Dave is a minor recurring character in the Disney Show Randy Cunningham: Ninth Grade Ninja and though normally a friendly and harmless person, ever so often he falls victim to The Sorcerer's dark magic and is turned into a monster.

Villainous History

In "So You Think You Can Stank" he competed in the talent show, but was very rudely insulted off the stage by Howard, overcome with disapointment and humilation, he fell victim to the Sorcerers dark magic and was changed into a monster. In this form he went on a rampage. Randy managed to defeat him and turn him back to normal.

In "Der Monster Klub" after Randy accidentally revealed the secret of becoming a monster, Julian took advantage, and reaveled an embarrassing secret about Dave to the school. Humiliated he again fell victim to the Sorcerer's magic and was turned into a monster. In this form he took on the bully Bash and Kidnapped him. Randy took him on, along with the other members if Der Monster Klub and managed to turn him back to normal.

In "Stanks Like Team Spirit" following the Chess team losing there annual tornament to McFists chess playing robot, overcome with grief at the loss, he fell victim the sorcerer's magic and was transformed into a monster. He then went on a rampage, Randy managed to keep him at bay, and he was returned to normal when Howard beat the robot.

In "Lucius O'Thunderpunch" he was among the students transformed into a monster, as phase two of a plan, to set the sorcer free. With phase one being McFist driving the Ninja away, by possing as another hero and stealing the limelight. However Randy realsed the students needed him, and returned and beat Dave with the other monsters. He was returned to normal when Randy destroyed the Ninja of the Year award.

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