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Dave York is the main antagonist of The Equalizer 2. He was a CIA oprative turn freelance assassin and Robert McCall's former friend and partner turn enemy.

He is portrayed by Pedro Pascal, who also portrayed Agent Whiskey.


After a seemingly random murder occurs in Brussels, Belgium, Susan Plummer meets with York, who is a CIA operative and her partner. He was also Robert McCall's partner before McCall faked his death and quit from the agency. During the investigation, Susan is stalked by two thugs and attacked before she is eventually murdered. Sometime after her funeral, the two thugs who were sent to kill Susan are blown up by a bomb in their room. McCall meets with Dave, and he tells him that the thugs' death were meant to tie up loose ends, and that Susan's death was also linked to the murders. Later, an assassin posing as a passenger attempts to kill McCall, but McCall kills the man and discovers information on his phone. This leads him to Dave's house, and he deduces that Dave was the one responsible for killing Susan. Outside Dave's house, McCall encounters Dave's men, and vows to kill them all before driving off with Dave's wife and daughters. Dave and one of his men break into McCall's apartment and kidnap Miles, a friend of McCall's, and the villains drive to McCall's old seatown home, which is now being ravaged by a hurricane. McCall dispatches of the henchmen and saves Miles before dealing with Dave, who was hiding on the top of a watchtower.

After a brutal fistfight, McCall manages to kill Dave by gouging out his eye and stabbing him in the throat before throwing him off the tower to his death. His corpse is later washed away by the ocean.

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