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That girl's family pride truly is unprecedented. How obnoxiously stubborn of her. She really is like my late sister. However, I'll admit that she very well may be the one to rebuild the Cavendish household
~ Daryl about Diana after realizing her errors and redemption."

Daryl Cavendish is a reformed villain of two-parter episodes of Little Witch Academia anime by Studio Trigger: Cavendish and Intelligence and Sensibility. She is Diana Cavendish's aunt and Bernadette's younger sister (making her the former's mother) as well as mother of Maril and Merrill.

She was voiced by Shinobu Adachi in the Japanese version, and by Jessica Straus in the English version.



Part 1: Cavendish

Part 2: Intelligence and Sensibility

Personality and Traits

Daryl is a condescending and ambitious woman who, as expected from a member of a typical proud prestigious family, she treats people of great repute with great respect and manners while looking down at ordinary people. She is somewhat a black sheep to her own family for placing a greater value to money over tradition and her own family's legacy, able to sell her own family's heirlooms and artifacts without a second thought just to satiate her own greed. As noted by Anna, such behavior metaphorically blind Daryl to the importance of everything Beatrix Cavendish built for her and everyone that she had no remorse in tarnishing it and outright antagonizes anyone that questions and opposes her (like Akko and her niece Diana). As noted by Anna, such self-destructive habit of hers threatened not only bringing ruins to her whole family but also to herself and her daughters (to whom she instilled her beliefs to), something she eventually learned in a hard way when they got exposed to the curse for attempting to interfere the ascension ritual and would have likely died had Diana not saved her. After such harrowing experience, Daryl realized how wrong she was in managing her family and accepted Diana's wish to become a better head of House of Cavendish. While still not entirely in agreement with her late sister, Daryl stated that all Bernadette and Diana wanted is for the best of their family and better it.

Daryl presents herself as an elegant middle-aged woman with a fair complexion who, as with females in her family, possesses blue eyes and blond hair with tea-green highlights that she ties in a ponytail. Her normal attires consist of a green suit over a white shirt, a yellow tie, and a blue skirt that covers his feet, whereas in formal situations, Daryl instead wears an elegant aquamarine dress, a scarf with black feathers, a necklace, and long white gloves.

Abilities and Weapons


  • Magic Wand: Daryl is armed with a snake-themed standard wand that is common in House if Cavendish's possession.
  • Flying Broom: Daryl possesses a special broom to fly with as with other witches.


  • Magic: Like other witches, Daryl is trained in the use of magic.
    • Broom Flight: Daryl displays average skill in broom flight.
    • Energy Serpent Spell: As the member of Cavendish family, Daryl can cast snake-like guided magic projectile with use of her wand.
    • Shadow Magic: Though the full extent of this ability remains to be seen, she can teleport through shadows and darkness on ease while her eyes glow in bright red to induce psychological effects upon enemies.
  • Familiar Control: Like some witches, Daryl can deploy familiars to do her biddings where in her case, a number of magical snakes.


  • Although one can compare Daryl to Lady Tremaine for her relationships with Diana and her daughters, it must be noted that she is not as malicious as the latter despite the lengths of her attempts in stopping Diana from becoming the Head of Cavendish family owing to the fact that she had seen her errors by the end of two-parter episode.
    • Though not confirmed, her accepting of Diana being the better heir than her as much as Bernadette and redemption indicated that her self-destructive actions was not only motivated by greed, but also sorrow from losing her chance to make amends with her late sister Bernadette despite their odds. This was supported by the fact how much Diana reminded her of her sister (since they greatly resemble one another both personality and appearance-wise).


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