Those that defy the Daruga Imperial Army will be eliminated!
~ Commander Adorocs in episode 34

The Daruga Imperial Army are the main antagonists for the second half of Genseishin Justiriser. They are vast intergalactic army seeking to dominate the entire universe.


Receiving word of Kaiser Hades and the Hades Army's downfall, Majin Daruga dispatched Commander Adorocs and his Rejanders to take their place in destroying the Earth.

After Adorocs' death, Daruga arrived on Earth personally to deal with the Justirisers, and managed to absorb Demon Knight's Riser Power, transforming him into Kurogane. Kurogane later summoned his Diglos battleship to Earth and deployed his Bugarlo Mecha army to Earth, but they were held off by the Justirisers in their Genseishin. Kurogane's next move was to use the Diglos' Gigatron Cannon to destroy the Earth, but the Diglos was destroyed by Glen in Ken Riser.

However, Kurogane managed to survive and attacks the Justirisers and went to attack them, enlarging himself into his final form. He was defeated by a giant-sized Shirogane, marking the end of the Daruga Imperial Army.




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