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Do you think you know me?... But you have no idea what I'm capable of.
~ David's last words.
I believe everything happens for a reason.
~ David to Ellie.

David is the main antagonist of Naughty Dog's survival horror game The Last of Us.

He is a survivalist and cannibal leader residing in a small town in post-apocalyptic America. He serves as the main antagonist at the Lakeside Resort section.

He was voiced by Nolan North, who also voiced Hades, Martin Walker, as well as some others.


At first, David appeared to be a calm, rational, and compassionate man who empathized with Ellie, agreeing to trade her medicine in exchange for food from a deer. He noted on Ellie wanting to help whoever was injured and remained seemingly caring towards her, as well as her ability to survive. In addition, David appeared to be an efficient leader amongst his group having a charismatic and calm disposition, with them showing to comply with his orders with little to no hesitation.

However, this proved to be nothing more than a façade which hid a wicked, disturbed and sociopathic man who was willing to resort to cannibalism in order to survive. Regardless, he kept up his calm behavior in the presence of Ellie, wanting to do his best to get her to come around and join him. He seemed indifferent towards his acts of treating other survivors like cattle and in turn, exercised a belief that "everything happens for a reason" and that his meeting with Ellie was fate.

Despite remaining calm for the most part, it is later indicated that David was a sexual predator of sorts. Although he at first appeared sentimental towards Ellie, later acts imply that his intentions were of a much darker nature as he becomes more fixated on the girl. On top of this, one line of dialogue from a cannibal saying that Ellie was "David's newest pet" hints that he has captured and manipulated other children and teenagers beforehand.

While pursuing Ellie during his final confrontation with her, David had foregone any of his previous sentiment or calmness, now being bent on finding and killing the girl once and for all. His frightening dialect and jerkish movements leaning towards the true monster that David really was underneath. With killing her put aside, it seems that David had other intentions while trying to choke Ellie but was frantically killed by her before he got the chance.


Early life

Nothing is known about David's life prior to the cordyceps brain infection outbreak.

The Last Of Us

At first, David appears to be a soft-spoken and friendly man. However, it is revealed he is actually the leader of a cannibalistic group of hunters. He kidnaps Ellie and tries to convince her to join them and possibly be his lover. However, she refuses and instead insists that he kill her and eat her. Just as he and James are about to chop her up, she claims to be infected and uses their shock and confusion to kill David's right hand man, bite David in the process and escape their slaughterhouse. Ellie attempts to escape the town, but is cornered by David in a burning restaurant.

A fight ensues, and Ellie manages to sneak behind and stab David three times before they are both knocked unconscious. As Ellie gets back to her senses, she crawls towards David's machete, but the cannibal kicks her and says that it's alright to give up and that there's no shame in it. Ellie continues and David kicks her again before pinning Ellie to the floor and beginning to choke the girl (possibly intending to rape her as well). She reaches for David's machete and frantically kills him with it before continually hacking at him. Joel soon arrives and comforts a distraught and emotional Ellie.

Even after his death and moving closer to the Firefly's headquarters, Ellie's encounter with David and the cannibals still remained on her mind, with it seeming that this event costed Ellie whatever was left of her innocence. This however, also strengthened her resolve to reach the Fireflies, saying that all they've gone through can't be for nothing.


You're easy to track
~ David to Ellie when he blocks her path to escape.
How did you do it?
~ David asking Ellie how did she fool them into thinking she was infected at gunpoint.
That's alright
~ David to Ellie when she doesn't answer him and he locks the door.
There's nowhere to go!
~ David to Ellie as he starts to look around for her.
You want out? Gonna have to come and get these keys.
~ David toying with Ellie by withholding the keys to her escape as he looks for her.
I know you're not infected.
~ David boast to Ellie, disbelieving that she's infected.
No one that's infected fights this hard to stay alive!
~ David putting down Ellie's belief that's she's strong while infected.
So, what is it, Ellie?
~ David's question to Ellie as he looks for her.
I gotta admit. You had me back there. For a second, you shook my faith.
~ David admitting that for a moment Ellie actually tricked him into believing she infected him.
But only for a second.
~ David's refusal to be fooled by Ellie's tricks of evasion.
Oh, hey, Ellie? I'm sorry about your horse. I truly am. I hope you take comfort in knowing that we won't waste any part of him.
~ David's false apology to Ellie, revealing he and his group killed and possibly devoured her pet horse.
You know, I...I really wish you hadn't killed James. He's a good kid - just doing his job.
~ David defending his sidekick James in spite of his attempt in killing Ellie.
In fact, all those people you killed. It's just gonna make our group stronger. Fewer mouths to feed.
~ David telling Ellie about the ramifications of her killing his men.
Ellie! Ellie, come on. I know you're dying to say something to me.
~ David anxiously taunting Ellie when she doesn't come out of hiding.
That was good, kid.
~ David's taunt to Ellie upon being hit with the first knife strike.
It's gonna be alright...
~ David's creepy answer to Ellie as he takes out his machete.
Run, rabbit, run. Hide.
~ David's scariest quote, taunting Ellie during the Boss Battle.
You have no idea what I'm capable of!
~ David's threat to Ellie as he attempts to rape and possibly kill her.


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