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Kessler's trying to hide from me. Disguise his true nature. But through the glory of God, I know the truth. Kessler won't escape my fury.
~ David declaring revenge onto Kessler.

David Warner is a major antagonist in the InFamous comic, which stands a sequel to the first video game that explains what happened before InFamous 2.

He was a family man and security guard for the First Sons who was experimented on by Kessler, who exposed him to the Ray Sphere numerous times. Surviving the experiments, Warner decided to get revenge on Kessler, but would be battling Kessler's past self, Cole MacGrath.


Early Life

David Warner was born presumably in Empire City, and later married and had a daughter in the Neon District. It's assumed that he grew up in a religious family, as he frequently brings up the Lord's blessing in the comic. He worked as security guard at the First Sons' research facility, and gained a large debt that he attempted to pay off. Struggling with his debt, Warner was offered money to repay it by Kessler in exchange for becoming a test subject of the Ray Sphere. David agreed to this, and Kessler promised to deliver the payment to David's wife, but this never happened.

David was kept in the laboratory, and was exposed to the Ray Sphere multiple times by Kessler. Warner's Conduit gene was unlocked, giving him numerous powers such as having two extra arms and his skin turning purple. Kessler didn't follow through their deal, keeping David as a prisoner and Warner's wife commnitted suicide out of desperation as their daughter died for unknown reasons. Warner was exposed to the Ray Sphere thirty times, something Kessler showed to Moya Jones. Despite the success of David gaining new powers, it was revealed that Warner needed to feed on neuro-electricity to survive as a side effect. It was assumed that Warner was dead due to not receiving neuro-electricity, and was kept in the facility even after Kessler's passing.

InFamous Comics

Though believed dead, David survived and escaped from the First Sons' facility, and returned to his home to see his wife and daughter. Finding his wife dead, David became enraged and blamed Kessler for losing everything he had. David vowed vengeance to kill Kessler, though he was unaware that Kessler was killed. Because Cole MacGrath and Kessler were the same person, David believed that Kessler was disguising himself and pursued him.

During his hunt, David fed on numerous survivors for neuro-electricity, and attacked a police station. David attacked Cole, and chased him after the latter realized that the creature was a threat to the police and Zeke. The two battled in a building, but the military used a bomb to destroy it, but Moya warned Cole to escape. David was buried under the rubble as Cole escaped, but he survived and became more determined to kill Cole and returned home to the bodies of his wife and daughter. Continuing to drain civilians of their neuro-electricity, David felt regret in doing so since they were innocent.

David later tracked Cole down to Steel Harbobr, and the two were attacked by several military made Conduits. David easily killed the military made Conduits, and confronted Cole before being set on fire with jet fuel. David slowly died, and saw a vision of his family, who told him they loved him.


  • Despite David's home is in the Neon District in the comic, it cannot be found anywhere in the game.


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