Say "hi" for me, OK? Oh, and "screw you".
~ Daryan Crescend to Apollo Justice, referring to Klavier Gavin

Daryan Crescend is a minor antagonist in the videogame Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, but the main antagonist of the Turnabout Serenade case.

He is the second guitarist in the music band called the Gavinners, as well as the best friend and former partner of its lead guitarist, Klavier Gavin. He is also the one responsible for the murder of Interpol officer Romein LeTouse.


Daryan got involved with the smuggling of a Borginian Cocoon, the cure of Incuritis, a deadly disease. The son of the Chief Justice got the disease, and the Chief Justice hired Daryan to smuggle the cocoon. However, the cocoon can also be used to make a deadly poison, so it was illegal to use the cocoon.

Daryan contacted Machi Tobaye, Lamiroir's pianist, to smuggle a cocoon while Klavier Gavin was visiting the country. Tobaye put the cocoon in a guitar that Lamiroir had given to Gavin, along with an incendiary device called an igniter. During the Gavinners concert, he was confronted by Romein LeTouse.

Machi Tobaye used the igniter (that could be controlled remotely) to burn the cocoon (and Klavier's guitar), while Daryan shot LeTouse with his own gun. During the trial, Lamiroir recalled listening to Daryan's threats to LeTouse, marking Daryan as a suspect. From there, after some investigation and a very difficult trial, Apollo Justice, with help from Trucy Wright, managed to expose Daryan and his crimes in court.


Backed into a corner, Daryan straightens his hair, appearing to remain calm of the situation, but then suddenly cries for help and begs Machi not to testify against him, all while flailing about madly, his pompadour slashing about like a sword. Shortly after this, his hair is loose and flopped downwards as he stands, broken, on the witness stand. After this, Daryan is found guilty and arrested for LeTouse's murder off-screen.


Crescend was a very serious individial who was confident in his skills as a detective and a smuggler. He was frequently hostile to his co-workers and bandmates and was quick to become belligerent if provoked. He also saw himself as superior to others, frequently looking down on those who did not possess his musical or analytical skills.

At his core, Crescend was a greedy and cowardly individial, willing to resort to murder to make a quick buck. He was willing to pin the blame of a murder on a fourteen year old (who happened to be his accomplice) in order to draw suspicion away from himself. He was also willing to risk a death sentance to smuggle coccoons from Borginia, due to the sheer amount of cash he could make from it.

Despite his brash personal, Daryan was very intelligent and deserving of his position. He was able to smuggle coccoons into the country effortlessly as well as set up a complicated murder, only foiled by the perfectionism of his bandmate. He was also a good liar, keeping a straight face throughout most of his accusation, only dropping it when it became obvious he was the suspect.


  • Daryan's outfit is heavily based on a shark theme.
  • Daryan is the only culprit in the game to be openly hostile to Apollo, as most of the other culprits feigned innocence or kindness to hide their true personalities.
  • It was stated that Borginian courts give a death sentence for a single case of cocoon smuggling. As Machi Tobaye had said an American court, it means that Daryan was sent to Borginia, where (most likely) he was executed.


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