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Lizzy, how can you put your faith in a man you spectacularly binned for being unreliable? A man whose idea of a romantic nightspot and an impenetrable fortress are the same thing? It's... This is a pub! We are in a pub! What are we going to do?
~ David's villainous breakdown.

David Fastidious is the main antagonist of the 2004 horror comedy Shaun of the Dead the first installment in the Cornetto Trilogy. He is a sarcastic and obnoxious rival of Shaun whom he continuously antagonizes.

He was portrayed by Dylan Moran, who also portrayed Bernard Black in Black Books.


David is the archenemy of Shaun and appears as one of the most antagonizing forces in his life alongside Pete. While Pete is a wrathful, abusive and strict figure, however, David is more of calm, trash-talking, arrogant and pretentious figure who constantly ridicules Shaun outright admitting that he thinks he isn't good enough for Liz.

David joins Dianne, Liz, Shaun, Ed and Barbara on their quest to hide out at Winchester and wait for the zombie apocalypse to blow over however David is reluctant and constantly complains on the journey. In the end up Barbara begins showing symptoms of the infection and David prepares to shoot her. Shaun then threatens to kill him however in the end up after a talk from Liz Shaun agrees however David instead forces Shaun to do it as it would be more fitting.

After Shaun shoots the transformed Barbara David remarks that he did the right thing enraging Shaun to the point of punching David off of his feet, David then grabs the rifle and prepares to open fire on Shaun after discovering that the gun is out of ammo David prepares to leave. After Dianne yelled at him for this decision, he had a villainous breakdown revealing deeply how much he truly hates Shaun. He then apologizes to Dianne after being exposed for his love for Liz and prepares to apologize to Shaun. Before he gets a chance to apologize to Shaun however, the zombies pull David out of a nearby window and rip him apart by disembowelling him, tearing off his limbs and then his head.


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