Dave is a minor antagonist in the 2018 film Black Panther. He is a mercenary who works for the notorious weapons dealer Ulysses Klaue.


Dave was first seen entering a casino in the Korean city of Busan, as Klaue intends to sell some stolen vibranium to CIA agent Everett Ross. When Klaue finally meets Ross, the latter asks if there is a mixtape, to which Klaue cheerfully asks Dave to get the link to the tape. However, this wasn't the case when several more of Klaue's men learned that several Wakandans (led by King T'Challa) have arrived to detain Klaue for his crimes against Wakanda (including the murder of W'Kabi's parents).

This resulted a firefight between the Wakandans and Klaue's men that ruined much of the casino, resulting the deaths of many of Klaue's men. Dave spotted Nakia (one of the Wakandan spies) attacking several of Klaue's men, so he attempts to attack her from behind with a handgun. However, anticipating this, Nakia counter this by taking off one of her shoes and using it to smack Dave in the face, knocking him out instantly.

It is unknown what happened to Dave afterwards, either he was killed by Nakia or he was arrested and taken into custody.


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