I earned my place on the Dark Council, and I won't share my father's fate.
~ Darth Zhorrid

Darth Zhorrid is a female Sith Lord who served the reborn Sith Empire's Dark Council as another Dark Councilor, and an antagonist in the first chapter of the Imperial Agent storyline in Star Wars: The Old Republic. She was the daughter and apprentice of Darth Jadus, fellow Sith Lord and Dark Councilor, during the Cold War and the Second Great Galactic War against the Jedi and Republic.


Darth Zhorrid was the only known apprentice trained by her father, Darth Jadus. She had scars running from the edges of her mouth to her ears. In her early years, Jadus taught her how to sing. When he set up an event in Kaas City for her, Zhorrid sang until she made all her subjects cry. She sang for hours until she could sing no longer. It was then that Jadus chose to start her apprenticeship.

After her father's alleged murder at the hands of the terrorist known as the Eagle, she was named a member of the Dark Council to take his place. Though she demanded respect from her fellow Councillors, they simply laughed at her, viewing her as a child. She wished to seek revenge on Jadus' "killer," the Eagle, or all involved with him. She later summoned Cipher Nine to her offices on Korriban, where she tested the agent's skills by ordering her guards to attack Nine. She then excused the Cipher to hunt down the terrorist cells.

Eventually, they killed the Eagle and Darth Jadus is revealed to be alive; having faked his death. Depending on the player's choice, if Cipher Nine aligns them self with Jadus, they will be ordered by him to kill Zhorrid; who he deemed as a threat and a failure. When Cipher Nine arrive to Zhorrid's chamber, she is furious about their betrayal and attempts to kill them. However, she is eventually defeated and killed by Cipher Nine. 


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