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My life, my skills, my creations...I dedicated them all to the great All For One. As of right now, you are but a shadow of the man he was. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I hate you. This is all just for my sake. I wish to see if you are worthy of my everything. What can a twenty-or-so piece of garbage, who hasn't accomplished a single thing, possibly have to show for himself? Let me see, Tomura Shigaraki.
~ Ujiko demanding what Tomura hopes to bring to the table.
Sounds like something out of a child's pipe dream!! I'm impressed you could say that with a straight face!! Alright, I'm in! I'll lend you my strength, Tomura Shigaraki!! Let's see what you can do!! After all, villains are those who bring pipe dreams to life!!
~ Ujiko agrees to provide his work with Tomura Shigaraki.

Daruma Ujiko is one of the main antagonists of the manga/anime series My Hero Academia. He is one of All For One's loyal servants and has been nursing him ever since his first defeat against All Might. He is also the scientist that is in charge of creating the Nomus.

Following All For One's arrest, Ujiko remained silent in the shadows and continued on with his work on the Nomus. He eventually reached out to Tomura Shigaraki and agreed to provide his services to him after hearing his motivation on destroying society.


Daruma has shown to be a bit deranged and psychotic as he's shown to express pride and obsession over the creation of his Nomus, as well as badmouth Tomura Shigaraki. However, he is not completely insane. He appears to know how reality works, as shown when he makes fun of Tomura for his motivation on destroying society simply out of pure hatred.

He also appears to prefer keeping himself hidden in the shadows as he demanded the League of Villains to keep their distance away from him and will only show himself if he feels they've proven themselves. Because of this secretive nature, he is never seen out of his hideout and speaks to his fellow villains via through electrical communication devices.

Like Gigantomachia, Daruma admires All For One and has been a loyal follower of his for many years. Although he believes Tomura is not fit to be his successor and mocks him for having such childish motives, he is open to cooperating with him out of respect for his master and also he too is interested in seeing what Tomura plans to do with the League of Villains.



Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 7.34.46 PM

Daruma showcasing Tomura's family.

Daruma was one of All For One's servants that followed him for many years. When All For One took him in, Daruma collected the remaining hands of his family members to showcase what Tomura had done to his family. When Tomura broke down into despair, Daruma asks if he could fix him up, but All For One refused as he believed this to be the first step of teaching Tomura how to control his feelings.

At some point, Izuku Midoriya had a doctor appointment with Daruma regarding why he did not have a Quirk. Daruma explained that he was born Quirkless and after an examination on his x-ray, he concluded that Midoriya was not going to develop a Quirk of his own.

Pro Hero Arc

Daruma had eventually reached out the League of Villains and provided Dabi the first of his newly evolved Nomus, High-End. Following the defeat of High-End at the end of Endeavor, Dabi requested Daruma to take him away and Daruma proceeded to do so.

Meta Liberation Army Arc


Daruma asks what Tomura hopes to accomplish.

Prior to the events of the Hero Billboard Chart JP, Daruma was able to make contact with Tomura and the rest of his villains after Gigantomachia had discovered via through his radio. He transported the villains to his hideout where he introduced himself under his alias and showcased the Nomus he's been working on. He proposed to work with Tomura if he proved he was actually capable of proving himself as a worthy successor of All For One.

When Tomura explained his motives to him, Daruma laughed and described them as nothing but a pipe dream. Nonetheless, Daruma agreed to help as he believed Tomura can make that dream into a reality with his resources. His only request was for him to tame Gigantomachia and only then will he provide his full assets to him.


  • Prior to his proper introduction, it was widely believed that the doctor that examined Midoriya was the same one as the doctor that was seen alongside All For One during his debut, due to the two sharing similar appearances and sharing the same voice actors.
    • In addition this, Kōehi Horikoshi revealed that the winged Nomu was the grandson of the doctor that examined Midoriya, likely meaning that Daruma would go as far as to experimented on his own family members, showing how cruel he truly is.

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