuge, a sinister castle on Mustafar. While in a regeneration capsule and guarded by two of his loyal Imperial Royal Guards, Vader is visited by Imperial Director Orson Krennic, who is in charge of the creation of the Death Star. Krennic complains to him that Grand Moff Tarkin has taken over the Death Star - his project. Krennic urges Vader to allow him to present the weapon to the Emperor to make sure the Emperor understands what the weapon is capable of. However, Vader is more concerned with the recent security leak and orders Krennic to make sure that the weapon will be operational and invulnerable. Seeing that as a sign that he and not Tarkin is in charge of the Death Star operation, Krennic asks Vader, who is already leaving, whether Vader will secure him an audience with the Emperor. Enraged at being questioned by one of his underlings, Vader silences Krennic by Force choking him while turning around to see the man, telling Krennic to 'be careful not to choke on his aspirations' before releasing Krennic and returning to his regeneration chamber.

When the plans of the Death Star are broadcast from Scarif to the Rebel fleet, Vader arrives in his Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Devastator moments before the fleet can jump to hyperspace. Leading a boarding commando himself, Vader enters the flagship of the Rebel fleet, the MC75 Star Cruiser Profundity, intending to retrieve the plans. Once aboard the ship, he starts slaughtering the nearby Rebel soldiers but cannot prevent a small group from escaping onto a smaller ship with the plans. As Vader enters the hangar, he can only watch as the ship carrying the plans escapes.

Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope

Darth Vader in front of Obi Wan Kenobi.

I've been waiting for you, Obi-Wan. We meet again at last. The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was but the learner now I am the Master.
~ Darth Vader meets his former master.

Shortly afterward, Vader is charged with recovering the stolen plans of the Death Star and finding the Rebel Alliance's secret base. He and the stormtroopers attack the ship owned by Princess Leia, who was, in fact, his own daughter. He captures and "interrogates" Princess Leia and, along with Death Star commander Grand Moff Tarkin, destroys her homeworld of Alderaan. Shortly afterward, he senses the presence of his former master. Eager to seek vengeance, he tracks and soon confronts him. Vader duels his former master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, who has arrived at the Death Star to rescue Leia and cuts him down, turning him into a spirit in the Force. He then encounters his son, Luke, during the Battle of Yavin, and senses in him great strength in the Force; this is confirmed moments later when the boy destroys the battle station. He was about to shoot Luke down using his TIE Advanced x1, but Han Solo disabled his ship using the guns on the Millennium Falcon and sent Vader spinning into space. The Death Star was then destroyed by Luke's torpedo, forcing the construction of a second one.

When Obi-Wan told Luke about Vader and his father, instead of revealing Anakin's fall from grace, Obi-Wan instead said that Anakin and Vader were separate entities: Anakin was said to be his friend while Darth Vader used to be his apprentice until he joined the dark side of the Force, and killed Anakin during the fight. This was the half-truth, however, though, in some ways, it was true from Obi-Wan's point of view: The statement where Vader killed Luke's father actually refers Anakin's fall from grace where the good inside him almost gone, and Vader was his apprentice right when he was Anakin.

Sometime later, Vader confronted Luke and was prepared to kill him but stopped when he discovered that the young Jedi possessed his old Jedi lightsaber. Curious about who he really was, Vader sent the bounty hunter Boba Fett after Luke. Fett later returned to him and gives Vader the last name of the young man he was after: Skywalker. This caused Vader to realize that his wife has successfully given birth before her death and that the emperor lied to him. Having the bounty Hunter leave the room, Vader proceeded to vent his frustration by channeling the force in nearly breaking a window. Knowing that his son is out there, he began to make plans to rule the galaxy together and overthrow the Emperor.

Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

Darth Vader: If you only knew the power of the dark side! Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father.
Luke: He told me enough! He told me YOU killed him!
Darth Vader: No. I am your father!
~ Darth Vader tells his son that he is his father, one of Vader's most famous quotes.

Three years later, Vader leads an assault on a rebel base on planet Hoth, dispatching probe droids to confirm this. Though the Empire takes the base after a while, Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Vader's old droid C-3PO escape in the ship, the Millenium Falcon. One scene shows Vader speaking with Emperor Palpatine via hologram when Palpatine senses a disturbance in the Force that confirms the rebel Luke Skywalker to be Vader's son. In Cloud City, he strikes a deal with the administrator of Cloud City, Lando Calrissian to give Han over to the bounty hunter Boba Fett. Calrissian, Fett, and Vader he captures Leia, Han, Chewbacca, and 3PO on Cloud City to lure Luke into a confrontation. Vader suggested they test out the freezing machine by having Solo frozen in carbonite. Luke, who has been partially trained by Yoda, confronts the Sith Lord in the carbonite chamber and ignites his lightsaber. Vader does likewise, and Luke attacks him. An increasingly one-sided duel broke out, in which Luke was overwhelmed by a lightsaber, Force, and strategy time and again, all the while Vader calmly fended off every single attack. Eventually, Luke managed to land a blow on Vader's shoulder. Then, deciding that the duel had gone on long enough, Vader resorted to unleashing the full breadth of his lightsaber skills and brutally overpowers Luke, ending the duel abruptly by cutting off his right hand. Vader then reveals his true identity as Luke's father and offers his son the chance to overthrow Palpatine and rule the galaxy as father and son. Luke refuses, throwing himself down a mine shaft. He is sucked into a garbage chute and rescued by Leia, C-3PO, Chewbacca, and Lando. He is fitted with a robotic hand to replace the one Vader had cut off.

Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi

Father vs. Son

Give yourself to the dark side it is the only way you can save your friends. Yes, your thoughts betray you. Your feelings for them are strong, especially for... sister. So you have a twin sister. Your feelings have now you have betrayed her too. Obi-Wan was wise to hide her from me. Now his failure is complete. If you will not turn to the dark side, then perhaps she will.
~ Darth Vader taunts Luke and learns of his daughter.

Sometime later, he was charged with overseeing the completion of the second Death Star. He met with Sidious on board the half-constructed station to plan Luke's turn to the dark side. By this time, Luke had nearly completed his Jedi training and had learned from a dying Yoda that Vader is indeed his father. He learned about his father's past and fall to the dark side of Obi-Wan's spirit and also learned that Leia is his sister. On a mission to the forest moon of Endor, Luke surrendered to Imperial troops and is brought to Vader. Luke then talked with his father, insisting there is good in him, which Vader denies. Aboard the second Death Star, Luke resisted the Emperor's appeals to his anger and fear for his friends, but eventually tried to attack Sidious. Vader stepped in and defended his master, and Luke and his father engaged in a fierce lightsaber duel. This time, they seemed to be evenly matched, but Luke calmly resisted Vader's lulling him to the dark side. However, when Vader telepathically probed his mind, learned of Leia's existence, and threatens to corrupt her instead, Luke snapped. Enraged, Luke violently attacked and very nearly killed Vader, severing his father's mechanical right hand (as payback for cutting his right hand at Cloud City) and falls on the floor yelling in pain as Luke points the lightsaber blade near his face. He controlled his anger at the last minute, however, as he looked at Vader's cybernetic hand and then at his own; he realized that he was perilously close to suffering his father's fate.

Redemption and Death

Anakin (unmasked): Now... go, my son. Leave me.
Luke: No, you're coming with me. I'll not leave you here, I've got to save you.
Anakin (unmasked): You already... have, Luke. You were right. You were right about me. Tell your sister... you were right.
~ A redeemed Anakin's last words before he dies in his son's arms.

As Sidious approached, encouraging Luke to kill Vader and take his place at his side, the Jedi threw down his lightsaber, refusing to strike the final blow. Angered, the Emperor viciously attacked Luke with Force lightning and ignoring the second Death Star's shield down allowing Admiral Ackbar to order Lando Calrissian and Wedge Antilles to prepare the assault on the defenseless second Death Star. Luke writhed in agony under the Emperor's lightning, begging his father for help. As Sidious tortured Luke, Vader looked at the Emperor then at Luke. Then, as he was unable to bear the sight of his son in pain, Vader remembered his life as Anakin Skywalker — his thoughts of Shmi, Qui-Gon and Padmé coming back to him — then suddenly Vader spiritually ceased to exist and became Anakin Skywalker once again. Anakin knew that despite all the terrible things he had done as Darth Vader, he couldn't let his son be killed. So with whatever strength he had left in him, Anakin picked Sidious up in the air, carried him away from Luke and over to the very core of the second Death Star, and with a final shred of strength, Anakin threw the Emperor right down the core. When Sidious hit the bottom of the shaft, he exploded into a wave of dark side energy. Anakin had redeemed himself and saved his son and the whole galaxy from Sidious' wrath and also fulfilling the prophecy as the Chosen One. However, some of the Emperor's lighting went into Anakin's suit and mortally wounded him.

Anakin Skywalker unmasked.

After regaining enough strength, Luke dragged his father (who had been mortally wounded by Sidious' lightning) from the throne room to the docking bay holding the ST-321 shuttle. Moments from death, Anakin realized that he would die whether or not his son got him into the shuttle in time. He begged his son to take off his Darth Vader mask so he could look at Luke "with [his] own eyes." Luke complied and for the first (and as it turned out, the only) time, Luke and his father truly saw each other. In his dying breaths, Anakin told Luke that he was right about the good in him and then died of his wounds, forcing Luke to mourn for the loss of his father. Luke escapes with his father's body as the second Death Star explodes, destroyed by the Rebel Alliance.

That night, Luke burned his father's Sith armor in the manner of a Jedi's funeral. During the victory celebration on the forest moon of Endor, Luke saw the spirits of Obi-Wan and Yoda, standing with the spirit of a redeemed Anakin Skywalker.


In the years following Vader's death, his family kept the fact that Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader had been the same person a closely guarded secret. No one outside the Skywalker family knew that Luke and Leia were the children of Darth Vader (other than Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Bail Organa), though some people like Mon Mothma long suspected that Leia was Skywalker's daughter.

The secret was finally revealed in 28 ABY by the New Republic Senator Ransolm Casterfo. This had the effect of ruining Leia's political career, and she resigned from the Senate not long afterward. Leia soon founded the Resistance when it became clear that she could not talk the Senate into opposing the First Order.

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens

Show me, Grandfather, and I will finish what you started.
~ Vader's grandson Kylo Ren tells to his damaged mask.

Darth Vader's charred mask 30 years after his death.

Though Vader has been long dead by this point, he was referenced a lot in the sequel trilogy. Darth Vader's damaged mask has appeared in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, set 30 years after Return of the Jedi, directed by J.J. Abrams.

Instead of Vader, the new villain Kylo Ren took Vader's place. Taking Vader's damaged mask aboard his flagship, he would talk with it while searching for his grandfather's guidance. Ren vowed to Vader that he would finish what Vader had started. It is revealed later in the film that Ren is actually Ben Solo, the son of Han and Leia, thus making him Vader's grandson.

The events of The Force Awakens revealed that Ben had fallen to the dark side similar as Anakin turned before. The reason of his fall is also similar: Anakin's grandson had been corrupted by a dark side Force-user called Snoke (who was actually created by Palpatine himself) and eventually became his apprentice. Upon turning to the dark side, Ben decided to embrace Vader's legacy as he tried to find his own identity. Renaming himself Kylo Ren, he became a frightening dark warrior who helped his master and the First Order to terrorize the galaxy similar as the Galactic Empire did before.

Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi

Following the destruction of Starkiller Base and the evacuation of its surviving personal, including its prominent leadership, Kylo Ren is brought before his master, Supreme Leader Snoke. Ren is scorned by Snoke for his failure since he was defeated by Rey, a non-Jedi and a rookie lightsaber wielder, and for his sentimentality, as Kylo has been suffering with remorse because of his father's death. Snoke states that he once saw Kylo as the perfect sucessor of Vader, but he now sees his apprentice as just a "child in a mask" wanting to be like his grandfather. Ren leaves in anger and in his frustration he breaks the helmet he constructed based on Vader's inside the elevator.

Later, after he and Rey started to communicate and empathize with each other through their Force-bond, she eventually turns herself into the First Order in an attempt to convince Kylo to turn away from the dark side. She's then brought before Snoke who then praises Kylo for his actions even going as far as to call him the Heir of Vader again, saying that his faith in his apprentice was restored. Snoke is seen having his own guards similar to Palpatine and the interactions between Snoke and Kylo are similar to that of Vader and Palpatine. After Rey is pinned down and is a position to be executed by Kylo Ren, he instead kills Snoke to save her, similar as Vader betrayed his own master to save Luke. Kylo then fights beside Rey to kill Snoke's guards. After the fight, Kylo pleads her to join him to rule the galaxy by his side, but Rey refuses.

Kylo Ren then takes on the role of Supreme Leader, surpassing the ranking his grandfather once held as he now leads the First Order.

Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker

In the conclusion of the Skywalker Saga, Kylo Ren discovers that the voice he heard when talking to Vader's mask that he thought was from his grandfather was actually from a resurrected Emperor Palpatine.

Kylo Ren keeps Vader's helmet in his trophy room and uses it to help himself see into the Force for guidance. When Rey sneaks onto the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Steadfast and into Kylo Ren's quarters to steal back the dagger needed to find Sith technology, she sees Vader's helmet for the first time. She and Kylo are connected via their Force-bond and battle. During the skirmish, Vader's helmet is destroyed. Upon seeing his destroyed heirloom, Ren realizes where Rey is and goes after her, though she later manages to escape.

When Rey finally confronts Palpatine, Kylo has been convinced by her and the memory of his mother and father to abandon the dark side and join her. However, the Emperor feeds off of their Force dyad connection, allowing himself to rejuvenate his imperfect cloned body and be whole once more. He throws Ben Solo down a pit to avenge dying in a similar way at the hands of Anakin Skywalker, and proceeds to attack the Resistance fleet. However, Rey hears the voices of past Jedi in her mind telling she is not alone, including Anakin, who encourages her by telling to bring balance to the Force as he did once. Rey finds the strength to fight back with their guidance and uses the power of the past Jedi to kill Palpatine once and for all. This, however, weakens her to the point of death. Ben sacrifices himself, transferring his life to her using Force healing, and the two share a kiss before Ben Solo dies and vanishes into the Force. As such, Ben redeemed himself as his grandfather once did, and also managed to save the woman he loves, something that Anakin never could do, thus finishing something his grandfather started.

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