Dauf is an antagonist from the anime and manga Claymore.

Claymore - Dauf


Dauf was the number 3 in the first generation of warriors when there were still many male warriors. Shortly after nearly all of them had awakened, he met Isley and Rigardo, numbers 1 and 2. At this meeting, he also met Riful.

During the plot he is the "husband" of Riful, who is one of the "Abyssal Ones". Because Isley has launched a war to conquer the rest of the continent, Riful is also gathering an army of Awakened Beings. For this purpose, she kidnaps warriornesses, and tortures them until they are awakened. Shortly afterwards he met Clare and Galatea, who fought him. After Clare had also freed Jean, they attacked him. Although Dauf is very strong and resistant, they almost defeated him. However, Riful helped him. She described him as her "husband," and although she did not always treat him well, she really loved him.

In the anime this is the last appearance of Dauf and Riful.

In the manga, they later fight against some Awakend Beings from Isley's army, and defeat them. Shortly thereafter they moved south to defeat the weakened Isley. However, he has Priscilla, who is too strong for both of them. Dauf and Riful retreat.

Seven years later, Riful finds the remains of Luciella and Raphaela, who are still alive. She decides to bring both to awaken to have a new super weapon. But shortly after both have awakened, the "Abyss Feeders" and the numbers 1 and 2 of the new generation attack, and finally Priscilla. In the fighting, Riful was killed, and later Dauf, too.


  • Dauf was probably an offensive type as a warrior because he can only regenerate slowly. Offensive types learn special techniques, but they can only regenerate slowly. Defensive types can quickly regenerate, but are not so good fighters.
  • In the manga, he and Riful have a daughter who wants to avenge her parents and has the powers of the both. She is the only (known) naturally-born Awakened Being.
  • Dauf is very strong but not very clever, he is the parade example for The Brute.
  • His encounter with Riful, when they had not yet awakened, can be seen in "Extra Stage 5" of the manga.