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Your offspring is annoying me. It thinks you'll protect it just because you gave birth to it. Ha.
~ Daryl Yan.

Lieutenant Daryl "The Butcher" Yan (Japanese: ダリル・ヤン), also called "Kill 'em All Daryl", is the psychopathic son of GHQ Commander in Chief General Yan, and a major antagonist in the anime series Guilty Crown.

He was voiced by Kōki Uchiyama in the Japanese version and Joel McDonald in the English dub.




Daryl has two side of his personality: The first side is adventurous and playful while the second is sadistic and cruel with narcissistic behavior (which his psychopathic savagery somewhat akin to that of Carnage when performing killing spree from Marvel comics). He is also seen to be a Mysophobian since he hates being touched by others in belief that they are infected by Apocalypse Virus by Mana Ouma during Lost Christmas incident that causes mass-hysteria and eradication on those whom proved to be infected.

Despite his narcissistic attitude, Daryl seems to be somewhat insecure as he tried his best for craved his father's attention and recognition, and becomes extremely enraged after discovering his affair with his secretary Emily. During an infiltration mission he meets Tsugumi and despite an inital bad attitude towards her by calling her a runt, it is hinted that he might have romantic feelings for her. This becomes more evident in episode 18 when he disobeys orders and destroys a group of Endlaves to buy time for Tsugumi and her friends to run. In the final episode, Rowan believes that deep down Daryl is a nice person but doesn't know how to express it. It appears he cares about Rowan because he knows that deep down he is a kind person.