Darth Vurik was a male Sith Lord who served Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Krayt's One Sith order during the Second Imperial Civil War. In 132 ABY, Vurik was dispatched to the planet Nyriaan by Krayt to investigate rumors of the existence of the Sith Interdictor-class cruiser Dying Sun, which dated back to the Jedi Civil War. After arriving on Nyriaan and locating a Sith settlement, Vurik was attacked by the Sith worshipers of Darth Glovoc, a Sith Lord who was in stasis and encased in an oubliette. During his pursuit of Glovoc's oubliette, Vurik slew many of these Sith before eventually being confronted by a group of fugitive Jedi. Despite wounding several and slaying one of the Jedi, Vurik retreated from battle to the capital of Nyriaan, Locus. Failing to apprehend Glovoc's oubliette, Vurik elected to hire bounty hunters to hunt down the Jedi on Nyriaan as he continued his search for Glovoc, whose subjects had hidden him in a secret location.

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